Libra September 2022 Horoscope & Yearly Predictions

Is September a Good Month for Libra?

As per Libra September 2022 horoscope, routine is the keyword for your sign this month. You will have to establish a new routine. You will have to avoid the routine. You will have to demand that your routine is honored. But you will not be a routine kind of person this month. While discipline will be mandatory you do not have to be boring. In fact, I would suggest of making a routine habit of going out and having fun at least one night a week…

Libra rules the Seventh House and relationships are very important to you. You are not a loner and hate being on your own, so once you get used to having somebody in your life it can be very hard to let them go. Not that it always needs to come to this, but there is certainly a need for a balance where the importance placed on the affairs of others, versus the need to live out your own history, is concerned. It’s knowing when to give in or assert yourself since compromise could seem to be the most difficult option of all.

What Does Libra Season 2022 Bring?

While the recently ended Virgo season strongly encouraged us to take our goals seriously and do our best to achieve our dreams, the Libra season, which will begin on September 22 and last until October 22, is an invitation to balance.

Virgo season coincides astronomically with the fall equinox. During this transit, Cardinal Zodiac signs are being challenged to find harmony professionally, financially, or romantically.

Mercury Retrograde is forcing us to use this period as an opportunity to reflect upon our past actions. As for the future, let’s think of ways we can have a positive impact on the people around us. 

3 Most Affected Zodiac Signs


Since you’ve been very focused on your professional life during the past few weeks, the Libra Season 2022 is a good time to enjoy a break. Focus your attention on your own pleasures; find happiness in relaxing activities.


During this period you will experience more money, excitement, lots of creative projects, more fun, and even more love in your life. 

It’s a good time to develop relationships with loved ones, but also to get involved in household activities, whether it’s small projects around the house or even major renovation, construction, or landscaping work.


During this transit, which will last a few weeks, your main concerns should include balancing work life with consideration for your own health. Try to be more careful about what you eat, and your sleep schedule, and don’t neglect physical activity, especially if you haven’t been paying enough attention to these issues lately. You need a strong psyche to achieve your goals.

What Does Libra’s Horoscope Project For The Remaining of 2022??

The Libra horoscope for 2022 suggests you’re in for a bumper year. The planets bring a whole host of new people; romantically, professionally, and socially. A recent romantic or creative development could turn into something a lot more serious early into summer, while the fall should see you making considerable progress towards your worldly goals and ambitions.

All in all, you can expect to make considerable progress over the next five months, with success and recognition boosting your status. As opportunity knocks you may have to revise some of your preconceived notions about what you thought was possible.

The rest of 2022 would be an excellent time to broaden your mind and horizons through study or travel. You’ll be brimming with creative and procreative juice and you won’t be content just to dream beautiful dreams, you’ll want to become a walking talking singing dancing embodiment of your ideals.

yearly libra 2022 horoscope

Hence the importance to be clear and honest, with yourself as well as with others. If you were to seriously attempt to tap the power of positive thinking you could really work miracles next year and beyond.

Unfortunately, you may have to let go of some of your pipe dreams, especially if you’ve been living in a rose-colored bubble that has prevented you from getting your deeper needs met.

Eclipse could turn out to herald a significant personal transformation but at the same time, it may be a bubble-bursting, cobweb-blowing experience, changing your views of yourself and what you thought was possible.

If you can retain your usual good humor and good grace while simplifying your life, you’ll be surprised how easily your path and direction open up before you. If you refuse to accept anything but the best in life, the best is very often what you get.

Libra’s lucky colors or 2022 are pink and red, and the auspicious numbers of the year are 10, 17, 82. April and September can be considered the luckiest months of 2022 for Libra.

Planetary Influences on Libra in 2022

Mars in retrograde (October 30, 2022 – January 13, 2023):

Libras worry about the future and the unknown. This may have caused you anxiety but you will receive news that your “security” is safe. Do not take any impulsive, poorly thought-out action in this period.

When Mercury is in direct motion (June 3 – September 10), a new opportunity will be presented to you this spring that will be good for you financially. Some news is coming that will help you make an important decision. If you cannot make this decision yourself, a strong man will support or encourage you.

Venus, present in Capricorn throughout 2022, will make a series of beneficial changes in the lives of Libras all year round, except when Mercury is retrograde

 Libra Love Horoscope 2022

Single Libras will go through a year in which the illusion of love will fade forever as they realize it won’t happen, at least not in 2022. However, this won’t be a problem for natives of this zodiac sign, as they will enjoy a fun and entertaining bachelor life.

They will have many people pass through their bed, especially in September, leaving them with a good collection of sensual and erotic memories, although none of them will be so memorable enough to leave a deep impression on their hearts. All these encounters will make Libra reconnect with herself and renew her ideas about what she is looking for in a romance.

Libras involved in a relationship will go through a crisis difficult to manage and hard to get out of. Love is not smiling on these representatives of the zodiac. Plenty of Libras will be unfaithful this year. Routine and monotony will wreak havoc in their relationship and they will need just that fresh breath of air that an affair offers.

They will need to have discussions with the existing long-term partner to clarify certain points and establish new parameters on which to base the relationship. A crisis will be inevitable, but they will be able to get out of it if the love in their hearts persists.

Libra Money & Career Horoscope 2022

Can Libra become rich in 2022?

Your quiet efforts behind the scenes will bring in cash rewards. Exceptionally hard work will also pay its way in 2022. Try to aim for steady improvements rather than dreaming of lottery wins, and certainly don’t go spending too wildly. September’s Harvest Moon hints that a few radical decisions are needed around joint finances. But don’t rely on a wing and a prayer – make it happen. You’ll be into a more upbeat phase and good luck will come your way including an increased cash flow.

Is 2022 a Good Career for a Libra?

There will be no shortcuts to success this year, only a slow steady application of effort will do. Quick fixes and cutting corners won’t work. But your meticulous attention to detail and solid achievements will bring respect from those whose judgment you trust.

What is vital is that you follow your own ideas. Be experimental and original. There will be pressured patches when too much is demanded of you, just remember to keep your sense of humor handy and don’t become discouraged or too stubborn. Team relationships will sparkle after September and from late October you’ll be feeling more popular at work, definitely heading in the right direction.

Is 2022 Lucky for Libra?

You have the potential to make your wildest dreams come true in 2022, kind and caring Libra. You may find that your career and place in the spotlight may be unusually lucky whenever and wherever you take the opportunity to embrace your more public persona.

Don’t let your shy and modest ways prevent you from achieving your dreams! This year, the later fall, especially during the months of November and December will bring you good fortune and great amounts of luck in whatever you choose to put your nurturing hand and kindly heart to.

It’s important that you pay close attention to the needs and cares of family and those closest to you lest you forget to do something that you would usually never neglect to do! Your heart is your biggest asset and may help you throughout the year. Avoid criticism, and trust your family, memory, and feelings, and you will always feel lucky and secure.


Being able to wind down regularly will do your body better than anything else. Don’t be distracted from your bliss-out moments. You will be exploring new diets, exercise routines, and health remedies. Almost everything will feel better come September.