4th House in Astrology

The house refers to your origins, and the scope and purpose of life, family, feelings, and emotions; maternity, sadness, and nostalgias also belong to this house. The fourth house controls domestic life.

It governs the home, food, and domestic activities. In a broader sense, we can consider our home those emotional and mental conditions that allow us to feel comfortable.

The Fourth House is about parents, lands, houses, patrimony, native environment, the essence of things, the origins and the end, domestic life, graves, treasures, traditions, and secrets.

The Role of Fourth House in Astrology

The cusp of the fourth house is also called “Imum Coeli” or the “bottom of the sky”. This house represents our foundations, roots, and security, or safety.

This is the place of our sanctuary where we feel more peaceful, and the place where our sense of belonging comes from.

In the Fourth House, we actively create a domestic environment that is relaxing and supportive, and it serves as a safe refuge for those we love, for our family, in general.

This reveals things that domestic life should satisfy. Property and real estate business, in general, fall under this house.

Our ancestors, the culture, and the place in society are important considerations in this house because they all have a role in creating out psychological roots.

This is the place where our subjective ego and the foundation we develop our character get established.

The most suitable activities based on the astrological house: decorator, builder, cook, maternal assistant, building manager, real estate agent, geriatrics doctor, caregiver of the elderly, family counselor, family doctor;

The Fourth House is one of the three houses that are considered houses of endings (the other houses are the Eight and the Twelve House).

The Fourth House refers to natural endings and beginnings because it is governed by the Moon, and therefore, it governs the cyclical nature of life. We firmly establish our roots in the Earth while we live our lives, and form a family. In the end, we will return to the same Earth.

This house also approached old age, the last years of our lives when the children, most often, become the parents of their own parents.

The Fourth House represents the family, the history, and the traditions, and if it’s strongly activated, it can indicate concern or interest in the past.
All these contribute to the process of making the ego whole and complete.

The Fourth House is also the house of parents who had a greater influence on the child, which is usually the mother, but it can be anyone who fulfills the role of care in your life.

The Influence of the Moon on Cancer sign in 2022

Moon in Cancer has controversial influences, equally benefic and negative, but with a strong impact, according to the horoscope of 2022.

The Moon phases are important for each zodiac sign, and they can bring major changes for many natives. Moreover, the Cancer natives are under its influence, being governed by the night star.

Regardless of the choices and decisions you make in 2022, one thing is certain, dear Cancer: the best things will happen to you if/when you dare to get out of your comfort zone.

The brave Cancer natives who take their heart, life, and destiny in their own hands are greatly rewarded by the stars this year.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged by obstacles, have faith in yourself, and the certainty that you are supported by the universe in your initiatives to move things in your life.

The possibility of a job in another city or country than the one you live in will knock on your door many times this year.

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