Year of the Rooster – 2024 Horoscope & Feng Shui Tips

2024 will be a year that will bring success to the Rooster, thanks to the support of the Dragon, which will help you move forward efficiently!

Be careful, though, nothing will come easy, and if the chances of success exist, you will have to make the necessary efforts to seize them and not miss the opportunity!

According to the 2024 Chinese horoscope, your professional life of the Rooster, among other things, will require a lot of attention but also some sacrifices!

As far as money is concerned, everything should go smoothly thanks to your efforts in previous years, which will pay off. As for your love relationships, they should be radiant and will not be a source of worry or disappointment…

Rooster Love Horoscope for 2024

While their professional life will be particularly busy in 2024, the Rooster will still find time to devote to their couple’s life, which will be very important to them in the Dragon Year 2024!

It’s true that you won’t be able to spend much time together at the beginning of the year, but you’ll make up for your absences with small touching gestures and intense reunions that will keep your relationship emotionally balanced.

Come spring 2024, you’ll have your hands a little freer to treat your loved one to a few outings together and, why not, even a romantic weekend, just for a few moments of solitude filled with a newfound sensuality that will breathe new life into your relationship.

Then, for the rest of the year, there will be future plans to motivate you both to the max and keep you close! In short, according to the Rooster love horoscope, 2024 will be a year free of clouds for your relationship that you will enjoy together!

If you’re a single Rooster in 2024, the Dragon will make you romantic, gentle and considerate of others, and this will give you a particularly magnetic charm.

But you won’t overdo it because levity and ephemeral relationships won’t appeal to you at all. You will dream, above all, of true love and a beautiful cohabitation to enjoy together.

According to Chinese 2024 horoscope predictions, unfortunately, Rooster, you will have to be patient until you finally find the one who is genuinely right for you. By early summer, nothing very important will be happening in your life, and you’ll be relying on friendships and family relationships to compensate somewhat for the emotional void in your life. Then, as the summer period arrives, you might finally see things evolve with a date, this time quite different, that will make your heart flutter! So love will indeed come your way this year, but more so in the second half of 2024, and the Dragon will reward your patience from the beginning of the year!

How Will the Rooster Do in His Career in 2024?

Here’s one area of Rooster life that will be much improved in 2024! Indeed, big things could happen in the Year of the Dragon, and that will require quite a bit of effort on your part!

You’ll have to work extra hours, take on more responsibilities or even take a training course! You should not shy away from the challenges that will be put in front of you, as this could very well allow you to make significant and unexpected progress!

Be ambitious, aim high and don’t procrastinate! If you can live up to the expectations of your superiors, your commitment will be well rewarded from the beginning of the summer! Are you looking for a job?

At the beginning of the year, you’ll fumble, hesitate and procrastinate, but by mid-February, you’ll finally find the path you need to follow to further your career and ambitions.

You may then want to complete or deepen your knowledge in the spring so that you are in a position to sign a contract by early summer, which will bring new stability to your life! So, 2024 will be a constructive year for Rooster if he can cope with the Dragon’s demands.

How Will the Rooster Handle Money in 2024?

Money won’t necessarily be a problem for the Rooster in 2024! It’s true that the Dragon can sometimes make you a little too generous, especially with children if you have kids, but you’ll be able to afford these nice little expenses that won’t strain your budget.

In fact, money will come into your coffers quite easily this year, thanks to the sound management you practiced last year! But also thanks to the great professional progress you’ve made, which will allow you to see your income increase significantly!

So, the Rooster horoscope for 2024 announces that your budget will be quite manageable in the Dragon Year 2024, and starting in the summer, you’ll even be able to implement some important projects for your future, which could involve your home or even buying a new car!

Family life

The family will be an important part of your life in 2024. The Dragon will help you strengthen your emotional relationships and even, if necessary, clear up some situations that have been tense with some of your loved ones.

It’s a time for forgiveness, apologies, concessions and, above all, dialogue… You will manage to re-establish strong bonds or put aside certain misunderstandings from the past year. The energies of 2024 will also create a favorable atmosphere for weddings in your family, as well as for births, with young couples planning a child that will excite and cement their happiness.

In any case, the year 2024 will bring deep and constructive family happiness, allowing you to feel loved and supported and to flourish fully in the other areas of your life, as the support of your loved ones will be a great asset to face all the difficulties that life may throw your way.

Feng Shui Tips for the Rooster in 2024

If you are born in one of the Rooster years, you are already a very lucky person by nature. This luck accompanies you in whatever area: work, sport or leisure! If showing determination, the lucky Rooster is predestined to succeed in life because of this character. Their lucky numbers in 2024 are 5, 9, 16, 25, 27, 37, 38, 44, 50 and 51.

The calming blue color will help Cocosi balance their restless energy in 2024. Like the sky and the waters with which it is associated, blue represents expansiveness and ensures a smooth flow of ideas, conversations and experiences.

Protect yourself against the harmful energies of 2024 by placing a 5 Element Pagoda or 5 Element Pagoda in the North West sector and wearing the amulet version of the 5 Element Pagoda throughout the Dragon Year 2024.