Love Horoscope 2022 for Singles & Couples

Rebellious but mystical energy surrounds all that we do this 2022. With Jupiter’s move into Pisces, there’s a glamorization of the bizarre and the unconventional or beautiful gate-crashers unexpectedly turn up on our doorsteps.

Watch out for lovers with velvet-smooth voices and dreamy faces. These are encounters that could change your life for the better.

With stern Saturn moving into idealistic Aquarius, we can all become experts in understanding our emotions and unleash our feelings rather than deny we have any. 2022 is a year for compassion, enchantment, and working miracles in your own life.


Truly adventurous, you’ve got more than enough challenges to keep you busy and entertained this year.

January gives you the urge to try out a very different kind of crusade, and you expose some deceptive schemes in the workplace by mid-April, notch up some brownie points and start to get noticed.

And from June right through to the end of the year, it’s time to surf a few emotional waves and stop fearing your own feelings. Uranus stirs you to poetry all summer, and you realize that love is about mystery, as well as passion, sex, and rivalry.

The latter complication fades into the summer haze, and by November you have the chance to leap out of any hot emotional waters, into the flames of a very warm and sexy fire.

Stick to your visions of how you see love this year. Painted in glorious technicolor, or just in pure gold? Don’t let jealous pals try to make it all grey and wishy-washy this March when you feel a little left out in the cold.

But by the end of May, you’re back with a vengeance and one attractive colleague just keeps piling on the compliments, so why not indulge in some fun?

August could be the steamiest one you’ve had for a long time. With seductive Venus’s influence, sex is to-die-for, yet the whole affair is laced with chaotic feelings.

Luckily, most of the autumn you’re drifting on love’s high plains, and one unpredictable encounter in mid-November becomes mysteriously addictive.


With innovative Jupiter fueling your creative streak, 2022 is a year to show you have unexplored talents and prove you’re a visionary too.

The cosmos is smart enough to know that it’s time to focus on the potential pay-off, instead of dwelling on the hard work it takes to get it.

Sometimes you have to trust your passions, and this is one 12-month long high for letting yourself be turned on by more than just what is reliable and tangible. 

OK, so all that mystery seems rather alien to your controlled view of the world. And yes, there are things and people who are not explainable from your own perspective. But unleash your trust and believe in someone, otherwise, you could lose their respect or their love.

Meeting your polar opposite this May spells instant attraction, so give this admirer your full attention if single. You might find you try to discover their true feelings by acting really needy. But refuse to resort to low tactics, a glass of wine and an honest discussion is more seductive than a great big whine.

By mid-July, the planets trigger off a sexually sizzling summer. So look forward to a personal paradise of caring and romantic exchanges with your partner.

By the end of September, you’re in an excellent position to make others fall at your feet. Whether they’re swooning lovers or they’ve just tripped up by mistake, choose the one with green eyes and a lingering touch for a blissful end to the year.


Anyone who’s afraid of your intelligence should stay away this year. You’re on the brink of successful and unusual enterprises in your personal life.

So reform a few people who don’t know any better when spontaneous Jupiter gives you the urge to be different in mid-March. By mid-May, Mercury tests your problem-solving skills, but you persist in working things out, and love and life just fit like a perfected jig-saw puzzle.

Throughout the summer you have to make choices between dreamy strangers and improbable opportunities. So back up your cool charisma with some hard work.

And throughout the autumn, Saturn gives you the energy to be true to your ideals. It’s time to live them out instead of stifling them.

Sparks fly when an encounter with a cool operator adds sizzle to your sex life in February. By the end of March, you just aren’t sure who you want to see, and the problem gets more hair-raising mid-May when Mercury’s trickster antics bring a string of commitment-shy dates into your party patch.

Yet you know where you’re going and who with early July, and secrets you’ve been keeping on the tip of your tongue are about to be spilled, with raunchy results and a no-holds-barred adventurous future.

Watch out for a controlling Capricorn mid-August, who thinks they know the answer to everything. Look forward to using your flawless gut instincts throughout the autumn when you bump into some luscious new blood in town.


Steadfast Saturn makes determination and drive your keys to unlocking a lucrative 2022. Racing around from one end of town to the other this February will mean you meet the right kind of people and contacts.

Enjoy the fact that you’re beginning to make connections, make sense, and unleash your powerful side. There are no limits to your courage when you’re after something big.

And by the middle of August, your wild streak hasn’t gone crazy; you just stop feeling guilty about your seriously sexy nature. So relax your inhibitions and be as wicked as you want to be this year. Whatever the mood takes you, follow it, and don’t be afraid to seduce, amuse, impress and steal the limelight.

Due to Uranus’s influence, there’s going to be some delicate moments or delicious temptations. Either way, the planets are going to make one relationship closer, sexier, and more mind-blowing from June to December.

