Year of the Pig – 2024 Horoscope & Feng Shui Tips

This year, the joy of living and a good mood will be contagious! The Year of the Wood Dragon will focus especially on the small pleasures of everyday life and the simple joys…

So, 2024 will not necessarily be a year of great successes or great changes for the Pig. Still, it will be a year of plenitude and serenity, which you will enjoy and which will allow you to give priority to leisure activities and outings, but also to your love life and your social life, which will be full of truly happy moments!

As per the Chinese horoscope, with such a schedule, 2024 will be an easy year for the Pig, giving you a kind of rest you will know how to make the most of!

For couples

If you’re a Pig already in a relationship, according to the Chinese love horoscope, 2024 will be a year of commitment and stability above all else! If your union is recent, the Dragon could bring to light a plan to move in together, which will offer you new life prospects in a climate of shared happiness.

If your union has already been well-established for several years, this year will bring simple but delectable happiness! You’ll enjoy sharing leisure activities together, but you’ll also want to treat yourselves to some romantic weekend getaways, which will give you a lot of pleasure, not to mention a lot of sensuality!

In short, this year, you’ll have all the ingredients you need for marital bliss to be within your grasp, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your complicity and talk about future projects, which you may put off until later, but which will allow you to dream together…

Single Pigs’ Love Horoscope 2024

This year you’ll be spoiled when it comes to meeting new people! There will be plenty of opportunities to go out, and you’ll often be asked to take part in events or discover new hobbies…

According to the Pig Horoscope 2024, from the beginning of the year 2024 to the end of summer, you could be caught up in a social whirlwind that will bring many new faces into your life, but unfortunately, you won’t find your soul mate.

It has to be said that you’ll have to be selective and that you won’t be among those looking to settle down at any price…

You’ll have to wait until early autumn to find the rare pearl you’ve been waiting for, but the wait will be worth it! In fact, it could be love at first sight, which will open up a whole new perspective for your sentimental future!


In 2024, Pigs won’t necessarily be very ambitious, and on the contrary, they’ll try to do as little as possible in order to keep time for their personal life and leisure activities…

But this won’t be a problem, as your schedule will be far from hectic, and you’ll be able to adopt a small, manageable, routine rhythm where you won’t be overwhelmed at all.

According to the Pig Horoscope 2024, If you already have a job this year, you’ll probably be content to carry out your usual tasks without trying to do more, and that’ll suit you just fine.

Looking for a job? You won’t seem very motivated at the start of the year to put in any job applications, but with the arrival of spring, you’ll end up with a small temporary assignment, which will recur cyclically throughout the year, and this will seem to suit you, since you’ll be alternating periods of activity and rest, leaving your life plenty of room for maneuver in other areas…


Family life will be a big part of the Pig’s daily routine in 2024, along with your social life and friendships, which will also be very important.

Your loved ones may need your advice, help or support, and you’ll be there to lend a helping hand. This will create strong bonds that will allow you to maintain cohesion in your social circle, where new faces will join in! Whether new friends or newcomers to the family circle, you will be able to breathe new life into those around you… All this will add a little more dynamism to the already smiling landscape of 2024, which will be decidedly focused on sharing, communication and exchange…


Money won’t necessarily be a major concern for Pig in 2024. It has to be said that nothing of note will emerge on that front this year, so that you can rest assured… No big expenditures or purchases are in sight, but no spectacular cash inflows either… You will therefore be able to steer your financial course with a minimum of caution and good management.

If you know how to avoid making major mistakes, the Year of the Dragon will guarantee you great financial stability in 2024, which will even allow you, if you haven’t already, to set up a small savings plan or invest in something solid for the coming years to protect yourself against any unforeseen events in the future.

Feng Shui Tips for the Pig in 2024

Colors such as blue, green and yellow are considered to be lucky for Pig in 2024. You’re drawn to shades that relate directly to nature. The calmness and organization you display are reflected in these lucky colors for the sign you were born into.

If you’re a Pig native in 2024, you can earn very quickly and just as easily you can spend money. However, you’re not a big spender. In general, you like to invest and save, watching it add up from one day to the next. You like to leave the impression that you don’t have much money.
The lucky numbers for Pig in 2024 are 2,4,7,9,11,14,16,20,25.

According to Feng Shui experts, it is imperative and important to have a Pagoda with 5 emerald elements in the SOUTH WEST area of your home or bedroom and wear the 5 Emerald Pagoda Amulet or Divine Power and Protection Necklace.