Celtic Zodiac Signs Horoscope 2023

Most of us are familiar with the traditional animal zodiac or even Chinese zodiac signs, but did you know that the Celts also have an animal zodiac? Check out your sign below and discover the Celtic horoscope for 2023.

Stag – December 24 to January 20

Stag people are proud and ambitious with a great deal of integrity. Count on them to always be reliable and responsible.

2023 is a lucky time for you. You are encouraged to learn, grow, stretch your wings, and reach for your dreams. If you’re to take opportunities, you must use both your courage and talent for fast thinking. Still, others insist you’re being naive. You’d like their support, but don’t need anybody to tell you that your judgment is good. What you will need, however, is expert help untangling potentially troublesome details.

Crane – January 21 to February 17

These are intelligent folks with specialized skills and talents. They are progressive visionaries and make good leaders.

Sexually magnetic and somewhat mysterious, Owls are very passionate and intense. You can feel their presence when they walk into a room.

Your greatest strengths when dealing with the dramatic developments of the year 2023 will be your adaptability and courage in the face of the unexpected. In many cases, the surprises we’re discussing in terms of 2023 will be happy or welcome ones, especially those which occur in late January and early April.

Seal – February 18 to March 17

Compassionate, emotional, and sensitive, these are the artists, lovers, and dreamers of the Celtic animal zodiac.

In 2023, the time has come to examine your business or financial life from top to bottom. The aim is not to highlight problems. On the contrary, the more conscious you are of matters involving what you own, earn and invest, the better advantage you’ll take of this year’s extraordinary developments. 

Bear – March 18 to April 14

Bear people are often courageous, outgoing, and have a great sense of adventure. They are closely connected to family roots.

If there’s one theme for you to focus on during the year 2023, Bear, that theme is balance. The reason for this is that with powerful planetary activity taking place in your sign – activity that invites dramatic opportunity and brings demanding challenges – you’ll want to balance your viewpoint between pursuing those ideas and making the best of them, while also keeping yourself grounded in the here and now, and focusing on obligations to others as well as promises you’ve made to yourself.

Adder – April 15 to May 12

The Adder or Snake sign signifies resourceful and adaptable people. Most have a keen memory for details and are adept healers.

Be careful who you confide in this year. Avoid risky investments, and try to use affection, rather than money to entertain children. The last few months of 2023 could be a little too intense for dating. You may have a clash of opinions with friends at this time.

Bee – May 13 to June 9

Charismatic, creative, and industrious, these folks have a wealth of ideas. They are also effective and influential communicators, who know how to schmooze.

Friends will be vitally important to your luck and success throughout 2023. You can make a great impact on others and easily gain their help and support and this could even be financial. The important questions you’ll need to ask yourself are surrounding the attitude of how you did things in the past. If you’ve been positive, expanding your goodwill and generosity to the world around you, 2023 will bring you some great successes, possibly unexpected luck, and certainly some additional love and friendship.

Otter – June 10 to July 7

Joyful and optimistic, Otter people are playful and love to create. Most have upbeat and magnetic personalities.

In 2023, don’t bury your head in the sand over financial issues that you don’t understand. Ignorance is no excuse to educate yourself, especially in those areas where you’ve relied on others with expertise. Issues such as tax, insurance, and other joint or shared resources need to be investigated by you and you alone so that you can completely understand the implications of your decisions around these matters.

Cat – July 8 to August 4

Cat people are loyal, devoted, sensual, and affectionate. They are also quite protective of themselves and others.

If you have a vision, a dream to achieve something, or to move along a new career path somehow, you should try to make that dream a reality in 2023. The horoscope brings you some excellent good luck and practical connections.

Salmon – August 5 to September 1

Strong logic and reasoning powers are this sign’s gifts. Salmon people also have an affinity for the arts and sciences.

The universe brings you luck in love through its connections in the first part of 2023. You’re able to use your attractiveness, down-to-earth honesty, and loving feelings to bring great people into your life. Traveling in the last month of the year also has its own way of bringing you success and happiness.

Swan- September 2 to September 29

Graceful and kind, these gentle souls seek peace and harmony. Many are quite sociable and love entertaining at home.

You will see yourself in a new light in 2023. You can feel changes are imminent and actually you mustn’t force destiny’s hand but continue to trust the process of your life as love is sure to find you throughout the coming twelve months and this is particularly true for those of you who are yet to find your soul mate. You have excellent communications skills this year (not that Gemini is ever at a loss for words) but you are able to make a greater impact on others.

Goose – September 30 to October 27

Practical and thrifty, these folks know how to secure their futures. Far from being boring, they have quick wits and sharp minds.

Your professional energies are at a peak in 2023. The universe all provides you with sufficient momentum to achieve great things. It’s at this time that you are able to achieve a new position, increased status and respect, and possibly even demand you’re just desserts for hard work previously. You know that you’ve earned some sort of recognition for your striving over the past few months and this is a time when others, including your superiors, will be more than happy to listen to what you have to say and accept your proposal. Don’t shy away as this can be an extraordinarily successful turning point for you.

Owl – October 28 to November 24

Sexually magnetic and somewhat mysterious, Owls are very passionate and intense. 

There are excellent financial opportunities for your Celtic zodiac sign in 2023. Increased cash and a return of money that has been loaned, supplementary sources of income, and other forms of bonuses and commissions will add to your bank balance, as well as your personal happiness.

Raven – November 25 to December 23

Wise and well-spoken, those born under this sign are patient and self-disciplined. They are capable of enduring hardships that would crush lesser folks. 

This year it’s time to stop beating around the bush. You’ll have to make some rather difficult decisions, especially in the first part of the year so don’t postpone the inevitable. 

Finding balance in your most significant relationships will be an important factor in finding peace and happiness this year.  But perhaps it will be too difficult to hold back from confrontation, especially if you’ve been bottling up some of your feelings for a while.

  • September 23, 2022