Cancer March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

cancer 2018 forecast
Like last month, most of the planets are still above the horizon and your 1Oth House of Career is strong.

You need to keep your focus on your career and your outer aspirations in the world. The family is supporting you here and there is no conflict. You seem able to integrate family and career these days. In fact, right now it’s hard to separate the two. Your office looks like your home and your home looks like your office.

The prestige of the family as a whole is boosted this month. The pace of your career is slackening. More harmony enters the picture. Where last month the career was like a military campaign, now things are more relaxed.

Most of the planets are still in the West but this is soon going to change. In the meantime, continue to adapt to situations as well as you can and cultivate your social skills. Personal initiative (though a positive quality) might be out of place this month.

There is nothing good or bad in life. Context and timing are everything. There are times for personal initiative and independence and there are times for consensus and allowing things to unfold in their own way.

Singles have love opportunities at work or as they pursue career goals but will this lead to anything serious? Very doubtful. In fact, these liaisons could endanger a really serious relationship that it is going on. However, there is less conflict in love this period.

Conflicts, if they arise, are resolved more harmoniously. There is still a problem between a parent, parent figure or elder and a current relationship. Perhaps he or she just doesn’t get on with your beloved.

Also, the need to juggle your career and love life is testing love this month. Your lover, though, seems patient, biding his or her time, not sure as to what he or she wants to do.

Prosperity is strong this month, though it is not a big issue for you. Personal and family prestige is much more important than money. Nevertheless, your financial intuition is sound and on track. Sudden windfalls (or luxury items) come after the 19th.

The New Moon of the 20th brings important wealth ideas, perhaps also some new personal accessories. Professional investors should look at oil, natural gas, water utilities and health care for profit opportunities. The high-tech sector also looks interesting.

Health is much improved over last month. Try to massage your thighs regularly and pay more attention to your liver. There are many natural, drugless ways to do this.

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