General overview for December 2017

This month of December is going to be very active and mostly beneficial. There are far more positive alignments (14) than the not so favourable ones (9), and a few that can go either way.
The month starts with 2 planets on the move, namely Mercury to Sagittarius and Venus into Scorpio a few days later. Therefore our thought processes, ways of communicating and our personal way of loving will go through a period of change.

It is nearly the end of another year, and what a year it has been.
You may have your own personal reflections to consider. I would be most interested to hear what your belief systems are and how they have sustained you through the trying times in your life.

In chronological order there are various changes in the heavens this month and they are: Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday 1 December; Venus enters Scorpio on 6 December; there will be a New Moon on 10 December at 17 degrees of Sagittarius; Jupiter will enter Capricorn on Wednesday 19 December; Saturn turns retrograde on Thursday 20 December; Mercury is on the move again and into Capricorn on Friday 21 December; the Sun will enter Capricorn on Saturday 22 December; there will be a Full Moon on 24 December, with the Sun at 1 degree Capricorn and the Moon at 1 degree of Cancer; and lastly on Monday 31 December Venus will enter Sagittarius.

Moving right along……………………….

Mercury will enter Sagittarius on 1 December and remain in this sign up until 20 December. This can highlight the areas of opinions and beliefs and have people expressing their own ideas on what is the real truth or purpose of our existence, yet reflecting on whether this is really appropriate, or needs reassessing.

We may also see a lot of changes and/or interest, in the travel industry and overseas matters and people coming to our attention, more than usual.

Venus will enter Scorpio on Thursday 6 December and remain in this sign up until New Years Eve 2017.

Those with a deep seated passionate nature will suddenly feel that they want to have their most basic needs met. It is a sultry and magnetic sign and with the entry of Venus here for the next four weeks we may see some super sexy clothing being draped over the rich and the famous or the super models of the day.

The focus will be on seduction to a high degree so expect to have your eyes popping during this time frame.

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There will be a New Moon on Monday 10 December at 17 degrees of Sagittarius. Some people will tend to identify emotionally with their beliefs and opinions, which may come out inappropriately, if people are not careful.

Mars continues in its retrograde cycle in Cancer and will remain in this phase up until 30 January. Mars can indicate high energy when moving forward. However during the next few months some may find it more than usually difficult to direct their energies in the manner they wish or they are held back and unable to demonstrate their strength and abilities in a natural way.

Anger may build into resentment and some people may inadvertently become their own worst enemy if they are unable to harness the energies adequately. Explosive outbursts may occur at the wrong time and amongst the worst types of people and their scenarios. The automotive industry may be sluggish during this time.

Jupiter will enter Capricorn on Wednesday 19 December and remain in this sign up until 5 January 2018. Now is the time to get serious about our personal lives, our goals and assess what our real responsibilities are, to ourselves and to others. It is a time of planning and preparation for the future.

This could also prove to be a fortunate time to invest in the property market, buildings or in any solid and long established company. Taking care of our planet and the environment will also become of paramount importance to many people who will do whatever they can to protect our children and their future on this wonderful planet we call Earth.

Saturn turns retrograde on Thursday 20 December and remains in this phase up until 3 May 2018. Where there had been order, regulations and a stronger hand forcing those to follow the rules, now some people will start running amok, possibly with no sense of where they are going or how to get there.

We may not have much stability in the housing market and/or land prices, or it goes through a very sluggish time. Those ambitious ones amongst us, may feel they are getting nowhere or going backwards from their aims. They may have hoped in vain that their plans would take them in leaps and bounds up the corporate ladder. Alas a more propitious time will come for that.

Mercury is on the move again and will enter Capricorn on Friday 21 December and remain in this sign up until 9 January 2017. This can bring serious matters up for discussion, especially those involving conservative business industries and those that have been around a long time.

Matters associated with the funeral industry may be under investigation for some reason and the real estate business may see some pressure to bring prices down. Overseas and foreign relations can also be strained and differences of opinion arise that show the things that divide rather than those that unify. However, this energy can be applied positively and used for serious study or dedication to a task until it is finished.

On Saturday 22 December the life-giving Sun will enter Capricorn and remain in this sign up until 20 January 2017. This will bring traditional and conservative matters into the forefront of our lives, celebrating the Festive Season is a typical example of that. General business matters will flourish as we go shopping as if there is no tomorrow.

