Cancer 2018 Horoscope

cancer 2018 forecast

Cancer 2018 Overview Horoscope

This year , in general, takes you farther out into the world in your ability to help, to give and to heal, Cancer, and it also focuses on your ability to give to yourself. This is an ever important asset for you to nurture and to empower within your life as it is what allows you to give your love at its most enlightened and at its most empowered.

Your concerns will reflect something ‘out there’ yet they will radiate through your close encounters and it promises to be an emotional and passionate year on all levels. There is tremendous learning coming in and a tremendous need to honor the divine soul that lives within you and seeks only to shelter and to give. Love is likely to be intertwined within important friendships and/or a lover could turn into a very close ally.


It is your ability to build on your dreams that becomes a very important quality you need to infuse within your actions this year, Cancer, as those dreams provide you with a sense of structure and security that will then influence your material and financial status.

Friendships are dynamic security grounds as well and you will find both friends who support and uphold your efforts as well as those that may need to be released from your life because of the lack of support they can provide. In terms of making money and building financial structure the strongest potentials of this involve others that you connect with who share combined visions and goals. It is unlikely to be a solo venture this year and others play important roles in progress that you make

. There will be offers and potentials that seem too good to be true…..but if you feel your true worthiness to possess what you dream of you will be far more able to know which potential is solid..and which needs to be passed on.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.

Jupiter spends some time bringing you power and good luck in the realm of your career and then slips into your area of combined efforts, dreams and friendships and gives you half a year of growing and solidifying an important connection.

Strong and embracing relationships developed over the first six months of 2018 and help you come to terms with building a road to your own personal dreams. You are supported and treated to a dose of universal benevolence and honoring what grows in this area with your commitment and dedication further enhances what comes farther down in the year. After June your dreams come alive in very vibrant and compelling ways. Things that have arisen are both inspirational…and exciting.

A guardian angel steps into your corner…and watches out for you during the remainder of the year. Embrace them when you discover who they are.

A time to change…a time to grow.

Passions change. Suddenly, dramatically in the year ahead, Cancer, and the things you find compelling, enchanting and riveting are surprising..and revealing. Your sense of feelings are still very energized by Uranus and it sends in lightning bolts that light up your deepest and most inherent needs.

Intuition is sometimes strong..sometimes quiet and difficult to find stability in. You are learning to discern between your emotions and your mind and finding a middle ground to move forward from clarifies what arrives as hunches and visions. unexpected people bring out the most unexpected reactions and good things come in powerful ways when you least expect them. Don’t close any doors but also don’t run out that door with your eyes closed.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.,

Some of the passions as mentioned above are attached to reality…and some are attached to fantasy. Knowing the difference requires that you think and feel at the same time. Your answers are within every single step of the way and it is this center inside that becomes your strongest…and most viable base to embrace what arrives.

Spirituality runs strong and compelling but don’t look anywhere outside to reinforce the things you are experiencing…..taking your beliefs outside of self only weakens them and confuses you at this point in time.

Finding that inner faith..and simply embracing it also helps you clarify the quickly rising and falling intensities that move through the year. Everything is leading you somewhere glorious and empowering..believe in this…believe in you…..and the most beautiful of your dreams can…and will…come true.

Heal me…Free Me.

Chiron, which has become a very important part of our charts remains in your house of service, health and how you give of self to your world. There will be continuing issues here of how in tune you are with your emotions as they are viable base that effects your general health.

Focus this year on finding and working on the undeniable link between your state of mind and your state of health. bring equilibrium to your life to help yourself grow stronger and more empowered through your body. It pays to look into how much of yourself and your emotions you give to those in your life and how much you have learned to serve ‘self’ as well. Doing charitable work in the year ahead can help you see your true strengths and the innate generosity of the human spirit.

Pets can also figure in strongly during the year ahead and a great deal of comfort can be found in how you relate to animals in general. Take your inherent ability to nurture and move it farther out into the world during 2018. The benefits are inner and outer peace.

The Past and the Future.

The north node which heralds in literal changes for the future will be moving into your first house of self, Cancer, and this promises to be a very movement filled and active year. Things you have worked on for years can come strongly into reality as the months progress.

You can become the person you have always felt resides within simply by strongly walking in that role in your outer world. Expect new people, new adventures and plenty of visible change to be rolling in strongly during 2018.

The south node will be transiting through your house of partnerships and commitments and could bring back an old lover or mate from the past through either their literal reentry or the entry of someone who can project their qualities.

Look into how you have grown and who you are now and you will understand where closure needs to be finalized allowing for a new chapter to unfold.

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