Full Moon in Taurus and Partial Lunar Eclipse (November 19, 2022)

In terms of its astrological influence on the zodiac signs, the Full Moon in Taurus taking place on November 19th of 2022 represents the moment of concluding a stage, reaping the fruits, and opening a new chapter in life.

So, the Full Moon occurring on September 19th of 2021, which will reach maximum brightness at 19 and 16 minutes, will increase our mental energy and will fragment our attention in one thousand directions, one more urgent and interesting than another.

This Full Moon will require enough mind openness to hear, talk, ask questions, and listen to the answers we receive intuitively, but also the capacity to select the information that reaches us.

Also, the Full Moon is generally regarded as a positive astrological aspect, which brightens our lives, shows us the way, and brings wisdom and understanding.

Generally speaking, because it takes place in Taurus, it will focus our attention on home and family, and it can have a strong impact on the emotional area.

Additionally, for about two weeks, while its influence lasts, each sign will get affected in a specific sector of life.

Full Moon’s Influence in Taurus on Zodiac Signs


The Full Moon in Taurus will give the people born in the Aries sign the chance to close a chapter in their lives connected to their home.

Thus, the Aries can step to another level in the relationship with the family members, reconcile with their loved ones or, on the contrary, they can get into conflict and change some house rules.


The Taurus people have the chance to go on a short trip, a trip that will bring them pleasure and relaxation. It is possible to visit their relatives or to go on vacation with their family members.

On the other hand, the communication sector will be well-aspected, will have a new beginning, and the Taurus who work in this domain (PR, journalism, publishing, education) will enjoy success and recognition.


Gemini will get the opportunity to reap the fruits of their labor in the financial sector, more specifically, the money gained through their effort.

Gemini can finalize a project, and receive cash rewards, or achieve a collaboration that will significantly improve their income.


The Full Moon occurring right in their sign, in the house of personality, will bring the people born under the Cancer sign the chance to reap what they sowed in January.

It could be about some projects that were started in the past and are just concluding now. This will be a moment of affirmation.

Because it will activate the relational axis, it can lead to the ending of a love relationship, and the occasion to meet someone who will have an impact on their lives and trigger new emotions and feelings.


The Full Moon in Pisces will bring the Leos states of introspection, regret, melancholy, and even slight depression.

People or memories from the past are likely to return in their lives and memory, aggressively.

On the other hand, the health sector will be active, so Leos should rest more, take care of their diet, and refrain from making any excess during this period.


The Full Moon in Pisces will bring Virgos the chance to step to another level in the relationship with their friends.

The Virgos can reap the benefits of a project initiated during the summer or a project they are involved in with friends, or they can make a new plan in collaboration with them.


People born in the Libra sign have the opportunity to get recognition in their careers.

The Libras who have taken steps in this regard during the last half-year and made themselves remarked, could now get a promotion.

They might also change their professional status, including the activity sector. It is a good moment to improve their image.


The Scorpios have the chance to change some life principles or to finalize some studies, possible, but not mandatory, started half a year ago. It is a good time for exams, tests, and interviews.

Those born under the Scorpio sign can get a diploma, can go abroad on a trip that will change their mentality, or can reconnect with other people living abroad.


Those born under the Sagittarius sign will reap the fruits of a project launched during the summer, or they can put the foundation of some plans for the future in association with the life partner or third parties.

For some of the Sagittarius, some earnings from inheritances or settlements may appear, or they can receive bonuses and extra payments for the work done.


The Capricorns will reap the benefits of some partnerships. Because it occurs in the house of marriage, this aspect could lead to a marriage proposal if there were discussions in this regard during the past months, but it can also lead to divorce for those where there is no more understanding with the life partner.

Also, they can conclude a partnership or collaboration, and they can now reap the fruits.


The Aquarius will get opportunities at work. Those who made themselves remarked in the past months might receive a promotion proposal, but this aspect could also mean a new stage related to the job itself.

Some could change their job, while others, who looked for a job until now, could get hired.

Also, the health sector is active, and those born under the Aquarius sign should not overburden themselves, and pay special attention to diet and rest since they risk digestive, pancreatic, bones, and dermatological health issues.


The Full Moon will bring Pisces the chance to conclude a chapter related to their sentimental life.

Some Pisces could end a love story or revise their attitude about a decision taken last year regarding their life partner.