What Animal is Cancer in Chinese Zodiac


The Chinese sign of the Goat corresponds to the European sign of Cancer, so the month of the Goat corresponds to the period from June 22 to about July 22 of the sign of Cancer.

Both people born in the sign of Cancer and those born in the chinese sign of Goat are very sensitive people who need protection and love more than any other sign of the zodiac.
Also, these natives are dedicated to family. They love spending time with their family. They are people who feel best at home, among loved ones, because they feel happy.

Cancer Personality

Of all the star signs, Cancer harbors the most family-oriented members. For these people, home is the centre of their universe.

Many Cancerians are happy to devote themselves entirely to the care and protection of their loved ones, striving hard to create a warm and harmonious domestic life so essential to their well-being.

Cancerians are gentle, sentimental and emotional creatures, who learn early on in their lives that it is sometimes better to hide their sensitive feelings under the protective covering of a crab-like shell.

At work and play, Cancerians’ inborn instinct for nurturing others finds a natural outlet in the caring professions, such as medicine and nursing.

People belonging to this group are inherently empathetic and many have a wonderful bedside manner, which others find magically healing and soothing. Also, their domestic talents can turn them into master chefs and experts in the catering trades.

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Moreover, brilliant flashes of intuition, coupled with a phenomenal memory, puts these natives head and shoulders above any competitor in the world of business or in the financial sector.

How do Cancer act when they are in love?

In love and relationships, Cancerians are true romantics. They adore body contact, so enjoy nothing better than snuggling up to the person they love.

Whether male or female, the nurturing instinct comes naturally to members of this sign, and deep affection for their loved ones flows naturally from a seemingly bottomless well. As partners, they are warm and emotional, protective and supportive.

However, if their feelings are hurt, they can become moody and irrational, retreating into their shells until such time as they feel it is safe to face life once again.

What health problems do Cancers have?

In health, this sign rules the chest, the breasts, and the stomach. A tendency to worry, which leads to digestive problems, is typical of people born at this time of year.

The kidneys can also be one of their weaker links. As a result, the health message for Cancerians is that they need to learn to relax, to eat healthy natural foods and to generally take care of their diets.

Where wealth is concerned, family treasures handed down from generation to generation often form the basis of Cancerian wealth.

These are nostalgic people who prize antiques and may astound themselves when they discover the value of the pieces they possess. Other than that, Cancerians are notorious collectors and can make a handsome profit from this hobby.

Goat Personality

The Goat is good-natured, gentle, and easy-going, with a warm and tender heart. The Goat has a strong sense of justice but is indulgent and easily forgives. It loves nature and is sensitive to art, but never strays from the beaten track.

Independent by nature, the Goat can adapt to circumstances and seeks the protection of powerful people. It follows the trend and is terrified by obstacles. It likes to let others take responsibilities instead. It is a first-class team player but has no initiative and cannot exercise leadership. In its desire to be protected, it can easily allow itself to be used.

The Goat is a pessimist and a worrier, easily losing its practical sense. It likes to take refuge in dreams, and at times, becomes whimsical, eccentric, or even theatrical. In adversity, the Goat sulks in a corner and its weakness is disarming. It gets what it wants without violence, but usually by using devious paths. It does not hesitate to become a parasite.

The Goat has a great deal of filial spirit. In love, it is superficial and unstable, and usually tries to find a protective partner.

  • September 28, 2022