Sagittarius July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

July 2018 begins with the Sun in Cancer, and your solar Eighth House of shared financial resources, investments, credit and managing others money and security. On the 23rd Sun enters Leo, and your solar Ninth House, where the focus of interest shifts to travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits.

With Sun and Mars involved in very little activity, this month is likely to be uneventful and, well….boring. Try to stay out of mischief. Sun conjunct Mercury, on the 5th, presents a good day for financial discussions and arrangements. A good day to negotiate loans or revise mortgage contracts.

sagittarius horoscope for July 2018

The Full Moon at 21 Capricorn,on the 13th, falls in your solar Second House, putting the emphasis on your finances and earning power. Self-worth and possessions are closely linked. The New Moon for July, comes on the 29th, at 5 Leo. Landing in your solar Ninth House, the focus turns to travel, foreign matters, and religion.

Mercury continues in Cancer and your solar Eighth House, a good time for financial discussions with partners or those that you share a monetary interest. Also a timely opportunity to seek out a better mortgage, or to discuss insurance and tax matters.

After July 13th, Mercury enters Leo and your solar Ninth House of education, long distance matters, in-laws, law religion and philosophy; likely you’ll find your thoughts and discussions centering around these matters.

On the 30th Mercury enters Virgo, and your solar Tenth House of career interests; a good time for job interviews, networking and making contacts with individuals who can advance your interests. The 1st can be more productive when Mercury joins Mars in a beneficial trine.

A good time for a talk that bares the soul. Watch the July 19th, when someone wants you to accept what they tell you as gospel without reading the fine print. Don’t you believe it.

The 22nd brings a pleasant turn of events, financially and professionally, when Mercury trines Pluto. You and partners could lock horns over a philosophical difference of opinion on the 25th, when Mercury conjoins expansive Jupiter. Mercury encounters some difficult aspects this month, among the more challenging would be the 31st, when Mercury opposes Uranus, when someone’s indecision and inability to focus can be nerve-racking.

Venus is in Gemini and your Solar Seventh House, at the opening of July 2018. A good time to renew and affirm those close and loving feelings between the two of you. For the singles among you, someone with an unusual and dynamic personality could electrify you at first meeting. This one might be a keeper. Venus makes an Ingress into Cancer, and your solar Eighth House of shared resources and finances on the 4th. A good time to pursue meetings with bankers, insurance agents and investment counselors. After the 29th, Venus moves on to Leo and your solar Ninth House, enhancing travel, education and legal matters.

The trine between Venus and Uranus augments your social sparkle and charm. You could meet an electrifying individual, romance is shiny and new on the 6th. The 8th may bring a strong, sober and reliable romantic commitment when Venus conjuncts Saturn. Love ain’t for sissies anymore. On July 11th, Venus and Mars, in a harmonious trine, promise some romantic sizzle. Take advantage of a cozy and intimate situation to perk up your mood.

Mars starts the month still in Pisces, and your solar Fourth House. Bringing a good time for home improvement projects and construction. Paint your house. But be careful, such projects can reach a brickwall when Mars goes retrograde on the 29th. The trine between Jupiter and Pluto, on the 1st, stimulates your desire for self-improvement and self mastery. Your potential for a bright future is very promising.