We also become more family orientated and do what is considered the norm. I suspect there may be a VIP, or a member of parliament, who experiences some health concern, and in particular, perhaps one of the members of the British Royal family may undergo some crisis or there is a separation of some type associated with one or more members of this family.

There will be a Full Moon on 24 December, with the Sun at 1 degree of Capricorn and the Moon at 1 degree of Cancer. There may be differences of opinions between differing generations and age groups. Some people will make decisions that will prove to be major turning points in their lives.

On New Years Eve, Venus will enter philosophical Sagittarius and remain in this sign up until 24 January 2017. This I feel will give some hope towards some peaceful negotiations between some countries, if the energies are manoeuvred and/or desired in this direction. There could be some relationships in the news and weddings occurring between people of different nationalities. I feel that some may travel long distances to be with those they love.

For horary enthusiasts, Mercury will continue to be in mutual reception with Saturn up until 8 January, with Mercury in Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn in Virgo, the sign that Mercury rules. Continuing all month we still observe Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces indicating that they are still in mutual reception.

Now down to the specifics of daily planetary activity.

The favourable days in December 2017 are:

Sunday 2 December: Venus sextile Jupiter. This is a brilliant day for getting engaged, married or starting a new romance or friendship. Also good for opening a new business, especially if it is connected to women’s products, entertainment, the travel industry or foreign relations. Throwing a lavish party will also meet with success, though could be very costly. Starting a long distance journey, voyage or holiday could put you on a new learning curve and would be highly enjoyable and may result in a new love interest in your life, if you are single and fancy free.

Tuesday 4 December: Venus sextile Pluto. This is a magnificent combination and can produce a great day for those seeking true love. I adore this kind of planetary formation. If you should happen to meet a new lover under this influence you will be radically changed overnight. This new person will seem magnetic and passionate.

You may feel you have been put under a spell, and in a way you are right. This influence is deep, hypnotic and highly sexual, so expect to go into a relationship and become totally and intimately involved, and very quickly too. Also a good day to get married, start a new business enterprise especially if it involves regeneration themes, getting fit or to do with women’s products and services.

Tuesday 9 December: Repeated again from 9 October, due to its retrograde phase) Mars sextile Saturn. This can be productive for the automotive industry or any other industry involved with machinery of all types. Those who make long term investments, especially those involving the real estate business will profit from this further down the track.

If you can keep your nose to the grindstone, your abilities and efforts will be recognised by those in authority over you. Perseverance, dedication and endurance are the qualities that can be drawn from this alignment so put them to good use while you can. Your energies will be backed up by your determination to plod on until you reach success.

Wednesday 12 December: Jupiter conjunct Pluto. This is a powerful and intense combination of two of the heavies of the zodiac. It can be very positive for those who feel they need to liberate themselves from previous strangleholds on their lives. Some people will feel inclined to take a gigantic leap of faith, and for some this can really pay off bigtime. Freedom in every sense of the word will be the goal for many people on this lovely planet. T

here may also be some reforms and changes to our systems of control, such as prisons and other places of confinement. Those who like to gamble may win enormous amounts of money. Those who can afford to invest may choose very wisely and create vast fortunes and empires. The building of new and innovative companies, buildings and structures is very possible and can bring many rewards well into the future. We may witness incredible changes in the building industry, land and property. Our value systems will change.

We can invest in the property market with confidence, provided we also have a safety net. Enormous changes and transformations are also likely in the travel industry, the funeral and associated industries, our legal systems, as well as in medicine and hospital administration policies.

We may also see some major changes in who takes charge of running our countries (Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings and Queens) and some very powerful leaders will emerge with many new policies in mind for major transformation of our land, the environment and even our belief systems. There may also arise a major new leader connected to either politics, the royal families, churches and various religious groups in the world. However, there can also be a downside. There can be fanatacism to the extreme in many areas of our world.

Those who are one-eyed will be very noticeable, dogmatic and opinionated about what they believe is very right or very wrong with our world. Some big businesses may also go bust, due to over optimistic expectations that could never be realised. Some very wealthy individuals may lose vast fortunes, or go completely broke or bankrupt. Protecting one’s wealth will become of paramount importance, not only to those who are already abundant, but those who are setting out to make their own personal fortunes.

