Love Horoscope 2022 for Singles & Couples


Dear Aries, in 2022, you will have a clear vision and you will feel that you are on the right path when it comes to love. 

Already in the first days of the year, you will be ready for everything. During the spring all those Aries who have not entered into a relationship will now have a chance. Love sparks will come from many sides. 

Your desire to achieve love and happiness will be on the scales. You will think which way to turn. You will be satisfied with your choice and try to make the other side feel your enthusiasm.

 With the arrival of summer, some of the members of this zodiac sign will try to mend their marriage or relationship. The decision on a joint vacation will certainly help them in that. 

Aries must learn that his life partner is also entitled to his own opinion. When you accept this you will know how to appreciate what you have.

 In the fall, those who are still alone will continue to seek love. Single Aries will have a lot of trouble finding a partner if they haven’t found one by now. They are busy, they will try to improve their emotional and sexual life. 

With the arrival of winter, some Aries will find themselves in a difficult position to make important decisions about their love affair.

When they realize that their efforts are not as expected, they will turn their backs on their partner and leave.

  This does not apply to all Aries, some Aries will do their best to keep a loved one no matter what compromises they have to make.


In 2022, Taurus will do his best not to be left without a partner in love. From the period of March, Taurus will start to use their charm and conquer the opposite sex.

Those Taureans who are in a relationship or marriage will also make an effort and often carried by a wave of passion, may end up in secret relationships.

Summer brings harmonious relationships for married Taureans, many will decide to expand the family and will want to have children. 

Single Bulls will be caught in the jaws of passions, going from relationship to relationship, looking for things only they knew.

 During the 2022 fall, a lot of Bulls will bear the consequences of summer adventures, trying in every way to keep it just that. Some will succeed, while others will transform a summer adventure into a serious relationship. 

With the arrival of winter, the passion will calm down. Only those who are still single will seek out their soulmate. For many bulls who are in relationships, winter will also bring decisions of planning a marriage.


In 2022, Geminis will be undecided in terms of love. The beginning of spring is definitely a very difficult period for Gemini. They will find it difficult to accept responsibility and will often be quarrelsome.

 Their desire for independence will continue to smolder. Those who are in a relationship or marriage will certainly face difficult decisions.

 During the summer, most Geminis will still be dissatisfied with their love and emotional life. Frequent adventures, or just attempts to prove themselves to the opposite sex, will lead them to failure. 

All those Gemini who will manage to master these impulses will be able to save their relationships.. Happiness and passion during the summer will give them even more confidence.

 In the fall, older Geminis will be ready for new beginnings. This is especially true for those who have been avoiding serious relationships or marriage for years. 

Now they will be ready for such steps. On cold winter days, Gemini will dedicate themselves to a partner and enjoy long hugs and passions. He puts happiness first, and his life partner will be able to love him in a relaxed way.


Cancer will seek love throughout the year 2022. With the arrival of spring, Cancer can get into an emotional story, and it would work perfectly in some of its initial stages. But during April, Cancer may realize that the person you are interested in is not honest with you or has no intention of bonding deeper.

When summer arrives, it’s time to reconsider how much you’ve invested in the relationship and what mistakes you’ve made. These three months are complicated for you when it comes to emotional and marital relationships and you should beware of any sudden decisions. Single Cancerians have great chances to start new relationships.

In the fall, it is a rather difficult path for those who are in a serious relationship or marriage. The partner and you will function like on a seesaw, it will take a lot of mutual compromises, and somehow both you and the other side will often be stubborn and drive each other out of spite. 

For single Cancerians, on the other hand, the situation is completely in their favor. New people appear in your life, you are willing to enjoy, explore, have fun like never before. 

With the arrival of winter, some of the broken ties can be renewed, either from the past or from the first part of this year. Someone from a previous relationship may return to you. You have both gone through some difficult moments and now is the time to reconnect. Winter brings one great love story, a person you find very attractive and with whom you will fall in love quickly and intensely.


From the beginning of 2022, the family and love sectors will be very important for Leo. In the first days of spring, busy Leos will have temptations, relationships that are important to you can easily be disrupted, so you need to dedicate yourself more to those you love. 

As for the single Leos, this is a period when emotional stories start easily and end even easier. 

Summer, for the Leos, is a period when all their mistakes and omissions can be reflected on them directly. Singles cannot stand still during this period, the result being the beginning of love relationships, either with new people or with someone from the past. 

With the arrival of autumn, another “dose” of small difficulties follows, in the field of emotional or marital partnerships. This is the last time you really have to fight for your love stories. Single Leos will be in their standard mood of enjoyment and freedom. 

Yet winter will bring a solution to shaky relationships. In the meantime, the single Lions will have to go through a tour of their returning ex-partners, and some of you will have to admit to yourself that you may have made a mistake by not putting more effort into maintaining past love relationships in good conditions.


 For Virgo, 2022 is the year in which he will find love, and will be the real, lasting one. As early as spring, romantic love events will open up at every turn. It is possible that in some of the newly created love stories there will be a difference in age.

 Those who are in marriages and relationships should turn to their partner better, because the temptation will exist, and it is quite great.

 In the summer the temptations of secret relationships are still strong for busy Virgos. Some lies can be revealed. As for the Single Virgos, this period is another chance for finding true love. Again it will be a person a little older than you and it will probably bring durability and stability to your life.

If some emotional ties were broken in the first half of 2022, in the fall, a relationship can be renewed. Virgins in a marriage or in a serious relationship are advised not to give in to temptations from outside

With the arrival of winter, some love stories may come back to you, and it is more than certain that this time they will stay. Many relationships now go towards engagements, community, marriage, and even children.


