Gemini July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Gemini’s focus for July 2018 will shift to finances and personal income as the Sun transits through your solar Second House until moving into Leo, and your solar Third House of communication, education and travel on the 23rd.
Gemini Monthly Horoscope for July 2018

Aspects, particularly involving the Sun, are pretty sparse this month, July 4th fireworks are about the biggest excitement this month. Sun conjoins Mercury on the 5th; a good day to devote to shopping bargains and financial discussions. July’s 2018 Full Moon, on the 13th, at 21 Capricorn, falls in your Solar Eighth House putting the spotlight on financial investments, shared resources, security and an emotional investment as well. The New Moon, at 5 Leo, comes on the 29th. Falling in your solar Third House the emphasis is on communication, local travel and writing.

July starts with Mercury in Cancer, and your solar Second. Financial discussions and ideas are highlighted, along with your ability to ferret out bargains in the process. After the 13th, Mercury enters Leo and your solar Third House, putting the spotlight on communications, ideas, education, correspondence, neighborhood matters and local travel.

Mercury continues, entering Virgo and your solar Fourth House, on the 30th. Family and home conditions, home re-decorating and remodeling projects, along with family get together are highlighted. Mercury trine Mars, on the 1st, can bring positive results in heart to heart talks with partners. Watch the 19th when associates, at a distance, could be deceptive and untruthful when Mercury opposes Neptune.

Don’t make more promises than you can realistically keep, when Mercury conjoins Jupiter on the 25th. Erratic and impulsive speech can be hard to deal with on July 31st, when Mercury opposes Uranus.

The opening of July finds Venus still in Gemini and your solar First House. The spotlight is aimed at you, your personal charisma and charm. A great time for a productive makeover. Take advantage of this cycle for a new hairstyle, fashion look, or creative change in your appearance. Venus moves on to Cancer and your Second House, on the 4th. A good time to use your wiles and charisma to favorably enhance your finances and personal income. As of the 29th, Venus is in Leo, bringing you good times and good news. Neighbors could be friendly and gracious.

The 6th is a good day to shop for computer and high-tech purchases as Venus trines Uranus. In-laws and foreigners offer unusual insight. You’re the “wet blanket of the party” on the 8th when Venus conjunct Saturn spoils your mood. Romance, maybe on the job or in a health spa, can bloom when loving Venus and lusty Mars are in a harmonious trine aspect on the 11th.

The Red Planet continues in Pisces, and your solar Tenth house, highlighting and activating career and business matters. Business matters can fall short of expectations after July 29th, when Mars turns retrograde in motion. Make your move before that time. Domestic partners can reach a new level of communication and understanding that transcends all barriers when Jupiter and Pluto unite in a happy trine on the 1st. Check out neighboring locales, you could find something to your liking.