Full Moon in Aries October 2022 – Meaning, Rituals, Affirmations

Here we are again, anticipating another Full Moon. This time it will appear on Sunday, October 9 , within 16 degrees of Aries.

The Hunter’s Moon

According to the Native American tradition, this month’s Full Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It is also sometimes called the Travel Moon, the Dying Moon, or Blood Moon. It was so named because of seasonal conditions during October. During this time, the trees lose their foliage and game fattens up for the winter, making it an opportune time for hunters to stalk and kill prey in order to ensure meat for the long winter ahead.

This astrological transit may be dramatic, but great drama makes for great strides. Meet it head-on!

Native American hunters would sometimes travel a great deal in order to hunt. Animals would also travel distances in order to eat fallen grains and stock up on food for the winter, thus leading to the Travel Moon name. As for Dying Moon, it relates to the leaves dying and falling from the trees as well as the grass going dormant or “dying.” The term Blood Moon generally refers to the reddish glow often seen during this Full Moon, due to its rise in elevation in the late autumn sky. Some also consider the hunting, killing, and preparation of meat as part of the “blood” in Blood Moon.

Regardless of the terms used for this month’s Full Moon, it is an important time of transition, preparing us for the upcoming cold winter months ahead.

What does Full Moon in Aries Mean?

Aries energy is also a big part of this picture. This fiery sign will add lots of action to the astrological mix. Endings could be abrupt and explosive like dynamite or high-spirited and fun like fireworks. Things will be moving on and moving ahead with a bang!

Besides promising plenty of action, the Full Moon in Aries puts a great emphasis on individuality. The Sign of Ram’s motto is “I am” and that means you focusing on yourself. It’s a great time to celebrate your personal freedom and take a stand for yourself. Use the lunar eclipse energies to help you end self-limiting perceptions and programming while finding assertiveness and self-expression.

Think of a ram standing atop a mountain, ready to battle and butt heads with any and all rivals. Use this image during the Full Moon period to remember to stand your ground and be yourself. No matter the challenge, you have the energy and ability to surpass it and move on. This astrological transit may be dramatic, but great drama makes for great strides. Meet it head-on!

Full Moon in Aries. The Time Has Come to Believe In Yourself

It’s time to tap into the wonderful Aries energy and channel our courage or and “I can do anything” state to empower us to believe more in ourselves. We must take action with the intention of letting go of things that no longer serve us in the interest of those we really need and have so far neglected.

What are your dreams? Want to start your own project? Would you like to return to a past love? Do you want to make a change in your personal relationships? Do you want to discover the meaning of life? Do you want to turn a passion into a job? Do you want to reclaim your past? The Full Moon in Aries is the time to let go of whatever is keeping you busy and allow Aries to encourage you to take action.

3 Super Full Moon in Aries Rituals To Try

Within the magical lunar rituals, we reach deep within ourselves, remove blockages and bring abundance and success into our lives.

  • Balance your physical, affecting, psychic, and energy capacities and reconnect them.
  • Spend time in nature which will have a curative outcome and can exceptionally assist your body tune into its instinctive flow.
  • Meditate and practice deep breathing

Full Moon in Aries 2022 Affirmations

These Full Moon in Ariesaffirmations are the greatest manifestation machine.

  • I appreciate this day in my existence, precisely as it is in this moment.
  • I own a radiant, fearless, and gifted mind.
  • Every little thing is invariably working out to my advantage.
  • I have limitless potential.
  • I have confidence in my instinct and I will be aware of the acumen of the Universe.