Gemini Personality Traits and Sign Dates

A desire to do everything and to be everywhere is manifested in the dual image of the Gemini twins

Blessed with intelligence and wit, most Gemini people are born with a special talent for putting difficult concepts and ideas into words.

In short, they have a gift for communication and many members of this sign excel in languages and literature.

Most Gemini’s also have a passion and natural understanding of technological gadgets, filling their homes with the latest in hi-fi equipment, computers, and time-saving machinery to take the boredom out of everyday routines.

Above all else, these are social creatures with butterfly minds, which need constant stimulation, entertainment and amusement from a multitude of interests and a wide circle of friends.

At work and play, Gemini’s with their inborn inventiveness often gravitate to the world of media.

Many will find their way into journalism and broadcasting, perfect for their sparkling wit. The travel industry and IT provide other equally suitable occupations for these technological whizz-kids.

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Sales and commercial retail are also excellent avenues for their sharp patter and persuasive talents. However, routine is the pet hate for Gemini people, so a job that allows them flexitime will get the best from their ingenious minds.

In love and relationships, these individuals who are bright and breezy by nature, have the reputation of being the most flirtatious of the Zodiac. It’s true that the emotions of Gemini people can sometimes be fickle, but that is because they have such a low boredom threshold.

However, with the right partner who knows how to stimulate their minds and hold their interests, Gemini’s can be the wittiest, most intelligent, and therefore most rewarding of lifelong companions.

In health, the upper limbs and the lungs come under the rulership of Gemini, so respiratory problems can occur.

They are also prone to injuries to their hands and arms. In addition, because these restless individuals are likely to expend more nervous energy than most, they tend all too easy to suffer from nervous exhaustion.

Therefore, a balanced routine, combining plenty of sleep with a moderate amount of exercise in the fresh air, is highly recommended for their well-being.

In wealth matters, as long as Gemini folk have a wide circle of friends and enough money to enjoy their hobbies, they are happy.

They’re not especially interested in hoarding cash or cashing investments, although timely financial advice from some of their many contacts can often prove extremely fruitful.

In general, however, Gemini makes a good living from their quick wits, literary talents, and highly inventive minds.

Personality Keynotes

* Stimulating * Entertaining * Clever * Quick-witted * Vivacious * Versatile *
* Adaptable * Inquisitive * Inventive * Changeable * Talkative * Unpredictable *
* Restless * Deceitful * Unreliable * Nervous * Superficial *
* Possessing the gift of the gab *


* Symbol – Twins
* Ruling Planet – Mercury
* Element – Air
* Colour – Yellow
* Flower – Honeysuckle
* Stone – Agate
* Lucky Number – 5
* Lucky Day – Wednesday

Gemini Should

* Follow their hearts rather than constantly rationalize their feelings
* Cuddle their partners

Gemini Shouldn’t

* Flirt quite so outrageously with other people when they’re
already committed in a relationship
* Be so cool and off-hand