Libra July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

July 2018 starts with the Sun in Cancer, and your solar Tenth House of career and profession, with the spotlight shifting to work and business concerns. On the 23rd Sun moves into Leo, and your solar Eleventh House of friends, associates, income from work and your highest goals and aspirations.

Sparse aspects, especially to Sun and Mars, promises a low-key month. Sun conjunct Mercury, on the 5th, would be a good day for professional meetings, job interviews and for net working with higher-up’s.

libra horoscope for July 2018

This month’s Full Moon, at 21 Capricorn, on July 13th, puts the spotlight on domestic matters, home and family, as it falls in your solar Fourth House on the 14th. July’s New Moon on the 29th, at 5 Leo, activates your Solar Eleventh, putting the focus on friends, group associations and your personal goals.

Venus starts out July 2018 in Gemini, and your solar Ninth House. Travel, legal and educational issues, future projects, and matters at a distance are emphasized now. Venus in this sector can bring about the favorable settlement of a legal matter.

Some may find love during a lecture or traveling to enjoy foreign cultures. Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Cancer, and your solar Tenth House of profession, career and ambition on the 4th.

Advancing your career and making solid professional gains is the order of business. After July 29th 2018, Venus moves into Leo, and your solar Eleventh House. Friends and socializing are fun and rewarding now.

Venus trines Uranus on the 6th. This heightens your creative thinking, giving you an original, unique mode of expression. This is a good time for an exciting flirtation with an intriguing individual. Legal matters require your time and responsibility, along with a depressing sense of commitment on the 8th when Venus conjoins Saturn. The 11th brings a lovely romantic trine between loving Venus and energetic Mars. A romantic interlude is high on your agenda.

Mars starts out July in Pisces and your solar Sixth house, making you more dynamic with abundant energy and robust health. Tedious work projects will go faster now. Work and health projects can be stonewalled, however, after the 29th, when Mars goes retrograde in motion.

The lucky Jupiter/Pluto trine, on the 1st, could bring you a wonderful new friend or acquaintance. This could happen while traveling, in school, at a lecture or, even the library.

With Mercury in Cancer and your natal Tenth House, through the middle of July, the spotlight will be on your career and profession, status and the affairs of a parent. This cycle would be a good time for communications and to schedule job interviews and to network with professional associates and take advantage of their contacts. On the 13th Mercury enters Leo and your solar Eleventh House where socializing compliments your party-loving personality, a good chance to enjoy time with close friends and associates. Discuss an objective or goal with a close friend who may be amenable to your plans.

After the 30th, Mercury moves on to Virgo, and your solar Twelfth House, where you will feel less like socializing and more quiest and introspective; a good time to catch up on unfinished business behind the scenes. On the 1st, Mercury trines Mars. Associates can give you a great suggestion giving the green light to communication projects and endeavors. Watch for deception and being suckered into a loved one’s word games on July 19th, when Mercury opposes Neptune.

The 22nd, Mercury trine Pluto can see positive strides and much forward motion perceiving the real issue at hand with a formerly sulky family member. Your communicative ability is stimulating and inspiring, but don’t go overboard when Mercury conjuncts excessive Jupiter on July 25th. Watch for unsettling and provocative conditions to be unearthed when Mercury opposes Uranus on the 31st.