Your Luckiest Months in 2021, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The year 2021 brings pleasant surprises for each zodiac sign.

While some of the signs will take advantage of all the professional opportunities, others will finally find the greatest love of their lives.

lucky months of 2021


March and October will be lucky for you in 2021, so this is the perfect moment to sign a contract and to look towards new horizons.

Be careful with whom you associate with and only choose people you deem trustworthy.

Also, June will be a favorable month for the Aries to make inspired choices, find a job, or make very profitable deals.


May is the month when Taurus people can consider themselves lucky. This is going to be the month when their dreams get fulfilled more easily, they find new resources for their wishes, and they enjoy the first vacation of the year with many romantic dates.

In May, those who decide to get married faster than anyone expects can even go on their honeymoon.

Or it can be the month when they will try to activate in a new domain, in which they can later have a promising career.

The best months for vacation are June and September because this is when you will have the most energy and zest for life.

Invite your friends up in the mountains, and celebrate in your honor because you deserve to relax.


June, the beginning of the summer, is the best time for Gemini in 2021. It is the moment when the planets are on Gemini’s side.

This new month protects the sign and all the projects, ambitions, and hopes the Gemini people have.

Gemini will have the chance to improve their lifestyle and consolidate their finances. On the other hand, it will also be the best period to travel.


April is the luckiest month for Cancer. Those born in this astrological sign will also enjoy some good days in January or June; however, Venus can fulfill their most important wishes in April.

In the astral conjuncture of this period, Venus will facilitate social life, friendships, companionships, and professional relationships.

Cancer people can take advantage of this conjuncture to find another job, with the help of their friends.

On the other hand, Venus will bring more love and overwhelm the single Cancers who no longer believed in love with romantic gifts.


Leos will enjoy luck and profits in July, so the beginning of the warm season is the best period for this zodiac sign. Everything goes smoothly for Leos in July.

They need to be persistent, ambitious, and to try obtaining more from life because they have great chances to finalize successfully one of their complex and costly plans.

On the other hand, Venus will also be generous in love, offering Leos wonderful times in couple, regardless of age.


Libra should fully enjoy summer and make all the plans for vacations, parties, and trips in August.

The last part of the warm season will be the most beautiful period of the year, and their hopes and dreams will get fulfilled easier.

Even the costly plans will be easy to put in practice in August, especially if the Libras will manage to save money in the spring, as Mercury advises them. Also, in August, they will consolidate their career position.


July, the first summer month, is mild and warm, and it is the best time for Virgos. In the fall of 2021, Mercury will be more generous in terms of money, but especially in terms of professional opportunities.

The Virgos who are not satisfied with their job, work conditions, and salary, have great chances to improve the situation in the future.

Even if at the beginning of 2021, luck will avoid Virgos, bad luck and misfortune will disappear, and unhappiness will vanish starting from July.

What didn’t go well in January, February, or March, will now go smoothly. Our tip: don’t linger, open a new chapter of your life.

Everything will become explicit in August, especially financially.


September is going to be a favorable month for Scorpios, who will take advantage of this special astral conjuncture.

Starting from this month, they will be lucky in everything they try to achieve, they will travel more often than last year, especially if they have relatives abroad, and they will have the chance to get involved in more interesting projects at work.

Their perspective will change, and they can find income sources they never anticipated in the past years.


While some people have a hard time in October, Sagittarius enjoys a good period and recovers everything they lost.

This is their month of grace when luck and love interweave in a peaceful atmosphere.

During this period, the Sagittarius people can discover that they will become parents or grandparents, or they can discover new activities and income sources for the whole family.

Although they are usually not cautious and economical, in October, November, and December, the planets will take care of their budget, helping them make long-term investments.


Luck is on Capricorn’s side since the first month of the year, and everything will be wonderful until April.

In the first quarter of the new year, Capricorns need to try everything, to ask more from themselves because they will have the chance on their side. Nothing stays in their way, whether they have simple or ambitious plans.

September is going to be yet another good month, but the best opportunities for Capricorn will occur in January.


The beginning of 2021 will give Aquarius energy, will get them out of their tedious schedule, and will bring new mobilizing events.

January is going to be an excellent month for relationships, professional meetings, and achievements due to Mars’ influence.

However, for Aquarius, the luckiest period will start in February. New perspectives will open now, and if the Aquarius people don’t take advantage of them, they will have losses all year round.

Regardless of situation or occasion, they should not refuse, avoid, or lose anything.


Pisces will have a wonderful year in September of 2020. Until then, there are going to be more lucky periods and beautiful opportunities, but October is the month that will top off all their efforts.

In mid-October, Pisces will enjoy rewards at work. The luckiest will also receive better earnings, along with new job offers or more attractive work projects.

The family-oriented Pisces will welcome the arrival of a baby into the world.