2022 is a year of decisions and big changes for you. Most Libras will love in this year sincerely and faithfully. Spring brings harmonious relationships and pleasures to those in relationships and marriage. But not for long, because those in marriage will be prone to flirting, which can take them too far.

Singles Libras will be conducted crazy and memorable. Days filled with love opportunities will follow, but there is currently no room here for more serious relationships.

 During the summer, some Libras will be busy trying to repair marriages or relationships. Some will succeed, some will not. Single Libra will seek love, relaxation, and fun. Perhaps from some of these short relationships, Libra will find true love.

With the arrival of autumn, those who have preserved their marriage or relationship can be calm, the tensions will subside. Tolerance is necessary, and you know how to maintain it. 

Winter with cold days brings warm and beautiful partnerships. Almost all single Libras will find their soulmate and guard that relationship well. Marriages and relationships during the winter period will bring peaceful moments and harmony.


Love is with you all year round, everything will go according to plan in terms of love.

For married Scorpios, spring brings peaceful moments, happy moments with the loved one. As for the single ones, this is a wonderful period for you. It is possible that you have already entered 2022 in love, and if you have not, then it will happen very soon. 

During the summer, those who have recently entered into relationships, but also those in longer relationships, experience the first, quite an unpleasant problem, adventures that can bring problems, jealousy, and doubt. Single Scorpio will enjoy looking for a new partner and will be attracted to older people. 

 With the arrival of autumn, somehow everything falls into place, you have cleared up and sorted out what was up to you. This applies to those who are married or in a long-term relationship.

 As for the free ones, you will somehow wander during this period, going back in the past a little, getting some activity around new people, even though you are aware that you can only have an adventure with them.

Winter for singles Scorpios is a period to reconnect with someone with whom they have lost contact, and eventually enter into a relationship, which, miraculously, could be quite good.

As for those found in relationships and marriages, the situation is completely calm. Love blooms like never before, and together with your partner, if you haven’t already, can now decide to get married.


An unstable year for those in relationships and marriages. From the beginning of the year and even during the spring, the relationship with your partner is fragile and you feel in some way unfulfilled and deprived. 

Some Sagittarians can start some secret activities already in this period. If you are single there is some small chance that you will enter into a normal relationship, although the setting is much stronger for you to run into a relationship that for some reason must be hidden from the public eye. 

During the summer, the situation for the single Sagittarians is much better. There are very good chances for a new emotional story and a relationship that could be extremely pleasing to you. For some of you, there is even the possibility of activating events with ex-partners. 

In the fall, Sagittarians found in marriages will have problems in their relationships. There are chances that some of you will finally put an end to a relationship or marriage, or the other party will decide that there is nothing more to do for your relationship.

.During the winter period, some old problems can still linger in emotional relationships and marriages. There is a calmer and more beautiful period in marriages, and those who are in longer relationships could decide to get married. Singles Sagittarians will come across a person they have been watching for a long time.


For those who are single, the year 2022 will bring countless opportunities and you can finally find happiness when it comes to love.

 The beginning of the year and spring brings single Capricorns an extremely good mood, but also the first opportunity for a new emotional story. Married Capricorns will feel insecure when it comes to partnerships, which can occasionally greatly affect your behavior toward your partner. 

With summer, problems also occur in the case of married Capricorns. Relationships are quite strained and it takes a lot of patience and tolerance to get out of the crisis. Singles will have many chances to start new relationships.

 In the fall, those who are married have the opportunity to improve the situation with a loved one, but it will be quite a demanding task. During this time, single Capricorns will generally enjoy life. Some connections from the past will be on your agenda again.

Through the winter period, those connections that managed to survive storms and tempests during the last part of 2022, have the opportunity to recover and stabilize. For the single Capricorns, the period continues with great opportunities for new, unusually beautiful, and romantic love stories.


The love horoscope announces a stormy 2022 for Aquarius. From the beginning of the year and into the spring, married Aquarians have quite a lot of opportunities to get into a story that they will want to hide.. 

Single Aquarius will also be tempted to enter into a forbidden love affair.

 During the summer, disagreements and quarrels break out more often than usual for married Aquarians, and a kind of chaos arises, which can be caused by both suspicion and jealousy. Only through compromise and patience can you make some positive shifts and preserve your relationships. During this time, single Aquarians don’t want true love, they want only enjoyment.

Autumn is the time to correct the situation, but it will not be easy. Some relationships will not be possible to save. On the other hand, those who are in longer emotional relationships may go to the other extreme and suddenly decide to start a life together or marriage. As for single people, some of you decide to return to your ex-partner, while others embark on love conquests without an end. 

With the arrival of winter, some of the married members of this zodiac sign who are in pretty bad relationships and marriages will now be able to largely improve the situation with their partner and get the relationship back on track.

Single Aquarians have the opportunity during the winter of 2022 to restore relationships from the past, which this time have great chances to last.


Pisces will experience an extraordinarily strange, intense, colored with love and great passions year 2022. From the beginning of the year, no one will be immune to the charms of those born in the sign of Pisces.

Married Pisces have the opportunity for a little secret flirting and probably through the business. It is possible that you want to prove to yourself that you are still attractive and that you have an influence on the opposite sex.

During the summer, some single Pisces can be contacted by people with whom they have had love affairs in the past.

 Autumn brings problems to anyone who is in any type of forbidden relationship, whether you are single or married. With some dilemmas in your mind, you will definitely end up understanding who are the people you need to turn to and give them all your attention and love. 

With the arrival of winter, single Pisces will have someone to love by their side. As for those who are in relationships and marriages, they are entering a much better period for romance, so many will plan a marriage or a reunion.

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