Jupiter Transit 2022 in Pisces – What to Expect

Jupiter or the Greater Benefic, as the planet is also dubbed, is responsible for expansion, luck, and prosperity in the natal chart.

It indicates in what life sectors you will always enjoy success, and have full astrological support.

With Jupiter in Pisces, you are compassionate, benevolent, idealistic, spiritually-minded, and dedicated. One of the keywords for this placement is dedication, because once you find a religion, artistic pursuit, philosophy or avocation about which you feel deeply, your dedication in following its tenets can border on devotion. Thus, we see creative persons dedicating their lives to their art, or spiritually-minded individuals avowing themselves to the religious life or clergy. You may be so given to a cause as to sacrifice yourself completely to its purpose.

Your strong feeling of compassion is given the added component of activism, for you not only feel for others who need help; you try to do something to alleviate their suffering.

Jupiter in Pisces is a good placement for doctors, nurses or veterinarians. Almost always, there is a vision of Utopia— an idealized conception of the world or society— which you try to make a reality through spiritual work or social reform.

There can be tendencies toward mysticism, a perception of truth beyond rational explanation, and this can lead to an interest in spiritualism, occult and psychic research, psychic or paranormal experiences, and prophetic dreams. You derive luck through intuition, prophetic dreams, spiritual associations, travel by water, hospitals, institutions, love of animals and creative pursuits.

Jupiter in Pisces Transit 2022 Dates

  • December 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022
  • October 28th, 2022, to December 20th, 2022

In any horoscope, Jupiter’s presence is considered to be positive, bringing optimism and development opportunities.

Jupiter is associated with blue color, and its corresponding chemical element is tin. Anatomically, it is associated with the liver.

Jupiter is the one who always encourages us to push our limits, to expand our knowledge universe, to broaden our perspective on ourselves, but also on the world around us.

On Pisces territory, a sign of infinity, an area where the limits dissolve as if by magic, Jupiter gives us the chance to look inside us and to access feelings and thoughts that we otherwise have no way to access.

The best guide can be our own soul if we are receptive enough to listen to his stories now or accumulated over the centuries. This transit helps us to grow spiritually, cultivate and manifest tolerance, acceptance, charitable spirit, to reconnect to our spiritual dimension.

Being the last zodiac sign of the 12, Pisces represents the complete, the whole. And Jupiter helps you to see the big picture, to better understand your mission. Jupiter in Pisces means more creativity, more dreaming, more imagination. This energy can help you develop creative projects related to fantasy and mysticism.

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Jupiter brings luck, good auspices, changes, news, chances, alleviations, and beginnings.

How Does the Presence of Jupiter in Pisces 2022 Influence Your Zodiac Sign?


If you are an Aries, the year 2022 started your new social cycle in life and you will find this phase of Jupiter in Pisces particularly expansive: going here and there and communicating your visions and ideals everywhere. You are truly expanding, mentally and otherwise and open to all kinds of new horizons that seem to widen forever right now, just to give you as many options if possible, options that you only need to choose and narrow down sometime after May 2022.


If you are a Taurus, then your new cycle started already earlier this year: you are already seeing some results of your new visions that were grounded into reality sometime earlier. Your first results will come to you by means of an expansion of social contacts and feedback of these: which could give you the promise of success if your views and ideas that you started really are worthwhile for a larger community as a whole.


If you are a Gemini then the passage of Jupiter through Pisces from December 2021 up until May 2022 will start a new phase of expansion for you. As a Gemini (and if you are true to its promise) you are a networker, and mentally always on the move. Your life is about information.

This new cycle may be a start of a cycle where your gifts could be given a wider meaning to the social world around you. It may be time for you to start thinking about a mode to share your view with others in a meaningful way.

For the time being: entertain this thought and experiment with it, the cycle you are starting now will last 12 years and you do not have to choose exactly the right way to go about it yet.


If you are a Cancer, you are in the last phase of the Jupiter-expansion cycle this Jupiter-year. Next year will be the year of the new, a new start in your social life, but this Jupiter year you are finalizing a social cycle.

This may occur by way of dissipating your energies, and learning that life is not about holding on, but about sharing. You will learn the virtue of relativity too, potentially. The more you let go and interact with others outside of your own home situation, knowing that the entire planet is your home and that you really cannot lose anything, the better this year will be, even if you see no results.

You are unconsciously preparing for a new cycle, if possible on a less painful and more socially useful level in the next Jupiter cycle.


