Gemini Lucky Numbers & Colors to Attract Money & Happiness

Every zodiac sign has its lucky numbers that are good to use in the most important choices and moments of life. Numerology and astrology have always been successfully applied to influence the zodiac signs luck!

People born under the sign of Gemini are very lucky people. They should not hesitate to play the Lotto or Mega Millions today and in November because they have chances of big wins.

In November 2022, Gemini has the following lucky numbers: 6, 8, 13, 27, 42, 59, 71, 77, 91.
The number 7 is an auspicious number for Gemini and is related to their chances in business and travel. In general, things will go well on Wednesday and Sunday.

What are The Lucky Numbers for Gemini?

The lucky numbers for Gemini are: 3,5,8,10,12,15,23,36.

Contrary to expectations, even though Gemini is a two-person being, the number 2 is not a lucky number for this sign. 

Number 5 is a much better number for Gemini. Any of the numbers listed above lower than 9 are lucky in everyday life. And the numbers greater than 10 listed above are good numbers for their chances in profession and travel. 

Numbers 8 and 12 are auspicious for family, couple life, events involving loved ones and especially their children.

Numbers 3, 5, and 15 should be used as the date for important events such as their wedding day, the birth of their first child, the baptism of a child, or a big event in their professional life.

Numbers 10 and 23 can be related to their date of birth, the address of their permanent residence, their street number, or their telephone number. If they have these numbers included in their address, for example, it means they have already found a home where they will be truly happy.

The even numbers in the list above are numbers likely to bring money and advantages in life to those born in the sign of Gemini.

Lucky Numbers for Gemini in Career: 9 and 23

The 9th and 23rd of March, July, and October bring good luck to Gemini’s lives, financially, they should sign important contracts or take new jobs on one of these days.

The 12th and 15th of the month are especially good for young Geminis, those who are in college. Students are encouraged to try their luck in the field they are studying. 

Lucky Days in Love for Gemini

The 8th and 12th days of June and September are going to be extraordinary for Gemini. Those who are single will have a chance to find their great love on those very days.

February 11 and 13 are good days for relaxing or even partying. February 18 is a day when Gemini will earn money, and on May 23 and 24, Gemini has big chances to meet wonderful people.

Unlucky Days for Gemini

The unlucky days are 8, 9, 10, and 17 February. During these days, Geminis are advised to avoid confrontational discussions and long-distance travel at all costs.

These are not good days for making big purchases or resolving conflicts. No matter how much good they want to do, it would be ideal to be a little more reserved.

How Do Lucky Numbers Help Gemini

  • A new house gets lucky if its number or postcode contains one of the lucky numbers.
  • Your car or motorcycle car plate number is auspicious if it contains a lucky number.
  • Geminis have a good chance of succeeding at a job interview if it is on a lucky day.
  • A new business venture is sure to be successful if initiated according to a lucky number.
  • A date, similar to the permanent lucky number could be chosen for C-section and childbirth.
  • Gemini’s lucky numbers will bring them a great deal of joy, helping them to successfully complete any action they embark on.

Characteristics And Things Bringing Good Luck In Gemini’s Life:

  • Lucky Color: Yellow
  • Ruling body parts: neck, lungs, arms
  • Social traits: diplomacy, leadership skills in times of transition, poise.
  • Professional skills: great speculative instincts (stockbroking) and money sense.
  • Emotional: the art of knowing what your partner expects of you, superficiality that creates the illusion of mobility
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Hierarchical ruler: Gaia
  • Lucky Crystals: Aquamarine and Marine Crystal
  • Metal: Mercury
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Lucky month: June
  • Spirit animal: Black Panther.
  • Favorable places: high altitude places, mountains.

The significance of Yellow, the Lucky Color for Gemini

Happy and energetic, this color brings joy to the world. It stimulates easier learning as it touches the logical part of the brain, stimulating thinking and perception. It inspires curiosity and boosts enthusiasm and confidence.

Associated with the most pleasant things in life, yellow ignites joy and happiness. Most noticeably recognized as a cheerful and lively shade, yellow inspires positivity. With its effortless innocence, yellow resonates deeply with children. For this reason, many toys are prevalently yellow.

  • August 15, 2022