Love Letters For Him That Make Him Cry

Are you looking for the best words to express your feelings towards your loved one? You are most welcome to enjoy our beautiful list of love letters for him that make him cry!

While there are plenty of ways to express love, undoubtedly one of the best ways is to send your loved one a simple and spontaneous letter expressing all the emotions that love brings.

As new technologies and modern communication methods have developed, the love letter to your loved one, and letters in general, started to be overlooked.

However, the handwritten letter has not yet disappeared, partially due to grandmothers and also because a long-distance love letter has a special charm that no other new communication device has. 

man crying after reading a love letter

We can touch it and share it with someone else, for instance with our children. Letters are stored and cherished, but who stores and values SMS?


When was the last time you got a letter? I figured it’s been too long and decided it was imperative to change that. So, here I am, coming to your door with a letter like in the old days.

I just want to tell you that I love you and that you are my reason for being. It may seem like a cliché, but I never thought I could love so much, beyond words, beyond myself, beyond everything. But I don’t want to fill this sheet of paper with empty words, I want to tell you why I love you so.

I love you because you’re kind. Seriously, some may say you’re too nice, but to me you’re perfect. You didn’t know this, but I prayed to God for a lover with a golden heart, and then I met you. But you’re not just good to me, and for that, I love you even more. Someone said that you can only measure true kindness in your relationship with people from whom you have nothing to benefit. Well, you’re not just good to the guy who brings you coffee in the morning, you’re good even to the guy who takes your turn and gets coffee before you do.

I love you because you’re smart. Yes, although sometimes it drives me crazy thinking you are better at so many things than I am, mostly I gloat to myself. I love that you always have an answer for everything, but you don’t show off that cleverness of yours.

I love you for making me laugh. You have a great sense of humor, but what I love even more is that you’re never sarcastic or cruel. People laugh out loud at your jokes, they don’t hide in a corner, afraid of being your next victim.

I love you! I love your hands, I love your face, I love your eyes, I love even the parts of yourself I don’t quite like if you know what I mean. You are my soul mate and the meaning of my life.

With infinite love,


Do you remember how you blushed and got all intimidated when you first kissed me? I remember! This will never be forgotten! You touched me with your soft lips, so smooth and gentle as if fearing I would melt. I returned your kisses. You were so passionate and romantic. I love you! I shout about it with all my senses! I love you! And I’m happy, trust me!

Just being with you makes my life a dream come true. The memory of our first kiss is a flashback of my heart beating for you. When we first hold hands, our souls become one. The sight of you is to feel that all is well. My love, I share all my feelings with you!

I remember the time before you were a part of my life. I recall drifting aimlessly from one place to another because I had no purpose. But then you came along and since that day everything changed. You truly gave me so much I will never be able to repay myself and I know I can only spend my life loving you and making you feel happy in my arms. I know that you are a gift from life that is awarded to the lucky ones in heaven! You mean the world to me.

My dear,

I’ve intended to write you a love letter, but I think it will sound more like a thank-you note. Maybe it’ll be both. Thank you for washing my dishes when there’s some left in the sink. Thank you for being willing to watch all kinds of TV shows with me and for always letting me choose the songs during car trips, even though I know our tastes are so different.

I want to thank you for all the hugs you’ve given me to ward off the sadness, and for all the conversations we’ve had when I’ve been doubting myself. But most of all, I’d like to thank you for existing. Thank you for being my partner. Thank you for being my best friend in the world.

My sweetheart,

I first met you on a day I’ll never forget, but I didn’t know at the time what you would mean to me. Now I know. You are the light of my eyes, the reason for my existence, and just the idea of not being with you anymore makes my blood run cold with fear.

So on this day, I promise to be by your side and love you for better or worse, until death do us part. And although we are not married yet, I will never break this vow, as the day I met you was when my life truly began.

I love you,

My love for you is like a cloudless sky after a misty morning, like dew at dawn, like the rays of the spring sun, like flowers in May; your voice is a joy to my soul and the thought of you is serenity. I love you!”

My darling, I asked a star to watch over you in my absence and the sun to warm you in my absence!!!

I love you! When God opened the window of my soul, He asked me: What is the wish you have today? And I said: Lord, please look after the person who will receive this message! I kiss you sweet!!!

Haven’t we been too happy in a world where happiness cannot exist? Is not our love an anomaly in the world order, an anomaly for which we should be punished?

Is our love and our sufferings suited for a world in which envy and wickedness prevail everywhere?

 I ask you this because I love you greatly…because I love you not only for what you are but also for what I am when you are with me…

I was thinking of telling you that you can question the sun, the sparkling fire in a star, the triumphant laws, but no. …not my love…I give up everything!! But not to you!!!

I renounce to everything that is human, I abandon life and myself, but let me love you…because you are everything to me, I renounce to all, but not to you!!!

That’s why I repeat: the sky’s desire is the height, the hands’ desire is the touch, the lips’ desire is the kiss, and my desire is you !!!