Pisces July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

The Sun occupies Cancer, and your solar Fifth House where it’s “at home”, due to its affiliation with Leo, the natural ruler of the Fifth. Romance, entertainment, sports, games and just general fun could be on tap for you at the beginning of the month. The Sun moves into Leo on July 23rd 2018, and your solar Sixth House of work, health and daily habits.

Things are kind of ho-hum for the month, aspects to normally active Sun and Mars are sparse. Looks like the only fireworks will be on July 4th. Sun conjoins Mercury, on the 5th, you and a loved one can have a mutual meeting of the minds.

pisces horoscope for July 2018

The Full Moon for July, at 21 Capricorn, on the 13th, falls in your solar Eleventh House bringing the focus on socializing, group activities and meetings with friends. The New Moon comes at the end of July on the 29th, this time at 5 Leo, putting the spotlight on jobs, career and daily habits and your solar Sixth House.

July beings with Mercury occupying Cancer, and your solar Fifth House

, where your thoughts and ideas taking a more creative turn, centering around children and recreational activities, and sporting events—just in time for the full swing of the summer season.

After July 13th, Mercury enters Leo and your solar Sixth House when your thoughts and ideas will be focused on co-workers and your job. You could hear of and discuss some very plausible ideas that can make life on the job more comfortable and easier. This would be an excellent time to schedule health examinations and procedures as well.

After that, on the 30th, Mercury moves on to Virgo, and your solar Seventh House with the spotlight turning to domestic and partnership matters; some may discuss plans for a new residence and start the process of looking for better digs.

The 1st can be promising when Mercury trines Mars and higher-up’s see what you know and what you can do, and are favorably impressed. The 26th takes some finesse, when Mercury opposes Neptune; a secret, behind the scenes deal may be used to your detriment. Don’t accept anything on face value, especially when signing documents and contracts.

The 22nd can be promising when Mercury trines Pluto, and higher-up’s see what you know and what you can do and are favorably impressed. Don’t get baited into an argument with a contentious family member when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, on July 25th 2018.

Mercury opposing Uranus, on the 31st, warns you to avoid hasty conclusions, but don’t be in such a hurry that you overlook some important details. Especially in reading and signing documents.

July begins with Venus ending her transit through Gemini, and your solar Fourth House. Here the highlight and attention is on your home, family, domestic interests and matters dealing with the concerns of a parent. Plans for home entertaining and socializing are now on the front burner.

As of the 4th, Venus enters Cancer, and your solar Fifth House of love and romantic interests. Your romantic encounters can increase and bloom this month. After the 29th, Venus moves into Leo, and your solar Sixth House. A work related project should proceed smoothly. A good time to join a gym with friends.

Venus trine Uranus, on the 6th, can bring an unexpected and unlikely romantic attraction, but one who stimulates your imagination just the same. Home repairs and improvements, that you may have been putting off, demand their due on the 8th when Venus conjuncts Saturn. On the 11th Venus and Mars, in a nice harmonious trine can bring a new romantic prospect your way. A foreign charmer is alluring now.

Mars begins July continuing the sojourn through Pisces and your solar First House. You’ll be more active, alert and sharp witted. Take advantage of your time to shine before the 29th, when Mars going into retrograde motion can stall your self promotion for a while.

The lucky trine between Jupiter and Pluto, on the 1st, could net you a job promotion, or an offer of a better position. A change in your work environment gives the advantage to you.