Gemini 2018 Horoscope

gemini 2018 forecast

Gemini 2018 Overview Horoscope

You’re coming shortly into a solid building period of your life, Gemini, so for this year use the remaining influence to dig into what you really hope to accomplish in your life and pay attention to learning how to bring your deepest inner dreams into a solid and viable source outside yourself.

Jupiter comes along mid year and brings some solid opportunities and ‘good fortune’ and allows you to bring about conditions that enhance and support your growth. It also greatly intensifies your outgoing and extroverted need to explore. Since partnerships are dynamically active as well during the year making sure that you keep working within the confines of a commitment and partnership promise a rewarding and empowering 12 months.

There are ways to honor both your sparkling curiosity and your obligations to others in your life and bring strength to both. Make this one of your major goals in the year ahead.


You’ll face a challenging, but potentially rewarding, financial period this year, Gemini, and focusing on building your outer security resources with strength and dedication assures that you make some major changes in this area of your life.

Indecisions about which way to take your talents and where to invest them is one of the concerns you will want to be aware of. When it comes to making money and increasing your financial base it is important to not sit on a fence of indecision but to know what your strongest abilities are and to work with them strongly.

Effort is required, as is dedication and discipline but your work pays off in the long run. Avoid iffy schemes and money making deals and stick with what you do best.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.

Jupiter moves into your sign in July and brings some wonderful gifts and opportunities as well as some powerful connections that have important roles in your future. Before that time it spends a few months enhancing your dreams, adding some promising new intuitions and hunches to issues you’ve been working out inside.

It also denotes that a guardian angel is by your side for the first half of the year and that when you need it most someone will come to your aid. Watch for these touches of an angel (they show up as real people too) and be ready to embrace and appreciate them. They are likely to be those in your immediate environment and connected closely to your home. You can find another interesting gemini 2018 horoscope  here :

A time to change…a time to grow.

Uranus remains in Aquarius through out the year and is adding its dazzle dazzle cosmic light show to the area of your future, your spirituality and your belief systems. It is wonderful to explore and be open to sudden new mind challenges that come along and to dive into what spirituality means to you.

The trick in making the most of Uraniun influence is to go with the flow and that means not making the flow move and pre-guessing what is coming and also not to keep running long after the light has gone out. The greatest virtue you can don this year is patience..and focus and simply be ready to grab the new intrigues that come along.

There is no doubt a fascinating new learning experience is in store during the year and in that a new group of associates and friends will developed.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.

Neptune is sharing Aquarius with Uranus and throws even more focus on those areas of spirituality, beliefs and….the future. The Neptunian influence is a subtle, but important one, and further requires your ability to focus patiently and divert your seeking inside. Isn’t this wonderfully complex Gemini? The need and the energy to learn, experience and explore and having to do the majority of it on inner channels? You’re up to it as the duality inherent within your sign enhances your ability to have

Heal me…Free Me

The amazing and empowering Chiron remains in your house of partnerships and commitments through out the year and promises that working through old issues and wounds by investing in current relationships bring revitalizing and strength to this important realm of your life.

Since Pluto is sharing this focus it becomes all the more important to build with thought, strength and determination for what s best for all involved. Old pain can resurface for healing and release and although it can feel intricately wrapped around a current issue the truth is….its roots go far back into your life. Embrace who is present in your closest world and dedicate yourself to growing with them.

The Past and the Future

The north node begins the year in your third house finishing up on moving you forward through communications and contacts, short trips and interactions and then moves into your house if resources and finances. The future comes in through this realm and further enhances the financial prospects for the upcoming year.

What you want to occur in the future needs to be built now and that building is done through literal, established and somewhat traditional routes. You have intellectual resources and abilities that should be used to enhance and empower your ability to strengthen your material assets. Get ready…to build a foundation that will take you a long ways into the future.

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