Cancer July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Sun in your First House brings you a chance to ply your abundant charm and persuasion to champion your own agenda and objectives,when the Sun’s beams shine on your solar First House, with the emphasis on you, your goals and aspirations.

After July 23rd 2018, the emphasis shifts to personal income, values and financial concerns when the Sun enters Leo, and your solar Second House.

The Sun is kind of lazy this month; typical Summer behavior. Aspects aren’t very compelling for now. Everyone will lend a keen ear to your expressively fluent phrases on the 5th, when Sun conjoins Mercury; you’re eloquent touch bring just the right words.

cancer horoscope  for july 2018

July’s Full Moon, at 21 Capricorn, on the 13th, falls in your solar Seventh House; with the focus on partnership and relationship matters; a good time to initiate a new one or put new spark into an existing one. July’s New Moon, at 5 Leo, comes on the 29th. Falling in your solar Second House, the emphasis is on new financial endeavors and economic ventures.

Venus opens July 2018 winding up a trek through Gemini and your solar Twelfth House, a combination that can encourage private romantic get-aways; a good chance to spend some quiet times with a special someone.

Unfinished tasks and projects, that may have stagnated, can benefit from an artistic and creative approach. Venus moves into Cancer, and your solar First House, enhancing your charm and charisma on the 4th, before moving on to Leo, and your solar Second House of finances, and personal values on the 29th.

You’re charming and charismatic on the 6th when Venus trines Uranus. Insight into funding for a home decorating project could come from an unexpected source. The 8th is a great day for brooding and a self imposed pity party when Venus joins Saturn. Go ahead, cry me a river. Mars and Venus in a trine aspect can heat up romance considerably, especially with a hot new prospect on July 11th.

July opens with Mars in Pisces, and your solar Ninth House, shifting the focus to education, legal matters and foreign affairs. When Mars turning retrograde on the 29th, educational, legal and travel can meet with frustrating delays.

Work for its own sake is nice, but financial rewards are even better, as you’ll find out on the 1st when Jupiter and Pluto are in a beneficial trine. Health matters take a turn towards improvement.

Mercury begins July in Cancer, and your First House. A good time to press for your own objectives now that you have added self-confidence to make your ideas work. On the 13th Mercury continues, entering Leo and your solar Second House putting your ideas and thoughts into financial matters, a good time to devise and develop a plan that will help you achieve your unique monetary goals.

Mercury enters Virgo, and your solar Third House of learning and local, neighborhood concerns, on July 30th. The 1st would be an excellent time to submit job resumes when Mercury trines Mars. Watch the 19th when a financial condition can abruptly dissolve as Mercury opposes Neptune. Mercury trine Pluto, on the 22nd, can bring positive results in heart to heart talks with partners.

Your legendary insight and “sixth sense” can serve you well on July 25th, when Mercury conjoins Jupiter. Follow your hunch concerning an investment opportunity. The 31st brings disruptions and dealings with eccentric and unreliable individuals when Mercury opposes Uranus.