February 2021 Monthly Horoscope

In 2021, whether it is about money, love, or professional success, the zodiac signs have luck on their side!

Read the February 2021 Horoscope and find out if you are among the zodiac signs that are favored by the planets or if you need to avoid bad luck.

 Major Astrological Events in February 2021:

  • 17th February 2021 Saturn square Aquarius Uranus in Taurus
  • 21st February 2021 Mercury direct in Aquarius

February 2021 will start a period marked by progressivism and visionary thinking. These effects will be felt deeper and deeper this month, when in Aquarius will gather no less than 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and asteroid Pallas).

This intense influx of energy from this fixed air sign will direct our attention to humanitarian issues, technological advances, unconventional innovations.

February 2021 is the month dedicated to lovers, which will be especially noticeable in the Horoscope! Which zodiac signs will be happy in February? Among the luckiest zodiac signs in February are Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces, since the February Horoscope already prepared for them a series of surprises in love.

Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

On February 1, Venus enters Aquarius, along with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, and this conjunction will last for two weeks.


The month of February has many pleasant surprises for Aries. In general, 2021 will be a period of success for Aries, even if they need to make considerable efforts for it.

For everything to run smoothly, you need to work and don’t refuse to go on any trips occurring in the second month of the year.


Enjoy your friends, new relationships, and the love of your family. Venus can open a new door in your private life, a new friendship, the maximum point of which you will experience in six months.

It could be about a partner in an earth element sign (Virgo or Capricorn) that will offer you balance.


Venus smiles upon you if you are daring. At work, don’t miss any meetings because you may have the surprise of being sent on business trips.

The month of February is a perfect time to advance in your career or find another work domain that will attract you more and facilitate quick progress, according to the prediction of the February 2021 Horoscope.


Jupiter helps you now more than ever to fulfill your great desires related to your private life.

In the first part of February, you will receive good news regarding success, or exceptional earnings, which will allow you to travel more. In the second part of the month, you will experience some special romantic moments.


Good omens in your emotional or even romantic life, while Uranus will give you a helping hand in social activities.

In the second part of the month, you receive good news health-wise, but until then, be prudent with your expenses. Someone will request your help in a project, and you will gladly get involved.


The Sun is less vibrant in your case, so you can also expect more tense situations in all regards, which will, however, be like a wake-up call to reality.

Financial success comes due to your creativity and openness to new things. Try to be less of a perfectionist.


The next period is encouraging but overfilled with all kinds of projects. You will research, analyze, guide others at work, and enjoy an increasingly privileged position.

You will need to travel on short distances, which could turn out to be a beautiful business trip, with a lot of work, but also with rewards.


The romantic relationships are under the influence of Uranus, Venus, and Neptune, which means that things will get exciting.

After February 19, you may receive some money-related news. In terms of career, you can expect some challenges, and health-wise, you need more rest.


Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope

Don’t venture into signing new contracts or starting new professional partnerships, but instead focus your time and attention on your lover.


Financial prosperity is supported by your family members. In love, you will encounter some issues, but there are some scores to settle, and now is a perfect time.

During this period, career is more for pleasure, and you can expect more money only starting in June.


Be more discrete at the parties you get invited to, so you don’t trigger unnecessary discussions.

Have fun, enjoy the company of people, but avoid gossip because the planets have a negative influence on communication when it comes to your zodiac sign. You could lose a friend you care about!


Jupiter retreats in the house of prosperity, but not before helping you to make a happy change in your home.

You redecorate and spend more money than you have wanted to. Consistent earnings can be expected in February, so don’t worry! In the second part of February, your financial life is going to get better.

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