Full Moon in Taurus November 2022 – Meaning & Horoscope

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Our latest lunar rendezvous will occur on Tuesday, November 08, 2022, within 16 degrees of Taurus. As we move deeper into autumn and prepare for the winter season, we are reminded of busy beavers. According to Native American tradition, this is the Full Beaver Moon. Together with Taurus, we will focus on security, stability, and sensuality.

The Full Beaver Moon

The Native Americans referred to November’s Full Moon as the Full Beaver Moon mainly for two reasons. One, because this was the season to set hunting traps before temperatures dropped and swamp waters froze. Among the game sought were beavers. In addition, the beavers themselves would be preparing for the cold weather ahead by shoring up their dams and lodges. (This is likely where the term busy beaver or eager beaver came from). Once winter’s chill arrived, these cute amphibious rodents would be safely nestled in their lodges with plenty of food until early spring.

Like both the Native Americans and the beavers, we also seem to be quite busy during this time of year. Fortunately, we don’t have to hunt and trap, but we do have our own preparations to make. Many of us are getting reading for the upcoming holidays and ensuring that our homes are ready for the cold winter days ahead.

What Does the Full Moon in Taurus Mean?

If you’ve been a little lax in getting ready for the upcoming season, this Full Moon in Taurus 2022 will let you know. It will highlight the areas that need attention so you’ll feel safe and secure. Taurus energy is about grounding and developing a firm foundation.

How could this play out in your life? There are many possibilities. From something as small as winterizing your car to something more important like revamping your finances, the Full Moon will shine a spotlight on areas that might be a little shaky. This is an opportunity to shore up those weak spots and provide more stability in your life.

If you took advantage of the New Moon in Scorpio energy earlier in October, you probably encountered some revelations already. Now is your chance to tweak them and get on a firm footing.

Some good activities to focus on at this Full Moon include: taking a look at your investment portfolio, winterizing your home, or planting indoor seedlings for next spring. Concentrate on the simple and practical right now.

Sensual and Earthy

Just because this Full Moon in Taurus emphasizes the pragmatic side of things doesn’t mean it won’t be fun and enjoyable. Taurus Moon energy is more than just down-to-earth; it’s earthy and sensual too.

Don’t be surprised if you just feel like snuggling up on the sofa, delighting in the comforts of home. Go ahead—indulge! Appreciate those things that please the senses. Whether it’s a soft blanket, a sumptuous meal, a scented candle, an art book, or harmonious music, savor them and the joy that they add to your life.

It’s also important to mention that Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, so there will be a focus on love and beauty as well as sensuality. This Moon may help you reacquaint yourself with your partner, your family, or close friends. It will illuminate the intimate feel that you share but may have taken for granted or forgotten. It will encourage you to see and appreciate the inner beauty of those you love. It would be an excellent time to share simple pleasures like spending time in nature or sampling a bottle of wine—and don’t forget gazing up at the Full Moon.

Embrace the energy of this November 2022 Full Moon in Taurus. Let it inspire you to prepare for the upcoming season while enjoying the simple things life has to offer!

Full Moon In Taurus 2022 Horoscope: What it Means for Your Star Sign


On November 08, when there will be a full moon in Taurus, you may feel some stress today with the conflict between home and the office. Relax and just let go. Do what you can and let the rest wait. You can be prepared for tomorrow and do a better job.


You have some sense of completion today and emotional balance. It is almost as if you can feel a shift coming and are preparing for changes. Give yourself credit for a job well done.


There will be an increase in flow and starting return of optimism. Be prepared for some sudden good news. Surprises may be just what you are looking for at this time.


Some tension fills the day but you can cope by turning the energy around to action. Scrub the floor or clean out your desk. Time to get your mind on the practical things of life.


Too much work and too little play can make Leo a very sad cat. Make time for fun later this week. Start planning now. It will get you through the daily grind with a grin.


Be ready to let go and let the universe manifest your higher good. The healing process is starting to become stronger in your world, starting on November 08, when it will be the full moon in Taurus. Look for good health news.


The word is out. You are a true treasure. At least in the eyes of those who can use the talents of an intelligent and charming person. People are responding to you in a great way.


Batten down the hatches before you decide to call the storm. Some battles are better avoided and you can win by just being an observer today. Keep your focus on the tasks at hand.


Good news is always good for one’s health. You have had some worries that have been just more than you wanted to deal with at this time. Well, the good news is definitely on the way this week. Stay prepared. Listen to others for insight.


You can expect positive results with all that you do on November 08. Others may be depending upon you but you are up to the task. Take time to share your real sense of affection with a friend. Maybe invite them to dinner?


You will feel yourself coming closer to the sun these days. Your sense of optimism is growing and your potential for success is also there. Make yourself more visible.


Predators are strange creatures, especially the ones with two legs. Watch yourself in office politics and be prepared to explain your position with clear and direct communication. Someone may ask you for more than you are willing to give.