What Is the Best Zodiac Sign

Our astrologers decided to compile a zodiac sign top to classify which sign is the best in a particular matter. Thus, you will learn from this article which sign is considered the best overall and then which sign is the best kisser, which sign is the best in bed, which sign is the best fighter, and so on.

Although there is no such thing as a perfect zodiac sign capable of being an expert in every field, our astrology specialists agreed that Cancer is the best sign overall, being the closest to perfection.

A feminine water sign, ruled by the Moon, Cancer is sensitive, courageous, and intelligent. Blessed with a keen intuition, Cancer is quite often a confident person, although many consider their sensitivity a minus. This is not at all the case because Cancer’s sensitivity always urges them to be aware of the needs of people around them, to listen carefully to those who share their problems, and to help them unconditionally.

He enjoys being romantic with the person he loves and always shows his feelings for them. He’s caring to those around him and doesn’t show selfishness unless someone steps on his tail. Very rarely will you see a person of this sign talk badly, shout or offend. 

the best zodiac sign

What Is the Best Zodiac Sign To Date

A relationship with a Gemini is one of the most exciting experiences. Geminis are fun and always want to learn new things from whatever situation they face. Once they choose you, you just know they are 100% sure of what they want. They won’t join a relationship unless they feel a connection both intellectually and spiritually with that person. To sustain happiness in a relationship, Geminis always need something new, spontaneous, and stimulating. If you can give them that, they’ll be yours for life.

What Zodiac Sign is the Best Kisser

Taurus prefers slow, romantic kisses, which is why they are often appreciated by their partner. Not being in a hurry makes them loyal partners who are fully committed and want to offer only the best to their soulmate.

Leos are at the same time sensual, aggressive, and extremely passionate when they kiss their partners. With a bold and nonconformist attitude, they try to transform the experience of a relationship into a true adventure, and this desire is also translated into the way they kiss their partners.

What Zodiac Sign is The Best in Bed

A Fire sign, instinctive, passionate, and inventive, Sagittarius is forever in love and for him, eroticism is a way of life. Sagittarius is unable to live without love, cannot conceive of life without romance and sex, and without passion and intense feelings. Being erotic is an adventure by itself, and Sagittarius knows how to incite and impress a partner in bed in order to conquer him/her for good. An intimate relationship with this sign is always an intense adventure and a colorful experience lasting for years, if truly in love.

What Zodiac Sign Is The Best Fighter

Scorpio is a fiery sign and it’s no wonder they will use their needle whenever they feel the urge. They’re smart people who know exactly where to strike. Their intuition will help them to easily find sensitive points and use them artfully in manipulating those they need.

What Is the Best Chinese Zodiac Sign

The dragon is the only imaginary zodiac sign since it has no real-life correspondent. The Chinese consider this sign to be the luckiest one, and in addition to luck, irascibility, ambition and innate intelligence are basic features of this zodiac sign. The Dragon has a tendency to act like a boss and loves power. Self-confidence makes them take the biggest risks. 

What Is the Best Looking Zodiac Sign

Libra women are very attractive and know how to capture men’s attention. They have expressive faces and beautiful hands. They are feminine, however, they don’t have very refined taste and can sometimes ruin an impression because of the outfits they wear or their uninspired hairstyle. Sometimes they feel ashamed of their beauty and prefer to remain anonymous.