Capricorn July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Sun in Cancer at the beginning of the month, and your solar Seventh House highlights dealings with others, particularly those with whom you share a committed partnership. After July 23rd Sun enters Leo,and your solar Eighth House, where the emphasis shifts to shared resources, financial concerns and sexual activity.

This month, typical of a slow summer, doesn’t indicate much activity. Sun and Mars especially are low-key. Sun and Mercury together, on the 5th, can bring a fulfilling partership project that brings out the best in both of you.

capricorn horoscope for July 2018

The Full Moon at 21 Capricorn, on the 13th, activates your solar First House. This would be an ideal time to promote your own projects and launch new ventures. A new project launched now has public appeal.

The New Moon comes on July 29th 2018, at 5 Leo, falling in your solar Eighth House. Your thoughts will center around financial planning and achieving the goal of long-term security.

Mercury starts July in Cancer and your solar Seventh House with the spotlight turning to domestic and partnership matters; some may discuss plans for a new residence and start the process of looking for better digs.

After the 13th Mercury moves into Leo, and your solar Eighth House, with discussions turning to mortgages–to go with the new home—insurance, taxes and joint finances. A budget may need some revision and discussion to make it agreeable for all parties.

On the 30th Mercury enters Virgo, and your solar Ninth House, where travel plans, educational goals and legal matters occupying the top of your discussions. Things lighten up considerably on the 1st when Mercury trines Mars, and work conditions reach a pleasant meeting of the minds.

The 19th, when Mercury opposes Neptune, could see some deception concerning a contract or document with a financial overtone. Read all the fine print and insist on a completed copy before you sign.

The 22nd is more productive when Mercury joins Pluto in a beneficial trine. A good time for a talk that bares the soul. Your intellectual prowess is positively accented on July 25th 2018, when Mercury conjoins Jupiter. Research and investigative projects continue to be favorably enhanced.

The 31st, things get tricky, when Mercury opposes surprising and upsetting Uranus, leaving you observing that you can rely on almost nothing and no one. Especially concerning money and values.

July begins with Venus ending a run through Gemini, and your solar Sixth House, putting the spotlight on your occupation, health, relationships with co-workers the services you may offer. Your ability to disarm and captivate others can advance your work objectives, and professional status.

Venus makes an Ingress into Cancer, and your solar Seventh House, on the 4th, bringing harmony to your close and intimate partnerships. You and a close romantic tie can further enhance your loving commitment. After the 29th, Venus moves on to Leo, and your Solar Eight House of shared resources and partnership revenues.

The 6th can bring an exciting and tingling romantic encounter when Venus trines Uranus. Change is very good. You may be the right person for a demanding assignment on the 8th, when Venus conjuncts Saturn. Venus and Mars are joined in a cozy trine, putting the spotlight on romance and good times, on the 11th.

July starts to find Mars still in Pisces and your solar Third, making communications and news more lively and interesting. You’ll be more outgoing and talkative. But be careful, such projects can reach a brickwall when Mars goes retrograde on the 29th.

Financial developments look encouraging on the 1st, when Jupiter and Pluto are in a flowing trine. An investment or monetary matter can reach a favorable conclusion.