But dreaming of how to escape a rather complicated love triangle becomes more like a nightmare in August. And every time you try to explain to someone you don’t want a serious involvement, you get drawn back under their spell.

You might have to be ruthless, otherwise, the plot will only get more complex. By the end of November, you realize that it’s time to test-drive a long-term love potential by having a heart-to-heart. And lovers are seriously listening.


2022 is a year to attract attention with your zest for living, but hard work will play as important a role in your quest for success as red-hot charisma.

From February, you reclaim the space that was usurped from you last year. Subtle methods are best. Of course, you have all the weapons, defenses, and spirit to make a drama out of it.

But comedies aside, if you can laugh a little at yourself, others will begin to realize you’re becoming larger than life, and you’ll be wanted, not left out in the cold. With Jupiter’s influence, this summer combine ambition with your fun-loving spirit trademark and attain every little bit that your heart truly desires.

You’re peering into the clouded crystal ball of the future, seeing endless romantic possibilities being presented to you in mid-March.

With all that verve, expressiveness, and a bit of what others call ‘luck’ thrown in, you’d think you’d get away lightly. But not quite. A fabulous fling could turn into a flop, or a cage in early August.

Do you really want commitment and routine? Do you want to be tamed like a hamster? Of course, reality can be as exciting as your fantasy world, but this is one year when you can’t be changed, just try to adapt.

Watch out for lowered libidos during September. But lust returns with pioneering exotic positions or a new mate in October. Then a glut of dreamers follows in your wake up until the end of the year.


The planets make you focus on changing your relationships for the better this year. And it’s one of those periods when you’re inundated with hot offers, and you really don’t know whether to double-date, become a serial romantic or stick to an existing commitment.

You realize it’s time to get serious about your strengths and toss pessimism aside. Once you do, you’ll shine in everyone else’s eyes and begin to make real tracks along the success road.

So stop worrying, and just enjoy the here and now, because luck is really on your side. And if someone special doesn’t appreciate your battle cry, then for heaven’s sake, stand up for yourself. Don’t be let down, be put down, or think love’s a one-sided affair.

You’re after a partner who sparks your sexuality and excites your mind. Just don’t be too scared to ask for want you want in April. Your partner needs to know, or they might think you’re not really interested.

By September you’re still unsure if you’re in love or just playing a game and if single, watch out for a luscious but lying seducer. Use them, then lose them.

You may be mistaken about someone’s intentions by the middle of October because you like life to be predictable and orderly. But you begin to realize it isn’t. Acceptance comes in early November, and you accept that one special person has all the right ideas. It’s time to invest in their trust.


Courtesy of your charismatic Jupiter, your social finesse is at an all-time high, but your constant quest to keep the peace can create problems when you dust the truth with too many nice words.

And at the end of August, you begin to realize that those resolutions you made way back in the new year, are actually going to be fulfilled. This summer, tell people what’s on your mind, not just what you think they want to hear.

It’s all a bit exhausting concerning your professional life for the first six months. But why waste time faffing around with limpets when you could be making waves with the killer whales?

By the end of September, you know who you are, where you’re going, and how to make friends with numero uno. You.

‘You have no feelings,’ remarks a very special person around the end of May. And of course, you have to think about it and analyze exactly what they mean. Are they actually accusing you or making an observation?

By mid-July, you’re reminded you do have the irritating things when a very intense moment of eye contact makes you blush. And love seems to be made of the right kind of star-dust.

Hot-headed Venus makes passion your top priority throughout the summer, so give in to your most erotic inclinations. Just watch out for getting caught up in a steamy love triangle in September.

In October you have an urge to call an irritating old flame for an emergency pep talk. But remember, they’re an ex for a reason.

By the end of the year, you’re with someone new if single, or committed more than ever to your partner. At last, you’re with someone who’s excited by your sparkling social side, rather than jealous of it.


Tossing your secretive tendencies and coming clean with your more intimate thoughts will make for a tantalizing 2022. Racing around from one end of town to the other this year will mean you meet the right kind of people and contacts.

Enjoy the fact that you’re beginning to make connections, make sense, and unleash your powerful side. There are no limits to your courage when you’re after something big.

And with unpredictable Uranus’s influence, you’re faced with new encounters that bring sexy goosebumps all over your skin. Impatient for that ‘real’ relationship to materialize, you concentrate on your professional life and turn it into a great adventure. It’s an all-or-nothing year for non-stop sex-cess and brilliant career changes.

What is it that makes you so frustrated this March? By the end of the month, you’ll probably have a better sense of what it’s all about, and that’s your constant search for answers about why you feel so intensely, act so theatrically, and think so fanatically.

Jupiter’s mind-expanding influence is giving you the chance to explore and delve into depths, heights, and wayfares that others would prefer to avoid.

Where would you be without your sensuality or your hypnotic charisma? It pays off after July when that seemingly cool attitude to romantic events, suddenly lurches you into full throttle passion drive. Emotional bonds begin to touch your soul, and someone’s fate is sealed with a kiss.


