Baba Vanga’s Six Predictions for 2022

The Bulgarian-born clairvoyant, known as Baba Vanga, became famous after 80% of her predictions came true. 

Her real name is  Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova and she lived between 1911 and 1996. She lost her sight after being caught in a tornado as a child.

Baba Vanga died in 1996, at the age of 85. 

Over time, several books have been written about Baba Vanga’s life and predictions. She became a celebrity after it was said that she had managed to anticipate the ISIS attacks, the beginning and the end of the Second World War, the disintegration of the USSR, the death of Princess Diana, and even Brexit. 

Baba Vanga Predictions  2022

Many of her predictions came true, so she became world-famous. Baba Vanga predicts for 2022 a multitude of natural disasters that will befall humanity, to which will be added possible wars and unexpected political changes. 

Here are Baba Vanga’s six predictions for 2022 – let’s hope they don’t come true….

1. A lethal virus discovered in a glacier 

Glaciers are melting due to global warming, and scientists will discover a dangerous virus that will spread very quickly, leading to the death of humans and animals. 

2. Lack of drinking water

Pollution will reach maximum levels, and drinking water will become an increasingly important resource worldwide, and its price will rise because it will be difficult to find.

3.We will interact with intelligent beings from other planets

Alien ships will attack Earth and they will bomb cities and take people captive.

4. Mankind will be affected by severe famine due to climate change. People will end up eating beetles, leaves or mud. 

What happens on all continents is similar to what you see in a horror movie. A locust invasion from Africa will affect cereal lands and lead to starvation of the population, also leading to armed conflict between nations. 

5. Planet Earth threatened in 2022 – Between droughts and floods 

The United States will record, in 2022, the worst drought in the history of meteorological and climatic records. Countries will have compromised crops, fires will burn forests, rivers have reduced their flows.

The other part of the globe is haunted by rains like never before, the capital of China, Beijing, being invaded by the water plague, in which hundreds of people will die.

The rains did not spare Japan and the famine devastated the poorest parts of the African continent. 

6. In 2022 there are virtual realities in which we can get completely lost

Spending time in these virtual realities can lead to memory and learning disorders and can turn people into real zombies.