Year of the Horse – 2021 chinese horoscope

The years of the Horse are: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.

Funny, charming, and attractive – this would be the perfect portrait of the Horse natives.

They love parties and crowds of people, and they adore being the center of attention.

They are also selfish, swift to anger, and also impatient.

The native can be considered a protective partner and friend, and in his company, entertainment is always a sure thing.

2021 Horse Horoscope Overview

Socially, the year 2020 will end on an optimistic note for the Horse natives, and they will probably expect the Ox year to continue similarly.

However, 2021 might a restless and demanding year for the Horses, which is something that will discourage and worry them.

All the Horse natives should keep in mind that this year’s challenges are life lessons and due to their tenacity and inner force, they will overcome all their problems.

Planning the year 2021 will prove extremely helpful for the Horses because it will give them the feeling that they can control the direction.

Also, it is important to make a sustained effort and to listen to their coworkers and friends because, in 2021, they will be able to smooth the rough road of the Horse natives.

March and August are excellent months for exciting journeys and adventures.

Horse Personality

Earthly Branches of Birth Year:Wu
The Five Elements:Fire
Yin Yang:Yang
Lunar Month:Fifth
Lucky Numbers:1, 4, 5, 7, 9; Avoid: 2, 3, 6
Closest Western Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Lucky Colors:gold, yellow, red, blue;

The Horse people are active and energetic. They have a lot of sex-appeal and they know how to dress.

The natives like to be in crowded places, perhaps this is why they can be often seen at concerts, theaters, reunions, sports competitions, and, of course, parties.

The Horse natives have a sharp mind, and they know what you want to say before you even finish your sentence.

They know your thoughts before they take shape.

In general, the Horses are very gifted. But the truth is they are more sly than intelligent, and they are aware of this.

This would explain why most Horses are lacking trust.

The Chinese people believe that because the Horses are born to run or to travel, they invariably leave home since they are young.

They feel compelled to do their best for their group, otherwise, they feel guilty.

No matter how integrated they feel within a group, the Horse will always remain a vigorous rebel.

Despite their limitless energy and high ambitions, the Horse natives hardly manage to win something.

These natives are hot-blooded, strong-willed, and inpatient.

They are a bit selfish and rarely interested in other problems than their own.

And, although they work only for themselves and their success, their work will benefit everyone.

They are hardworking, acquisitive, and great financial experts. But, unfortunately, they lose their interest in something specific.

In the relationships with the opposite sex, the Horse is weak.

They would quit anything for love. There are many contradictions in their character.

They are proud and nice in the most natural way – arrogant but strange in their modesty when they approach love, jealous but tolerant, vain but also humble.

They want to belong to someone, just as they are bound by the need to be independent.

They need love and they implore the intimacy they feel it’s hidden in a corner and repressed.

But the truth is that the Horses are individualist people who depend only on their thoughts and work to obtain what they want.


  • Rat – No. No. No. Three times NO!
  • Ox – Unfortunately, they will break up.
  • Tiger – Okay. They have a lot in common.
  • Rabbit (Cat) – Why can’t they be just friends?
  • Dragon – A mess! It won’t last.
  • Snake – They are both strongly attracted to each other.
  • Horse – It would be best to hide your selfishness.
  • Goat – Good. They don’t get bored together.
  • Monkey – Not recommended!
  • Rooster – Only if they have to. But it is not recommended.
  • Dog – A happy pair.
  • Pig – A relationship that’s worth a try.