If you are a Leo, you are likely to find yourself amidst all kinds of group situations where you will need to learn to share and to interact, not always from your own point of view, but also from others.

You are in an expansive timeframe though, all things that came your way professionally speaking in the last months are now to be enlarged and shared with a larger whole, a world outside of yourself in an ever-expanding way. It is likely that you will meet some new friends too in the coming year.


If you are a Virgo, your best chances in the coming month are to understand that you are intelligent and apply this knowledge by sharing, small or large, i.e. just of a helpful nature or writing out your thoughts and communicating them with others.

It will tend to be a very mental world in the next half year to 12 months, and for you, this will apply professionally. You are at a peak moment of your professional life (potentially), and are likely to see results coming your way, especially professionally speaking, or careerwise.

If you are offered chances in your career, don’t let them slip by, take them up!


If you are a Libra, then you are in for expansion in the months ahead. Socially speaking you will meet many new people, many new countries or languages maybe even, and you will have a great time because you are a person whose heart is in social groups or in relating in one-to-one situations.

Take up a new course, now is the time! Make plans to travel, expand your horizons and incorporate some ideas from other cultures.

Read about Buddhism, Hinduism, or Native American Indians, anything which inspires from a spiritual point of view, the Gemini-way: by reading up on it.


If you are a Scorpio, your best bet in the coming time is to do the same and also learn to communicate. Open up, and don’t worry about small talk, for a change.

It may not always feel comfortable for your introvert nature (introvert about yourself that is, as you usually pry into other’s deeper beings:-), in short, learn to communicate with others in the coming months.

It will refresh your inner mindset, all this air being brought into your watery soul, it is as if your soul will be oxygenated and wishes to renew itself with life by learning to be less afraid to be part of a communicative world.

Make sure you feel safe on the internet, and more importantly, have respect for those you are in contact with and make sure they feel safe too.


If you are a Sagittarius, the transit of Jupiter in Pisces will be in opposition to your Sun, which is a seventh house phase to your Sun. This implies that it is time to open up to a larger world and rather than imprinting your environment with your ideas, learn the game of giving and taking in the exchange of ideas.

Learn to LISTEN, which is something, I think anyway, that is Sagittarius’lot in the first place now that Pluto is in the sign of Sagittarius too, uplifting (potentially) all things Sagittarius’.

OPINION no longer is of this world, it is of ego, and true insight and wisdom can only come from having learned to listen, and to make your visions applicable to a larger whole. Learn to interact with others more and more during the sojourn of Jupiter in Pisces.

Even chatting may be fun for you who usually abhors any conversations without meaning. However, the thing is, try and give of your insight and wisdom in such a way as that it is relevant for other people too. In other words: learn to communicate, simply by doing it.


If you are a Capricorn you will find yourself in a phase of cutting down now, after you had the expansion for quite some time and saw results (due to you) everywhere.

Since Jupiter is in Pisces, your need for cutting down will mean that those communications and contacts that are not leading anywhere, will be cut down.

Ask yourself what is really useful and do away with all things that were fun for experimenting with, but not part of your plan in life.

If you do not consciously choose to cut down something yourself, you may be forced to do so, because you will start to feel uncentered and more and more out of control of your time otherwise.


If you are an Aquarian the Jupiter in Pisces passage will mean a tremendous flow of thoughts and creativity. There will be expansion all over vis-a-vis your ideas and you are starting to really believe in yourself right now.

You are creative and are given many opportunities, it will be almost difficult to choose. But most of them will (potentially) lead to success and put you at the start of really peaking in the present 12-year Jupiter cycle, discovering that your talents are working, which you will share and make value to the world at large in later years. You are still in a phase of self-expansion!


If you are a Pisces the Jupiter passage through your sign will mean that information will come to you now, maybe by reading a book, or because you are traveling here and there and everywhere and no longer getting anywhere, that will force you to make a definite choice as to which path you are going to pursue from now on.

The new cycle that started some four years ago for you literally needs to find solid ground, mostly so in your mental mindset or in ways which have to do with communication: they provide the basis for the rest of this cycle of relating your views socially to a larger whole.

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So, between December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022, Jupiter’s presence in Pisces will bring a general sense of wonder and fantasy into our lives, spiritual growth, creative inspiration, a sense of dreaming, and magical optimism. You can feel that anything is possible, no matter how incredible it may seem. All zodiac signs will be blessed by this lucky transit.