Year of the Dragon – 2021 Chinese Horoscope

The years of the dragon are: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

Dragon 2021 Horoscope Overview

Finally, a more prosperous period is predicted for the strong Dragon.

The Ox who is always looking for new sources of fun compliments the Dragons, bringing them trust, charm, and success.

The Dragon will be even offered assistance, but it would be better to not rush and to give up personal pride because anything is possible (negative or positive).


These natives will be overwhelmed with a lot of papers they will need to solve for a poor reward.

Try to see what advantages you have in this situation and to defend your rights resolutely.


In the year 2021, the chinese horoscope predicts some good money opportunities for the strong Dragon.

Use the chances that come your way and spend cautiously. Beware of scammers and those who like to gamble.

The money you save should be invested in real estate because this domain is going to be favored.


In terms of love, marriage or the relationship with the partner, it can be said that the Dragon will be peaceful.

There are fewer chances for any disagreements to occur and, overall, the current relationship will consolidate.

The single natives will find a partner, provided they attend social events.


Health is also under good auspices in 2021. Any occurring issues will be minor.

Avoid fatty food, limit your alcohol and nicotine consumption, and everything will be okay. Be careful when you handle sharp objects because it is possible to get hurt.

Dragon compatibility

  • Rat – One of the best-arranged relationships.
  • Ox – They will constantly quarrel.
  • Tiger – Despite some minor difficulties, this marriage is successful.
  • Rabbit (Cat) – This is a good team.
  • Snake – It could work.
  • Dragon – They will compete against each other.
  • Horse – Love at first sight, but things go downhill.
  • Goat – A certain and stable relationship!
  • Monkey – Despite all the differences, it will be okay.
  • Rooster – Balanced, but lacking passion.
  • Dog – With doubts. The Dog will suffer.
  • Pig – An excellent pair!

General Characteristics

Earthly Branches:Chen
The Five Elements:Earth
Yin Yang:Yang
Lunar Month:Third
Closest Western Zodiac Sign:Aries
Lucky Colors:yellow; Avoid: blue, green

As a noble animal representing the China emperor, the Dragon was born a leader and master of ceremonies.

Because of this, all Chinese parents hope to have a Dragon child.

The Dragon natives begin and continue to move things.

Most people follow the Dragons. The Dragons are born monarchs.

They have a sharp mind and the fact that they have power is indisputable.

The Dragons are idealistic, perfectionists, and they are born with the mentality that they are perfect and inflexible.

They are also aggressive and determined, and following what they want is their second nature.

Obsessed with power, they have no chances to get old. The perspective of losing power is unbearable for them; to feel how they lose forever and irremediably the power given by youth is inconceivable for the Dragons.

Slightly irritated and stubborn, the Dragon is truly a big mouth, and the words are reflecting their thoughts.

However, their opinions are listened to and their advice is always good.

People listen to them and their influence is considerable. These natives are very proud.

They are enthusiastic to the point of impetuosity and they easily lose their calm. The Dragons are brave, dynamic, and charming.

When a Dragon attends a reunion, the room starts to boil.

Their self-confidence is so impressive, their ego so exposed, and they talk so loud that it is useless to say something.

The natives are despotic. They hate commands except those given by them.

Unlike the Tigers, who are imposing because of their seriousness and family spirit, the Ox whose authority is accepted because of the rough way they treat others, or the Rats who believe in their capacity to dominate others, the Dragons are incredibly snobbish.

Although money is not always an object of interest for them, they are impressed by the most ordinary forms of wealth, prestige, luxury, and splendor.

They are gifted, intelligent, tenacious, helpful, and generous. They can do anything.

It doesn’t matter if the Dragons will choose an artistic career, or to activate in the medical or political domain, they will be successful anyhow, anywhere they go.

They are often loved and they never disappoint in love. They are frequently the cause of a drama of despair.

The women born under this sign are surrounded by admirers and they often receive marriage proposals.