Jupiter and Saturn Retrograde 2022

According to our astrology experts, 2022 is going to be the best year for the people born under the Pisces sign.

The exception will be during the Saturn and Jupiter retrogradation period.

Jupiter’s placement will govern all the important events taking place this year.

This planet, which governs the Capricorn sign, needs approximately 30 years to travel around the Sun.

Therefore, if you were born around 30 years ago, you might witness for the first time in your life the return of planet Jupiter.

Your life is not going to be the same, and the beneficial changes will not fail to appear.

This huge energy offers you a unique chance to promote your interests. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The Zodiac Signs during Jupiter and Saturn retrograde

2022 is a powerful year, with a great impact.

On the one hand, Pisces is an ambitious and determined zodiac sign. On the other hand, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are slow planets, and slow planets dictate the course of things and create the horizon of waiting and the necessary premises for significant events.

Retrogradation periods:

  • Jupiter retrograde in Aries and Pisces (July 28th-November 23rd)
  • Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (June 4th-October 23rd)


You will need more patience because four planets will be retrograde (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto). You will probably experience some dissatisfactions or delays, and your friends or coworkers will expect more from you.


This month, the retrograde planets also go through slow progress. Avoid public events, presentations, or interviews between june 5th and 21st. Disagreements with neighbors and close relatives may also occur.


Starting from July 1st, the retrograde motion brings Saturn in Capricorn again. Some people might feel uncomfortable about your new way of being, which started to take shape in 2008.


The first three weeks, when the Sun passes through Leo, will be busy with family issues and financial matters. It is possible to feel a bit intimidated during the period when Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn.


Mercury turns retrograde from september, which will manifest through some delays and frustrations. But things will settle down after the 12th. Your confidence in yourself starts to increase, and you will manage to accomplish some important objectives.

2022 is a powerful year, with a great impact. With three massive planets in Capricorn, it’s is no joke.

On the one hand, Capricorn is an ambitious and determined zodiac sign. On the other hand, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are slow planets, and slow planets dictate the course of things and create the horizon of waiting and the necessary premises for significant events.

Of course, the Capricorns are those who directly face the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter transit.

They are already acquainted with the effects of Saturn and Pluto transits from 2018 and 2019.

The additional transit of Jupiter may bring for some people a breath of fresh air, solutions, and opportunities.

For others, it can amplify the problems or contribute to the loss of control over the situation. The effects can manifest in any domain of life, including physically.

Cancer, Aries, and Libra continue to live in tension. They also encounter obstacles and challenges, they have a lot to deal with, but overstraining can be useful, if not through palpable results, at least through clarifications and lessons.

For Cancer, the relational area gets in the foreground, under all its forms, from love, marriage, associations, collaborations, and alliances, to competitions, rivalries, enemies, or legal disputes.

For Libra, the energies get polarized around parents and family, home, real estate, and assets for long-term use.

The greatest challenges of the year, for Aries, are related to career, social status, position, hierarchy, reputation, superiors, or authorities.

Taurus and Virgo can use to their advantage the planetary energies from Capricorn if they are determined, and remain on their toes.

The trigons that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto throw at them give them strength, helping them to focus this energy to achieve what they’ve planned to do.

However, they also have responsibilities, burdens, and needs for change, Taurus in terms of views and value systems, and Virgo in terms of children, love, and sexuality, or highlighting their talents and skills.

Pisces and Scorpio can also benefit from this energy, but to a lesser extent, in the sense that some advantageous circumstances may occur, however, they need to be very careful to notice them and to mobilize themselves so they can make the most of it.

Saturn and Jupiter retrograde motion is a challenge in terms of information, communication, and movement for Scorpios, and it can be demanding for their nervous system.

For Pisces, the problems mostly appear in terms of group activities, integration into the community, popularity, supporters, or protectors.

The recommendation for Leo and Aquarius is to take care of their health. Additionally, Leo will face great professional pressure, with increased responsibilities and possible issues with colleagues or subordinates.

As for the Aquarius, they better stay away from addictions and avoid shadowy enemies and hidden dangers.

Lastly, for Gemini and Sagittarius, the money, investments, and businesses are an important matter, which requires a cautious approach.

For Gemini, difficulties regarding some recuperations, inheritances, credits, allotments, etc. might also arise.

Moreover, they experience inner turmoil and may go through psychological changes.

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