Libra Personality Traits

Fashionably poised, Librans strike a balance in all they do

Cultured and urbane, Librans pose sophistication and good taste. Appearances are important to them, and they will go to great lengths to ensure that their surroundings are light and delicately pleasing.

More than anything else in life, they aspire to gracious living and good company.

They themselves make excellent companions, for they are polite, friendly, keen to please, and always have something interesting to say.

All Librans find quarreling unpleasant and will avoid disagreements at all costs, often prepared to give in even when they know they are right, simply to restore peace and harmony.

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At work and play, being the peacemakers of the Zodiac, Librans make naturally skilled negotiators and so excel in occupations where tact and diplomacy are required.

Nothing depresses their spirits more than unpleasant surroundings, so working in an attractive environment is essential to their well-being.

Easy-going and composed, they fare best in a team or where joint projects are required. Many Librans find a suitable outlet for their talents in the world of music and the arts.

Because relationships are so important to Librans, people belonging to this Sign are only really happy when they have a soulmate at their side.

But they do find making decisions very difficult and may keep changing their mind for years before they commit themselves to a partner.

Just as they require beauty and harmony in their lives and environment, they look for beauty and elegance in the people with whom they choose to share their lives.

Health problems affecting Librans often tend to manifest themselves in urinary disorders.

Drinking plenty of water every day will flush out residual toxins. The key to Libran well being is to maintain balance – a balanced diet, a balance between work and recreation, and also between exercise and rest.

When this delicate equilibrium becomes upset, it wreaks havoc on their whole metabolic system.

Paying attention to this need for harmony in physical, psychological, and spiritual terms should keep the Libran healthy and content.

In wealth matters, Librans tend to attract money, which is just as well since they enjoy spending it in large quantities!

Encouragement to save from a young age and to spread their investments are quite important, as this will stand the Libran finances in good stead.

Personality Keynotes

* Cool * Elegant *Artistic * Fair * Impartial * Broad-minded * Diplomatic *
* Sophisticated * Charming * Sociable * Intelligent * Eye for beauty *
* Tolerant * Indecisive * Vain * Extravagant * Sycophantic *


* Symbol – Weighing Scales
* Ruling Planet – Venus
* Element – Air
* Colour – Lavender
* Flower – Rose
* Stone – Opal
* Lucky Number – 6
* Lucky Day – Friday

Librans Should

* Look beneath a partner’s pretty facade
* Stick to the decisions they make

Librans Shouldn’t

* Expect their partners to be perfect in every way
* Always try to please others at their own expense