Dating a Pisces Man – How Does a Pisces Man Act in a Relationship?

Pisces is the sun sign for people born from late February to late March. The sign of Pisces is a mutable water sign, and its symbol is two fish. If you are dating a Pisces man or considering it, it helps to know what to expect if you want to find relationship success.

Ebb and Flow

If you look at the symbol of Pisces, it’s two fish, one above the other, swimming in opposite directions. This is very significant; it represents the internal struggle of the soul that is common among Pisceans. They tend to have a dual nature; they walk a fine line between their spiritual and physical natures, and can sometimes be torn between the two.

Pisceans can be very flexible and have ‘go with the flow’ attitude; they’re very fluid, however, this can sometimes manifest as ambivalence and an inability to make a choice or take a stand.

They have to be reminded occasionally not to procrastinate and be gently prompted into taking action rather than avoiding a problem. A Piscean who finds balance and has a strong sense of self can be a truly enlightened and remarkable individual.

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Dating a Pisces Man

Men born under the sign of Pisces are generally inclined towards creativity and spirituality. The Pisces man can be truly inspiring and intuitive, he can really help point out all the beauty and joy in life other people might take for granted.

Pisces men don’t have a very practical nature, though. They like to think and act on the fly; they’re not good with organization, lists, itineraries, spreadsheets, or schedules. If you’re the kind of person who lives by these things, you might be a good match for a Pisces man, because you’ll help fill the void and bring balance.

If you are looking to date a Pisces man, it will probably also help to be flexible enough to realize that they’re always going to take your plans a little (maybe sometimes a lot) of course— which may be good for you, too.

Pisces men pay attention to detail, but not the kind of details someone more business-oriented or pragmatic might notice— instead of noticing whether every ‘i’ is dotted or ‘t’ is crossed on a business letter, a Piscean man is more likely to notice the style of font, the type of paper it’s printed on, or pick up on the mood of the person who wrote it by their word choices.

Someone who is very goal-oriented and ambitious may find frustration with a Pisces man who, in comparison, may seem to lack direction or drive. Success is defined differently by a Piscean—they want to feel they’ve made a difference, or that their career is personally fulfilling.

Pisces men are just easy-going and more interested in the intangible things— love, family, spirituality. Life with them is a joy ride, not a race to the finish line. They’re more interested in the scenery and stops along the way than the destination.

Dating a Pisces Woman

By and large, Pisceans women are very gentle souls; being a water sign, they’re prone to being sensitive and emotional. This makes them very considerate of others– they can be compassionate, gentle, patient and good-natured.

If you want to date a Pisces woman, it might help to know that Pisces women will be very sympathetic to people who are suffering, in trouble, or unhappy. They’re very accepting and non-judgmental.

On the downside, it makes them vulnerable to needy people, or uncaring people who would take advantage of them. You may occasionally get frustrated because it seems they’ll let others walk all over them and do nothing about it.

Some Pisceans women who have suffered a lot of emotional blows may not stand up for themselves and prefer to remain very passive. Pisceans can assert themselves, in fact— but it will be through quiet wisdom in a very reserved and non-confrontational way.