Libra 2018 Horoscope

libra 2018 forecast

Libra 2018 Overview Horoscope

This 2018 horoscope promises to be one where personal growth and inner understanding make powerful changes in your life. There is a lot of short distance travel incoming and a lot of interaction with both your closest friends and important and powerful new associates.

The face that you show to the world will be one of determination and strength and the more you honor that and get behind it the stronger you will become to capture your dreams and your short and long term goals. Children play a very important role in the year ahead and that can mean the little ones in your life(or about to arrive) or your own inner child.

Accessing and believing in the power you possess and finding the strength to walk in it is still an important area to work on.


Balancing is required in terms of your literal security and finances this year, Libra, and being involved strongly in others peoples money or their assets is likely to be an important part of the months ahead. This will require that you be prepared to make stands at times for what you know is best and also to learn to make some hard and fast decisions for someone in your life.

Rather than dealing with what you ‘have’ and with what you have accumulated yourself you are more oriented towards helping others use their resources and likewise will be learning how to balance your own.

There is likely to be an unexpected rush of some extra money during the first half of the year and it can help you make decisions that have a risen regarding the future. As the year progresses you may very well be investing in that future and having saved up some of the windfall you’ll be prepared to make the most of your choices.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.

Partnerships get a final chance for some powerful growth before resources turn into a little treasure for you. Make the most of the early part of the year by supporting and acknowledging the closest commitments in your life.

Expect support to be incoming shortly after and by the second half of the year there may be a chance to make a long distance journey through something that has arisen earlier. If you’ve been considering education (either to start or go back to) this could be the year to jump into it as there will be an extra boost to help you move quickly towards your goals.

A time to change…a time to grow.

Love…love…love. This area provides your most glorious areas of growth and also..excitment and razzle dazzle colored in the lightning hues of the universe. Things are not open to prediction when it comes to matters of your heart and love but they do promise to be thrilling and exciting.

Expect the unexpected at all times in this area of your life and be prepared to access your inner child and let them out to play when someone comes knocking. If you are a Libra and are thinking about starting a family this too shall come in on its own in its own time so being pre-warned and prepared will help you make the most of the cosmic lightning that will enter from time to time.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.

And with all the excitement in the above area you also get a chance to get capture dreams and to tune into that great exciting something that makes you part of the universe. The realm of love is also vibrant ala neptune and geared to helping you access your own dreams and also…to help the world around you learn to break down boundaries which exist around love and creativity.

Rather than seek this enticing and exciting music in your outer world it is always best to search for it inside. After all, this is where it truly lives as the outside merely becomes a projection of what is inside. Open up to all of your inherent creativity…create a work of art, a dream or anything else that helps you channel this energy.

Heal me…Free Me.

Chiron, the wounded healer, spends the entire year affecting your house of communications. Words and exchanges bring both old memories, wounds and the chance for renewal and healing. Don’t take anything that captures your emotions for granted when you hear them and allow them to take you on a journey into your soul to help free you from issues and remembrances that can be released. Relationships with siblings and your sibling like friends is also energized by this transit and brings plenty of growing space to regale in.

Look into your commitments and your partnerships with those in your immediate life and come to terms with them. Some will undoubtedly have to be closed….and some new ones will set in place to replace them. Holding onto something that is no longer needed only reinforces the wound.

As you are inherently in tune with what others need, want and expect from you it can be difficult for you to make stands when necessary. Learn to do so this year…and you’ll be moving closer and closer to your rightful gift of joy.

The Past and the Future.

Early in the year friendships and associations bring powerful movement towards your future and how you identify with those you share goals with helps you find a stronger sense of self. Look for some solid support coming in through this realm.

As the year progresses there are big changes hovering around what you do for a living. A job change or a worked for promotion could be in store. Whatever arrives it is likely to either bring in a chance for some extended learning..or it could bring in a rather long distance move.

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