How Does the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023 Affect Relationships

Have you ever felt like everything in your life was going smoothly, only to come crashing down suddenly? Chances are, you may have experienced the effects of a Mercury retrograde. This astrological phenomenon occurs several times a year and can bring chaos and confusion, particularly in communication and relationships.

The Mercury retrograde in Taurus for 2023 is no exception. As Taurus is the sign of stability and comfort, the retrograde in this sign will indeed cause disruptions in our relationships. It’s like trying to build a sandcastle on the beach during high tide. No matter how hard we try, the waves keep coming in and knocking down our efforts.

During this time, misunderstandings are more likely to occur, and miscommunication can cause rifts in even the strongest of relationships. It’s important to be extra mindful of our words and actions, make an extra effort to listen to our loved ones, and be clear in our communication.

But don’t despair! This retrograde also presents an opportunity for growth and healing in our relationships. By taking a step back and re-examining our communication patterns, we can identify areas for improvement and work towards rebuilding trust and understanding in our relationships.

Think of the Mercury retrograde in Taurus as a wake-up call for our relationships. It may shake things up, but it also gives us a chance to strengthen our bonds and build a more solid foundation for the future. So, let’s embrace this opportunity and work together to make our relationships even better.


Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023 forces you to reconsider choices made in your love life. You may need to wait longer before you commit; marriages are especially not recommended during Mercury’s retrograde phases.

It is a potentially tumultuous period, with conflicts between you and your partners based on how you handle the relationship.


Mercury retrograde will make you hesitate and delay when it comes to your romantic relationship.

Thus, it is possible that during the months of Mercury retrograde, you will miss your opportunity to find your other half, even if there are people interested in you.


It is a dark time for you since the planet that governs over you is retrograde in a water sign.

The misunderstandings between you and your significant other will deepen more and more, and the chances of saving your relationship are slimmer.


Water signs will be affected by Mercury’s retrograde movement. You feel disillusioned about someone you hoped would be your soulmate but will potentially disappoint you.

You will choose to be alone for a time to sort out your thoughts and heal your wounded heart.


It will be a good period for you because Mercury retrograde will not affect you in any way.

The chances of finding your soulmate are at an all-time high and you have to take advantage of it. Pay close attention, especially when you go out with your colleagues or on a trip, because you will find your other half.


Your sign is also influenced by Mercury, which is why its retrograde movement can cause problems in your relationship.

Older resentments will come alive again and communicating with your partner will be tenser by the minute.


Mercury retrograde’s effects on you will be pretty weak. If you are in a relationship, it’s possible you might move forward with your partner and strengthen your bond.

If you are single, keep your eyes peeled, even on the street or when walking through the park, because your chosen one is just around the corner.


No major changes will take place for you, but boredom and routine will take their toll.

You will feel a need to escape from their clutches and you will do it even without your partner because otherwise, you will fall victim to depression.


Fire signs are not very affected by Mercury retrograde. You may have a surprise in store for you, and somebody might confess their love for you, which will bring you an important change of plans the following month. You will no longer focus so much on work but on your relationships instead.


When Mercury is retrograde, you will meet all sorts of people with the same interests as you whom you will feel very compatible with you.

Even if you aren’t searching for love, destiny might take you by surprise. You will amplify time for your professional and romantic goals, with a high chance of finding your soulmate.


You will feel quite introverted and reserved in the face of new relationships, and you will not give love too many chances, either.

If you are already in a relationship, no major changes will happen during Mercury Retrograde. If you are single, you will have to wait a while longer until you will have the right state of mind and are more receptive to others’ emotions.


When Mercury is retrograde, you might find yourself in a whirlwind of emotions, and not without disappointment and resentment for your significant other.

Some Pisces will end relationships that are no longer satisfying, choosing to be single so they can heal their emotional scars.

10 Ways in Which Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Relationships and Romantic Life

You won’t think straight

Your thoughts will be clouded. You won’t think straight enough to make rational decisions and, possibly, will misunderstand everything.

Be careful when going out with someone because you might do something while thinking there might be more between you than just a simple meeting. Dates can be just simple meetings.

You may have a date that has a chance to happen again, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can turn into a true relationship.

Even if it looks like it’s going in the right direction, you must remember that Mercury retrograde brings about short-term relationships and that you shouldn’t get very attached to whomever you date.

Everything is inexplicably strange

The vibe between you and your partner is very strange, and your interactions with them can be very uncomfortable.

It’s also possible to be locked in a certain state of mind, overthinking everything you did at some point.

All of your relationships may be rocky

Mercury retrograde doesn’t just affect your relationship with the person you are meeting at the time.

It might affect your former partner, who will show up in your life with many things to say. No relationship is safe from this madness.

You might become very withdrawn

Everything is moving in slow-motion; because of this, you won’t engage in many social events and react when it comes to romantic dates.

You will feel very uncomfortable if you force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

Everything will have delays

Mercury retrograde will make you and everyone else more prone to delay.

This can mean being late to a date, making them lose their mind while waiting for you.

You shouldn’t make any important decisions

Seeing all the uncertainty and inefficient communication during this period, you shouldn’t make any important decisions.

Even if you do, your decisions might change once Mercury retrograde passes.

Try to avoid closing an important deal, since they might see you as being dishonest or unstable when you inevitably change your mind.

It’s not that you are being sly; rather, the circumstances can change.

Your messages may be misunderstood

Communication is chaotic during Mercury retrograde. People are prone to drawing quick conclusions and making assumptions.

You can do the same thing, misunderstand the words that are friendly and full of love. It is a confusing period.

Buying gifts is a bad idea

Do not buy something expensive; not even buying symbolic gifts is a good idea.

You’ll find this out when you buy them, only to see that they are no longer in stock.

Alternatively, you will buy them and then regret your decision. At the same time, your partner might find out what surprise you have for him.

You might be forgetful

You’ll likely forget your phone and have to go back home to get it and run late for your meeting.

You’ll inevitably forget something during this period, making you quite erratic.

Also, you might forget about gifts, so if you have a gift for somebody, be extra careful.

You could be undecided

Breakups happen very often during Mercury retrograde because the whole world is awry.

After the breakup, you’ll feel terrible and will change your mind. This is very likely to happen if you are in a relationship, and it can happen from both sides in equal measure.

  • February 9, 2023