Uranus’s cosmic enlightenment this year makes you realize how the power of love can give you the kind of lifestyle where responsibility doesn’t have to be suffocating.

And by the end of April, you’re wondering if you dare ask one dreamboat to share your new direction. Focus, believe and trust in yourself and you’ll succeed.

Your quest for action makes you the life and soul of every party throughout the summer, and when you realize work can be just as much fun as play, you’ll kick into fast-paced career gear.

Explore everything the world has to offer this year, and you’ll begin to understand why you need freedom, independence and still run with the pack so that you can enjoy those audacious relationships.

Say exactly what you feel to someone special at the end of March. It’s a kind of now or never risks making a decision, and jumping with joy is always more liberating than languishing in doubt.

You’re about to discover the pleasures of flesh and seduction. And if your partner is willing to give you an extra-long leash, you’ll be one of the most exciting lovers they’ll ever have.

Your divinely sexy ruler Jupiter, gives a kind of warp-speed boost to your emotional immune system after august. Any envious comments from friends about your desire drying up are proven totally wrong. In fact, by the end of October someone’s physically exhausted by your rampant charm, and craving more.


The planets give you a reason to shake hands on a deal or deal out a winning hand this year. Sing and dance about what you want for yourself, even if it makes you cringe under the surface.

Just for once remember not to put yourself down, because a spot of self-love will do wonders for your ego and your determination to get to the top of your personal tree.

With ambitious Saturn moving into harmonious Aquarius, you begin to meet up with the kind of people who understand you have to be the power behind the throne as well as sit on it.

Your intuition will pay off for the last six months when romantic offers appear from unusual quarters, and you’re presented with a myriad of fantastic love opportunities. Sample all of those sexy options before making any long-term commitments.

Variety is the spice of love and life this year. So look forward to being a little more honest about your libido needs when someone new appears on the scene mid-summer.

Before that take care, you might mistake lust for love in April. Just because someone pushes your passion buttons, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily long-term material.

If attached, once in a while you do tend to expect the earth and as much as your partner seems to be after the moon, stars and sexy universe too, it doesn’t quite click this summer.

Enjoy a good slanging match in July with an ex just for the hell of it, but take it any further and you’re in danger of losing the argument. For the last six months of 2022, you find the right formula for emotional and sexual happiness.


Your happy-go-lucky attitude gets a serious shot of get up and go this year, thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your own sign. And you’re more motivated to be innovative, realistic but inspirational about which dreams you can achieve and which you can’t. So forget colleagues or friends discouraging advice, this is your year to shoot for the stars.

Thank the cosmos, or your personal charm, for giving you a change of lifestyle this March. Willpower, rather than willfulness, brings a relationship glut in September, and you’re blessed with admirers, panache, and wit. In fact, someone special is going to make you feel like the ultimate passion deity, whatever takeover bid you’re courting.

If someone says you’re ‘looking fabulous’ during April, when you know you got out of the wrong side of the bed and look a mess, don’t think their charm is phony. But what is their flattery all about? It’s because they want to please, pleasure or persuade you they’re worth your attention.

All summer you’re unsure if you want to end, leave, change or liven up a static relationship. By October you’re beginning to chuck out the soup packets and replace them with champagne. Think about it, when you have adoring eyes on you, then life really is worth celebrating.

By November, Venus triggers off your steamier side, so don’t fear revealing your erotic fantasies, live some of them out with someone who’s willing to lend more than just an ear.


Personal affairs are jogging along a bit too easily, and all that serenity makes you a little bit suspicious of what others’ motives really are this January. And if you feel like causing a little crisis, well, not unlike storm clouds, at least you’ll clear the air. This is your year to do exactly that.

With unpredictable Uranus’s influence in your sign you say ‘no’ to being one of those pouting self-pitying Pisces, you get over ancient wounds and free up your wild side.

You’ll feel a burst of wicked behavior that terminates all those ‘what about me?’ scenarios with self-centered lovers. Go with your gut instinct this year, and make it one which is memorable for your vision, renewed self-esteem, and most of all your biggest dream.

Get yourself into hot water, and make sure it’s with someone who enjoys that kind of sport this year.  With Uranus’s jazzy influence, you swing like a pendulum between cool admirers and hot hustlers.

Just take care in August that your innovative love life doesn’t make you feel guilty about leaving one lover out in the cold. Avoid accidentally whispering someone else’s name during a sex marathon in September, when the cosmos gives you reminders of an ex’s passion package. 

The goddess of love may be on your side, but take care with your heart.  Look forward to the end of the year when you calm down and know your soulmate is out there.

Your celestial sex appeal makes someone do just about anything to put a smile on your face. You cook up a spicy liaison and begin to realize that true love can be a reality after all.

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