Leo July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

With the Sun in Cancer, and your solar Twelfth House, you may be developing your own qualities of inner resourcefulness. In order to wind up some unfinished projects, you could seek out some private time in seclusion and solitude.

The Sun crosses your Ascendant, entering Leo, on July 23rd 2018. At that time the spotlight will be on you, your charisma, personal goals and achievements. Everyone could use a little of your special “tenderness”.

leo horoscope for July 2018

Don’t expect much excitement this month. Aspect wise the Sun is not very active. The conjunction between Sun and Mercury on the 5th could bring a good opportunity to clear up a few issues with a much needed private heart to heart talk.

July’s Full Moon, at 21 Capricorn, on the 13th, falls in your solar Sixth House, where the emphasis shifts to work, schedules, diets, health and daily habits. The New Moon, at 5 Leo, comes on the 29th, landing in your solar First House, spotlighting you and your personal goals and objectives.

Mercury remains in Cancer for the early part of July, and your solar Twelfth House, this would be a good cycle for time spent in seclusion and solace. Use this oppostunity to catch up on your reading and correspondence; meditation can clear away the cobwebs in your thinking as well, take advantage of this low-key time to sort out your thoughts.

After July 13th, Mercury moves into Leo and your solar First House, bringing out your abundant leadership potential, bringing new potential contacts that can further your own agenda; a good time to take advantage of the situation while your charisma is in top form.

On July 30th 2018 Mercury moves into Virgo and your solar Second House, with financial discussions and many trips bargain hunting. The 1st brings organizational and planning skills into focus on a creative project, when Mercury trines Mars. Watch the 19th, when Mercury opposes Neptune, especially when partners may be too optimistic for their, and your, own good. The 22nd would be an excellent time to submit job resumes when Mercury trines Pluto.

The good life may be too much of a good thing when Mercury conjoins Jupiter on the 25th. A friend is guilty of overstating just a little bit. On the 31st, when Mercury opposes Uranus, partners can be opinionated and stubbornly rebellious.

July 2018 starts with Venus finishing up a transit of Gemini and your Solar Eleventh House, putting the spotlight on friends, associates, clubs or organizations, goals, income from your profession or business, and social situations. Venus enters Cancer, and your solar Twelfth House, on the 4th, putting the spotlight on quiet and cozy times with a romantic partner. On the 29th, Venus crosses your Ascendant putting the spotlight on you, your charms and enhancing your affectionate nature.

Creativity is inspiring and your ideas are spontaneous and electrifying when Venus trines Uranus on the 6th. A partner can have some odd ideas that just could be workable. Get responsibilities and obligations out of the way on the 8th, when Venus conjuncts Saturn and then you can relax. Venus trines Mars on the 11th, accentuating romance and close times.

July opens to find Mars in Pisces and your solar Eighth House, putting shared resources, money, property and sexual activities under the gun. Confidential and private matters are best kept underwraps after the 29th, when Mars turns retrograde in motion.

Romantic and recreational plans proceed well thanks to the fortunate trine between Jupiter and Pluto on the 1st. Some lucky gamblers could ride a lucky streak.