Scorpio July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

July 2018 opens with the Sun in Cancer, and your solar Ninth House, putting the emphasis on travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits. The Sun moves on to Leo on the 23rd, and your solar Tenth House, making career and business your focus for the rest of the month.

If you’re anticipating an exciting month, likely this isn’t going to be it with Sun and Mars receiving little aspect activity. Travel plans are highlighted on the 5th, when Sun and Mercury conjoin. If travel isn’t appealing, this would be a good day for lectures, philosophical studies, learning and expanding your mental horizons.

scorpio horoscope for July 2018

The Full Moon, at 21 Capricorn, falls in your solar Third House, highlighting neighborhood get-togethers, local travel, communication and education on the 13th. The New Moon, on July 29th, in 5 Leo, falling in your solar Tenth House, highlights new business endeavors and career starts.

Venus begins July still in Gemini, and your solar Eighth House of shared resources, legacies, insurance and mortgage matters, taxes, matters dealing with estates of the dead, and sexual issues. On the 4th, Venus enters Cancer, and your solar Ninth House, bringing enjoyable times in travel, or in pursuit of education.

A possibility of a little romantic interlude, while traveling to foreign shores or in the library stacks, while attending a lecture is favored now. Venus enters Leo, and your Solar Tenth House, on the 29th. A career opportunity may come your way.

A loved one is unusually affectionate when Venus trines Uranus on the 6th. Financial assets and investments may present some tedious demands requiring your diligence and duty when Venus conjuncts Saturn on the 8th. Mars and Venus are in a very nice trine on the 11th. Take advantage of this trend to pursue romance and to deepen affectionate bonds.

Mars opens for July, still in Pisces, and your solar Fifth house. Watch contentiousness with lovers and children, or channel your aggression into appropriate lusty and arduous activities. Love and matters of romance, showing such passion and promise may come to a grinding halt after the 29th when Mars turns retrograde.

The fortunate trine between Jupiter and Pluto on the 1st could bring some of you career and professional advances, with some meaningful financial gains as well.

July begins with Mercury still occupying Cancer, and your solar Ninth House. A good time for firming up travel plans, meetings with lawyers, discussions with academic counselors, if you are making plans to return to school or to continue your education.

Talks and communications with in-laws, or those at a distance, may be highlighted. After the 13th, Mercury enters Leo and your solar Tenth House, putting the emphasis on your professional and career issues, a good time to distribute resumes’, if looking for a better position. Contacts with higher-ups can enhance your status and community standing now.

Mercury continues in Virgo and your solar Eleventh House bringing lively and stimulating discussions with friends and associates on July 30th. The 1st brings a pleasant turn of events, financially and professionally, when Mercury trines Mars. Someone at home, or in the family, is being deceptive and hedgy, be on your toes as Mercury opposes Neptune on the 19th.

On July 22nd, Mercury trines Pluto. Associates can give you a great suggestion giving the green light to communication projects and endeavors. Watch extravagant and undisciplined credit spending on the 25th, when Mercury conjuncts excessive Jupiter. The 31st can be unpredictable and nerve racking when Mercury opposes Uranus, you must strive to be prudent in speech and action.