Libra March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

libra 2018 forecast
The strength of the Western sector of the Horoscope is even stronger than last month. Your 7th House likewise. Your Ruling Planet, Venus, enters the 7th House on the 8th and stays there all month. The social trends written of last month are very much in effect.

Even though Mars will leave your 7th House on the 3rd, you still seem aggressive and proactive in love. You are reaching out to others. You are making love happen. You go way out of your way to please others and your social popularity is strong.

You are successful in gaining the co-operation of others and are more successful. I don’t have to tell you to seek consensus in all your activities for this is your normal behaviour but this is the path in the month ahead.

You have a feeling for social trends now, more than usual. You know what’s popular and what’s ‘in’ and this gift can be used to enhance finances.

Like last month, love and money are very connected. There is a strong financial component to much of your socializing as if you were pursuing some business or marketing project.

You are still the adventurer and risk-taker in love. You fall in love very easily and quickly these days. A love at first sight type of energy. Ardour is intense but can it last?

Personal creativity (and sensitivity) is very strong. (It was strong last month, too.)

Your artistic or aesthetic sense is unusually good. Your appreciation for music and the fine arts (always good) is even better and more refined right now but being overly sensitive and being a romantic adventurer at the same time can be a difficult proposition.

Social rejections can be unusually painful but the successes are unusually rapturous! The lesson for this month, and last month, has been about overcoming social fears.

Some of this sensitivity is reduced after the 5th as Venus moves into Aries. Your spouse or lover is now focusing on finance and this is the way to his or her heart.

You are having more success at balancing home and career. Family relationships and career relationships are a lot easier than last month.

The planets are getting ready to shift from the lower to the upper half of the Horoscope. It doesn’t quite happen this month but the lower half is not stronger anymore. Both halves are about equal and health is much improved.

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