What Car Should You Drive in 2023, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As the new car models hit the showrooms in 2023, we will all like to think about owning a brand new shiny car.

Aside from practical considerations like cost and gas mileage, style is important. When thinking about a car in 2023, look to your zodiac sign as a guide.


Always the adventurer on the go, Aries needs a commanding vehicle that can handle a variety of activities. A Jeep or SUV like Toyota Sequoia would be great to handle those uncharted trips into rugged terrain. Be sure to choose a power color like red!


Safety and security are top priorities for Taurus, so a vehicle should reflect that. A car should be practical and reliable and on the “Top Safety Pick” list. A car from the Volvo family would be a great choice. This sign would opt for a practical color like silver or an earthy color like green.


Gemini is mentally quick and a good communicator. This sign needs a quick responsive car that holds the road well. As the sign of the twin, their car must also do double duty for chores and fun. A crossover vehicle like a Toyota Crown might work well.


This sign would rather be home than out driving. So any car should serve as a home away from home and be both safe and comfortable. This nurturing sign also ensures that passengers are safe too. Consider a minivan with a high safety rating like the Buick Century in silver, pale blue or white.


The regal Lion would have nothing less than a luxury automobile. If a new top-of-the-line Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac is out of your price range, look for a quality pre-owned version. For Leo, a car must make a statement so choose an eye-catching color like red, gold, pearl, or slick jet black.


Virgo is one of the best car shoppers around. This sign will take the time to do painstaking research and comparison shopping. Quality and safety are important as well as price. A sedan Ford Taurus might suit Virgo’s distinctive tastes, especially in an earth-inspired color.


This social sign loves to entertain, even in the car! There should be plenty of room for passengers and a great interior including a great sound system. A large luxury SUV like a Cadillac Escalade or Land Rover Range Rover would Libra’s group of friends anywhere in style. Look for rich beige or tan colors.


This secretive sign appreciates power and intrigue. The Scorpio may choose a mild-mannered-looking car that has a lot of oomph under the hood. The Fiat 500 or a Mazda3 might be the right combination of secret power and everyday style. Black, dark blue, or a deep burgundy would suit this sign.


This sign is the traveler of the zodiac and loves to hit the road, often with a pet. Any vehicle should be able to accommodate a furry friend. Consider a sporty SUV like a Hyundai Santa Fe. This optimistic sign should choose a cheerful exterior color like yellow, bronze, or copper.


Capricorn is a hard-working, ambitious sign with traditional tastes. A reliable utilitarian small truck like the Nissan Frontier will serve most basic needs. Also a history buff, Capricorn might like a classic car like an old or even a new Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang. This sign will choose a practical color like silver or white.


Truly unconventional and non-traditional, the sign of the water bearer will have a unique ride. Aquarius appreciates futuristic design and might love a Cupra Tavascan in a space-age-inspired color like cobalt blue or metallic silver. This sign is also up on technology so a car should be equipped with all the latest gadgets.


The dreamy Pisces would rather float than drive somewhere. This sign should have a car with a smooth ride and quiet interior. Often empathic, Pisces is sensitive to others and will appreciate a hybrid car that helps the environment. A Tesla Roadster sea green or blue would be a great choice.

  • November 24, 2022