Aries July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

July 2018 opens to find the Sun in Cancer, occupying your solar Fourth House, with the emphasis on home, family and domestic concerns. Attending to home and family matters will be high on your agenda for this month, until the 23rd. After that Sol moves on to Leo, a fellow Fire sign, and your solar Fifth House of pleasurable pursuits, artistic and creative interests, romance and children.

The scarcity of aspects for July points to a slow and uneventful month. Sun joins Mercury on the 5th, a good day for stretching your communicative talents, and brainstorming ideas.The Full Moon, at 21 Capricorn, on the July 13th, lands in your solar Tenth, spotlighting your career matters and professional interests. July’s New Moon comes on the 29th, at 5 Leo. This highlights your solar Fifth House of romance, creativity and games of sport and chance.

The month begins with Venus in Gemini activating your solar Third House. The spotlight is focused on communications, local travel, short-term education, siblings and neighborhood concerns. Activities centering around these issues will be pleasantly emphasized.

aries horoscope for July 2018

Neighborhood get-togethers, and time spent with siblings will be gratifying. Home and family life can be happy and harmonious as Venus enters Cancer, as of the 4th, and your solar Fourth House. After July 29th 2018, Venus moves on to Leo and your solar Fifth House, promising that love, romance and recreational good times will perk up.

A new romantic interest can be excitingly unconventional and appeal to your need for change now as Venus trines Uranus on the 6th. Enjoy, but don’t make long term plans. You may have “da blues” on the 8th, when Venus conjunct Saturn finds you down in the dumps.

The 11th, when Venus joins Mars in a harmonious trine, strengthens loving ties between companions. Someone can be quite taken by your charms.

July opens to find Mercury in Cancer and your solar Fourth House of home, family and domestic matters, a time when you may have discussions and communications pertaining to a parent, home and domestic issues. Speedy Mercury enters Leo, on the 13th, and your solar Fifth House when discussions continue, now centered around close loved ones, children and hobbies.

After the 30th, Mercury enters Virgo and your solar Sixth House when your thoughts and ideas will be focused on co-workers and your job. You could hear of and discuss some very plausible ideas that can make life on the job more comfortable and easier. This would be an excellent time to schedule health examinations and procedures as well.

Tact and diplomacy is the order of the day when Mercury trines Mars on the 1st. Watch the 19th for a tendency to only hear what you want to hear when Mercury opposes Neptune. Attending a lecture now can be like opening the mental portal into your mind, when Mercury trines Pluto on the 22nd.

Travel plans may take on a life of their own when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, on the 25th. It would be impossible to include every stop and every visit on your itinerary. On the 31st, with Mercury opposing Uranus, watch for foot-in-mouth syndrome, likely you’ll blurt out something temperamental before you know it.

July starts with Mars continuing in Pisces and your solar Twelfth House, pointing to a considerable slow down in activities, turning your focus inward with more time spent in seclusion. Your energy level may diminish now, as you need more sleep and seek time alone to sort out your thoughts. You’ll do better as a self-starter during this cycle.

Move quickly since Mars turning retrograde on the 29th, can slow down your forward momentum. Your future gets a heads-up for travel and educational plans on the 1st, when Jupiter trines Pluto; lucky you.