Virgo July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

As the Sun travels through your solar Eleventh House, the spotlight for this month will be on friends, group associations, achieving your highest aims and social and humanitarian interactions. On July 23rd 2018, the Sun moves into Leo, and your solar Twelfth House when the pace will slow down, and you’ll become more introspective valuing your privacy and solitude.

The Sun, and a few other planets, appear to be laying low this month. Aspects aren’t very vigorous and events for the month will follow suit. Sun and Mercury, conjoined on the 5th, can bring a definite improvement in your usual social scene; talkative friends are bright and lively.

virgo horoscope for July 2018

With the Full Moon on July 13th, at 21 Capricorn, in your solar Fifth House, the emphasis will be on fun, love, romance, children and creative activities. The New Moon, at 5 Leo, comes on the 29th, landing in your solar Twelfth House. Here the highlight will be on introspective and private thoughts, and time spent in seclusion and exile.

Mercury starts July in Cancer, and your solar Eleventh House of friends, group associations, and your highest goals and aspirations. A good time to enjoy the whirl-wind of an enhanced social life.

After the 13th Mercury moves on to Leo and your solar Twelfth House, a quieter, more reflective time that will allow you to do some serious, introspective thinking and to catch up on your studying, research or reading.

Mercury, enters Virgo, and your solar First House, on the 30th, allowing you more opportunity to vocalize and promote your own plans and goals. The 1st, when Mercury trines Mars, can see positive strides and much forward motion perceiving the real issue at hand with a formerly sulky family member.

Watch the 19th, when a deceptive co-worker or associate may try to blindside you under the influence of Mercury opposing Neptune. Also watch for a possible misdiagnosis in health matters.

July 22nd 2018 brings organizational and planning skills into focus on a creative project, when Mercury trines Pluto. Don’t push the envelope too far while under the auspices of a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the 25th. The 31st sees conflicts coming to a turbulent head as Mercury opposes Uranus.

July starts with Venus ending the last of a run through Gemini and your Solar Tenth House, when the spotlight shifts to your profession, status, business, the condition of a parent, your credit and standing, and ambition.

Venus enters Cancer, as of the 4th, and your solar Eleventh House, giving you opportunities for fun and merry socializing with friends. After the 29th, Venus moves into Lordly Leo and your Solar Twelfth House. You’ll appreciate the peaceful solitude you seek now. Home beautification projects and pleasant entertainment plans can occupy your time during this cycle.

If that doesn’t float your boat, the trine between Venus and Uranus on the 6th can be exciting as you meet a romantic possibility that’s creative and unconventional.

A higher-up may squelch your ideas or challenge your values on the 8th, when Venus conjuncts Saturn. Venus and Mars, on July 11th, in a passionate trine, promises a romantic night to remember.

June finds Mars in Pisces, and your solar Seventh House of partners, making your relationships more ardent and passionate. An energetic project, shared with a group or lively friends may get a cold shoulder on the 29th, when Mars turns retrograde. Jupiter and Pluto in trine on the 1st brings fortunate conditions to your home and domestic life. Family members reflect the inner peace of emotional and spiritual bonding.