December 30 Horoscope

The moon gets fuller and fuller as the day progresses. Commit to a stress-free attitude, and you’ll accomplish quite a bit—much more than if you run around like a crazy woman. Remember, you can intimidate people when you’re at your most relaxed. Today you can give them a paralytic seizure!

Geminis can really annoy you today. Don’t get strict with them because it won’t faze them a bit. They are wondering whether or not you’re ever open to another’s point of view, and you’re wondering whether or not they have a brain. There’s no real solution here, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it.

You can actually annoy yourself today for not keeping up with deadlines and responsibilities. Don’t be too self-critical. You’ve been working really hard, and your work and personal life has definitely improved. Be patient with yourself. You’re feeling the retrograde, that’s all. And it’s over in two weeks. And three days.

A very large planet in your first solar house is going backward. This can make you feel like retreating from the mainstream of society bit by bit. Go ahead. You need to luxuriate in the confines of your shell once in a while. (Be sure you have adequate provisions in there, and don’t forget the caviar; it’s good for you.)

Little things can bug you today, but the big picture of your life is definitely on track. It’s just the little things that become a series of miscommunications, and they all straighten out in the end. In the meantime, if there’s something you’re waiting for, give it an extra week or two before you start to panic.

Most authority figures adore you, but once in a while there can actually be someone who doesn’t. Be grateful you’re not living with this person (somebody does), then stop giving them attention. What you’re working on is going to bring you success no matter what! (P.S. If you are living with this person, it’s time to do some thinking. Check in with a master, like a good astrologer or a Capricorn.)

Venus and Jupiter, along with the North Node at the tip of your chart, encourage focusing on the big picture. Little distractions can get you off track, but ultimately you will succeed and leave petty annoyances behind!

Secret thoughts and hidden messages rule the day. Write them down even if you want to keep them to yourself. There’s something in you that you might not be ready to share, but it is rich in imagery and complex passion.

Keep a discipline in the morning. Yoga, running or breathing techniques will benefit the Sagittarius temperament. By afternoon, be ready to take a leap into the mainstream. Attend readings, plays, and your own local versions of the Buena Vista Social Club!

Stepping out tonight can mean an unpleasant interaction with females. Avoid this by not feeling pressured to make the same old social rounds. It may seem important to be in certain places at a certain time, but it really isn’t. You can sit this one out, and the “same old, same old” will still be there when you feel like joining in again.

If you’re in a dither about staying in or going out tonight, stay in. It’s not your best moon. If you go out, expect plans to change midair and exercise patience and tolerance. If you don’t want to exercise patience and tolerance, then stay in.

Happy things happen around the home today. There’s mystery and magic in the air that can be very romantic. If you’d rather be alone, indulge in something mystical. With Jupiter transiting your fifth house, it’s an excellent time to get a book on dream work and start experimenting with it. You’ll go further than you think!