Jupiter in Pisces 2022 – What to Expect

Jupiter or the Greater Benefic, as the planet is also dubbed, is responsible for expansion, luck, and prosperity in the natal chart.

It indicates in what life sectors you will always enjoy success, and have full astrological support.

Jupiter in Pisces Transit 2022 Dates

  • December 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022
  • October 28th, 2022, to December 20th, 2022

In any horoscope, Jupiter’s presence is considered to be positive, bringing optimism and development opportunities.

Jupiter is associated with blue color, and its corresponding chemical element is tin. Anatomically, it is associated with the liver.

Jupiter is the one who always encourages us to push our limits, to expand our knowledge universe, to broaden our perspective on ourselves, but also on the world around us.

On Pisces territory, a sign of infinity, an area where the limits dissolve as if by magic, Jupiter gives us the chance to look inside us and to access feelings and thoughts that we otherwise have no way to access.

The best guide can be our own soul if we are receptive enough to listen to his stories now or accumulated over the centuries. This transit helps us to grow spiritually, cultivate and manifest tolerance, acceptance, charitable spirit, to reconnect to our spiritual dimension.

Being the last zodiac sign of the 12, Pisces represents the complete, the whole. And Jupiter helps you to see the big picture, to better understand your mission. Jupiter in Pisces means more creativity, more dreaming, more imagination. This energy can help you develop creative projects related to fantasy and mysticism.

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Jupiter brings luck, good auspices, changes, news, chances, alleviations, and beginnings.

How Does the Presence of Jupiter in Pisces 2022 Influence Your Zodiac Sign?


This transition will have a direct impact on the financial sector for you. It is a good time to start a business on your own or to sign a long-term contract on professional collaboration. You also have an unexpected gain, maybe a long-awaited amount of money will be transferred now and you can deposit an advance for a new home.


Jupiter in Pisces will give you the opportunity to explore more in your career. Develop your artistic talents and don’t be afraid to have an activity in parallel with your current job, which can bring you serious earnings. Start by taking a course to help you make the most of these skills and see what the possibilities are on the horizon.


For you, the sentimental side comes first now. It is time to give up self-pity and start acting on your behalf. Initiate a serious discussion with your life partner which to realize what the situation is in your relationship and whether or not you have a chance at a common future.


It is a very good time to put your life in order and receive an energy boost in this direction.

Reorganize your home and throw away everything that is useless in your life. You will have a lot of satisfaction.


During this period you are very serious when it comes to your career. You impress your superiors with tasks performed well and quickly, and you are at the forefront of employees proposed for promotion.


It’s time to forgive the people who have wronged you and reconnect with those who mean a lot to you. Whether we are talking about a love affair, an angry parent, or a friend who has brought you a disappointment, you must take the first step towards reconciliation.


During this period you will have passionate adventures and you will meet many interesting people. It is possible that your soul mate will be among them.


You should not throw yourself into promises that you may not be able to keep. It is an emotionally charged period and conflicts can arise very easily.


With Jupiter in Pisces, you will finally be able to complete on-hold tasks and you can thus focus on planning for the future, especially your career. It is a good time for a change.


Capricorn will experience balance in the sentimental life. You will start a new chapter in your relationship and you will have a deep and true love.


There are great opportunities for you to travel abroad, in work interest. You will meet people in your field of interest who will pave the way for your evolution. It’s just a matter of how you organize yourself.


You need to be more careful about how you manage your income. If you are more calculated, you will be able to save enough to make a major investment in a home.


So, between December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022, Jupiter’s presence in Pisces will bring a general sense of wonder and fantasy into our lives, spiritual growth, creative inspiration, a sense of dreaming, and magical optimism. You can feel that anything is possible, no matter how incredible it may seem. All zodiac signs will be blessed by this lucky transit.