Also today, Venus trine Mars. Those in the business of selling will have a field day if they use the methods of ‘sex sells’ at this time. The seductive elements between these planets can be wielded on an innocent public who will actually lap it up like a pussycat with a bowl of milk.

A good day to get married, engaged, go on a first date or start a business involved in capturing the imagination of those who are interested in what attracts one to another. Items such as perfumes and aftershaves will sell well today, or any other item that lures people to one another.

Also today, Sun trine Neptune. This is one of those days that will seem magical to those who are open and attuned to the cosmic vibrations around them. A positively inspiring day and one that will be long remembered as a day that brings the beautiful side of nature and life to our attention and the recognition that there are great wonders all around us, each and every day, if we just open our eyes and senses. Spend some time relaxing near the ocean and it will soothe your tired or restless soul. Music will be inspirational and those who are gifted in this area may create some magical lyrics or tunes. Opening a store selling musical or artistic products should fare well.

Friday 14 December: Mercury sextile Neptune. This is a wonderful alignment for us fragile human beings, especially if we wish to tune into the cosmos and see what is really there.

This can be a brilliant day to tune in and discover some amazing enlightenment as to our place in the scheme of things. New publications released today will do well, especially if they can incorporate some measure of mystery in their stories.

Starting a new book with a focus on the mysteries of the universe, dreams or psychic phenomena will turn out very well. Travel brochures will be eagerly snapped up today and bookings made for overseas destinations with great enthusiasm. The travel industry will have a busy day moving people from A to B in quick succession.

Tuesday 18 December: Sun conjunct Mercury. This aspect makes some people get really focussed mentally while others just get flustered or frazzled by too much grey matter being stimulated. For those who like a fast pace in their daily routine they will sail ahead smoothly and swiftly.

The others will have to do it again probably, and then they will get it right. This is called a combust situation, where a planet is so close to the Sun and the Sun can literally burn up the other planet. This can cause a congestion of information on telephone lines, faxes, e-mails and even face to face communications, where one person is just not hearing the other or cannot seem to reach an agreement or get their heads together on the same issue. Postpone any really important negotiations until a better day.

Some people will enjoy a day like this and they will not be agitated by the influx of interruptions or extra communications because they will literally thrive on it. At least they will not have a boring day. The rest of us will be somewhat confused and exhausted by the end of the day and be seeking some quiet time away from the demands of this modern world.

Also today, Venus trine Uranus. Those who dare to be innovative will capture the attention of their audience in a startling and exciting way during this time. Love relationships started today will be different in as many ways as there are stars in the sky.

People involved in the arts, musical, beauty or related fields will be very productive and become more creative and inventive than usual. Those who wish to shock the conservative ones will be pleasantly surprised at how well they are actually accepted.

The more unique your product or talent that you wish to show or sell will prove highly prosperous. A good day to get married, go on a first date, buy new clothes or throw a party or become involved in any form of entertainment.

Thursday 20 December: Mercury conjunct Pluto. This is an aspect that can be interpreted as either positive or negative and the energies can swing either way depending on what it is that you are trying to accomplish. A good day to investigate any matter that you need the answer to.

Riddles, puzzles and intrigues can be revealed if you pursue with relentless enthusiasm. Travel undertaken today could revolutionise your life and perhaps give you a new purpose or provide ideas on how you can transform yourself or your surroundings. Police will uncover lies or deception on a day like this and perhaps unearth some bodies, remains or relics that had been missing for years.

Archaeologists too may discover some long buried artefacts that will reveal some truths or new knowledge that had been well hidden. Use this day to focus on starting or completing something of immense personal importance to you and you will be amazed at your progress.

Friday 21 December: Mercury conjunct Jupiter. This could prove to be a great day to travel, start a new book, open a book store or one associated with the travel industry. People will generally tend to be liberal and broad-minded in their thinking and approach to life.

A good day to start teaching, lecturing or writing a lengthy project or a book. The area of communications and information will be busy and any business started today that connects with these will fare well.

This is a good time for negotiations and for getting your message across. The advertising and news media areas will be highly productive. There could be a merger between two large organisations, companies or countries, that can benefit everyone involved.

