Capricorn 2018 Horoscope

Capricorn 2018 Overview Horoscope

Horoscope 2018 predicts for Capricorn  :  2018 a year when you put your mind into full focus and create the world you have longed to live in, Capricorn. Love and romance is likely to be a profound growing and building field in 2018 as it is directly open to your ability to bring stability and security into this realm.

Children in some capacity play a role in the year ahead and require a sense of responsibility and dedication. Make sure you access and allow your inner child ample time to play and enjoy the things you have discovered in life.


This realm has its extreme highs and lows in the upcoming period and requires both your inherent ability to channel your energy to reach your goals and a certain detachment to allow changes to make their way into your life. It is best to avoid any extreme gambles in 2018, especially regarding finances.

There will be some unexpected and highly unusual offers arriving at various points through-out the year and staying open to considering options will leave you empowered to make the best use of the cosmic energy. While risky ventures are ill advised applying your learning, your strengths and your abilities in a new way can bring in some solid and positive growth.

Surprising windfalls are also likely to be incoming in the months ahead and applying them to your resources will allow you to weather any lows in your financial picture

.A creative endeavor that applies your educational experiences along with your talents can also provide a base to grow outward from. Look into it during 2018.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.

Jupiter is adding a last dose of benevolence and growth to your home life before moving into the realm that rules your heart, your love of life and children.

Expect the sparkle of romance to be an integral part of 2018. It is important to make play as serious of a goal as work as your inner child is also being treated to this benevolent giants inspirational energy. With Saturn sharing the same house it is unlikely you will ‘over-do’ it. Children both look up to you and provide a source of learning and understanding.

In some way and capacity you are a role model of sorts for the entire year and if you have your own children it is equally important to show them the joy that you possess as well as the discipline.

A time to change…a time to grow.

Uranus is the energy responsible for the rather roller coaster like atmosphere in your financial area but it also brings in its cosmic gifts with equal force.

Expect the unexpected and plan ahead for downturns and you’ll be not only making the most of the year you’ll be harnessing a power that can bring you very suddenly directly into a powerful life segment. Where ever Uranus is tenanted in the chart is where it is best to sit and wait for ‘things to happen’.

Rather than dive after speculations and gambles simply hold tight and wait for the opportunities to find you. You cannot miss when something is too good too pass up and Uranian activity tends to make it a ‘no choicer”. It moves in…it moves you…..and it moves out.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.

Neptune is sharing the house of finances, resources and securities with Uranus through-out the year and makes the focal point even more important. With this heavy duty universal energy sailing into a very important part of your life you can also come to terms with the true meaning of your resources.

What you build on the outside with your tremendous stamina, determination and sense of responsibility is simply a reflection of what can reside within and what, ultimately, is not attached to any literal thing or material resource. Neptune also promises that dreams can come true and with a more glorious reality and solidity than seems possible.

You’ll have no shortage of new ideas and ideals in this realm but work them through from the inside to the outside and look beyond the obvious outer connotations and explore what their true source is.

Heal me…Free Me.

Chiron brings healing and gifts through your dreams. It is likely to pull out some powerful memories that you have hidden away inside and its agenda is to heal them and release them.

Pay attention to vivid reveries, day dreams and fantasies as they are likely to access a recess within your subconscious that holds abundant information…and inspiration. Someone just might appear out of your distant past and feel attached to a certain dream.

The Past and the Future.

Outer support from powerful people makes a not so obvious change in your future in the early part of the year, Capricorn.

Shared truths and passion are also important sources for change and understanding. As the year proceeds the focus shifts to commitments, partnerships and your intimate relationship to this around you. Love could be blooming, or reblooming strongly in the year ahead and with the added weight of your ruling planet, Saturn, transiting your 5th house of love, romance and children, can make this an even more significant year for building a solid and encompassing union.

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