Sunday 23 December: Sun conjunct Jupiter. This is a beautiful alignment that can provide us with the inspiration and faith to get any new endeavour under way with enthusiasm and sincerity of purpose. Open an entertainment centre or have a huge banquet or festival today and it will go off like a rocket to the Moon. This is also a good day to get married, start new friendships and any project involved with gold, glamour or places of amusement or the publishing industry.

It is also one of the better kind of planetary times to commence just about anything that is important to you. A new store or business opening today would do well if focussed on books, publishing, the travel industry or to do with the law. If you strive for success on a day like this you are likely to achieve your goal. This is also a good time to start an overseas holiday.

Wednesday 26 December: Mercury trine Saturn. This brings the kind of day to get truly focussed and organised, especially with paperwork, telephone calls and any demanding job that requires concentration and attention to detail.

Maybe balance the cheque-book or start a new study course. Jobs commenced today may have long term obligations involved so if you are mature and keen to plant the seeds for things to grow slowly yet surely, take some action and get started today. This is also a good time to sit down and do some serious planning for your future. You will feel organised and enjoy the challenge of putting your life in order and meeting your obligations. Any new business proposal can be considered to be worth your effort or investigation.

Sunday 30 December: Mercury sextile Uranus. This is a day for the scientists, the astrologers, inventors, pilots and the aviation industry to be highly productive. Flashes of insight are possible for those who are open minded.

A great day to launch a product that is original and designed to have some kind of shock appeal. Some people will get the best ideas they have ever come up with so start a brainstorming session today and it will continue well into the evening due to the high mental energy.

Monday 31 December: Sun trine Saturn. This promises to keep the established order of things on the right track. If you wish to impress the boss, or show them how responsible and hard working you are, then choose today to make your move. Choose to be upstanding, conservative and reliable and your efforts will be recognized, perhaps not overnight, but it will happen. Applying for jobs in the public service or other traditional establishment will meet with success if you follow the rules to the T.

Dress conservatively, obey orders, be on time, and you will surely rise up the corporate ladder if that is what you are wishing for. People need to know they can rely on you and realise that you are the rock upon which others can lean on for guidance and wisdom. Serious efforts made today will have very long range effects so put some real energy into your endeavors. Be there for the long haul, and success will follow.

The not so favourable days in December 2016 are:

Saturday 1 December: Sun square Saturn. This alignment turns the attention to practical and realistic matters which may seem onerous right now. Someone in power may suffer some defeat or loss. I tend to consider this alignment as a not so helpful vibration, unless one is very mature and has managed their life successfully to date.

This influence is not conducive to asking for a raise, getting married, taking on a new job, starting a new business or even going for an interview. Chances are there will be problems, delays, restrictions or other depressing conditions to cope with if you try to tackle difficult problems on a day like this.

No new ventures should be decided upon or started to avoid problems that could last for many years to come. This can be a disappointing day if you plan to make any significant personal decision that affects your well-being and your future plans. This can have long-term ramifications so choose wisely.

Not the day to approach the boss for a raise, as people in power are prone to be unreachable. There can be barriers or walls to challenge those who try to make peaceful negotiations, so refrain from these today where possible. An elderly person or a VIP may be in the news and showing concern for their safety or position. Someone in power or politics or royalty may lose their status or standing in the community.

Friday 7 December: Mercury square Saturn. This is not the day to make agreements as they may involve regulations and obligations that tie you up in knots.

There could be some serious decisions made that affect people long after the present. The Mercurial influence could be darkened by sombre Saturn’s habit of making it difficult to see eye to eye and reach amicable agreements about any of these matters.

However, those who are wise can instruct those who are not. Those who refuse to take a wider view will only alienate themselves from a comfortable position and find themselves on the other side of the wall. This though can be a good day for serious study. It is not good for purchasing land or other real estate. If you do, then make sure there are no potential problems to do with dampness or rising water levels in the area.

Also today, Sun square Uranus. Don’t count on things going as planned today, for every little hiccup can magnify and throw your life into chaos. Air travel may be disrupted or exceptionally busy and mistakes are likely to occur that interfere with the way you had wanted things to go.

Have a plan B ready as more than likely you will need it. Sudden, unexpected events can occur quite rapidly and prevent an easy flow of ideas and plans. Avoid rebellious people and eccentrics as they can play havoc with your routines or your way of life. Someone in power may have their status changed or they suffer an unexpected fall.

Tuesday 11 December. Mercury square Uranus. A buzzing and electrically charged day so plan your agenda with plenty of room to manoeuvre when the interruptions come in.

Many will find themselves mentally exhausted after a day like this and the long hot bath at the end of the day will be truly welcomed before retiring to bed. Some will just thrive though, receiving flashes like bolts of lightening entering their brainwaves. Some will come up with the most amazing insights and new inventions.

Keep a pen and paper handy or a tape recorder for all those great ideas to make note of before they get lost in cyberspace. The Internet will go into overdrive too and your inbox could overflow or get blocked in some way due to over use.

Plans and travel arrangement can run amok so be prepared and have an alternative route to follow. Accidents will happen for those who are unprepared for changes as they arise. Not the day to buy a computer or any other electrical item. Steer clear of potential hazards such as frayed electrical cords etc. Young people are more at risk than the elderly.

Friday 21 December: Sun conjunct Pluto. This is a highly volatile and explosive angle that can erupt from out of nowhere and create chaos and ruin for those who take chances with their lives and their safety. A VIP or other person of high standing may take a fall or be held accountable for some misdeed from their past. Any secrets that are buried may be re-surfaced and exposed for all to see.

This will be an ugly time for some as the underworld elements of this can be exposed and create unpleasant situations for people to try to extract themselves from. Not a good day to buy a car, go into business, get married, engaged or start a new job, friendship or other personal decisions that can reflect on oneself at a later time. Be careful who you associate with and do not trust strangers. Alleyways and dark places should be avoided like the plague.

Saturday 22 December: Venus square Neptune. This unhelpful alignment may lure some people who are planning to mix business with pleasure and this brings about disappointment, loss or other confusion due to outright deception or serious camouflage.

It is not the time to commit to a relationship or even a friendship, for there is likely to be something glossed over that hides the real truth or some elementary ugliness. An apparent secure relationship may come unstuck and reveal a trail of dishonesty, treachery and lies.

Those who live life on the surface and pretend to be happy will be faced with having to show their dirty washing and even then, there may still be something lurking in their pockets. Check all your facts and any new faces you meet today.

Sunday 23 December: Mercury opposition Mars. This is not the day to buy a new car, start a new business or take on more than you can handle.

Some people may make hasty or rash decisions, and will wish they hadn’t very soon after. Some people may stretch the brawn or the brain, or both, and end up with sore muscles or a headache. I would not advise starting a long road or rail journey. The news may not be what we want to hear and bad news tends to travel fast on days like this too.

Also don’t expect people to be patient or tolerant today and do not attempt to reach amicable agreements as people just won’t be in the mood, or just too rushed to listen. Some people may not take enough care with their speech, taking one foot out of the mouth only to replace it with the other foot just as quickly.

Tuesday 25 December: Sun opposition Mars. Not a day to speed down the highway ignorant of other drivers on the road. Not a good day to travel and, in particular, in any vehicle that will take risks or go too fast. Not a day to even go on a risky amusement park ride as something may just go wrong.

This is an accident prone day so do not buy a new car or other machinery, or attempt to cross the road when there is lots of traffic. Some people will go off half cocked and end up red faced if they try stepping on other people’s toes unnecessarily. Someone in power may have some difficult problems to deal with that arises suddenly and has to be resolved without blinking. People will not be patient or feel like waiting around on a day like this.

Thursday 27 December: Mars opposition Jupiter. This alignment can stir things up in the world. Don’t challenge the law courts today or take on a big project where you are expecting a favourable outcome. Chances are your energies will be wasted or misused or you will be incorrectly guided about a very serious and important matter. Avoid large groups of people or situations where things can be blown out of all proportion to the matter at hand.

Not a good day to travel, so plan another day if possible. A judge or magistrate may have a contentious issue to deal with that will be difficult to dissolve and cause embarrassment to someone in a high position, perhaps even to themselves.

Some people may go out of their way to make a big splash and could overdo in more ways than one.

Unfortunately this can also bring some fracas with the legal system and those who uphold it, so stay away from those doing things to excess, lest you get caught up in their enthusiasm and get led astray and into the arms of the law. Some people who manifest the negative energies of this placement may feel that might makes right and clashes of muscles versus the law can erupt.

Not the day to get married or form any other legally binding relationship. Not a day to buy a car or test your strength. Those who speed down the highway, may bring about untold misery for themselves and others.