Baba Vanga 2021 predictions

Baba Vanga, by her real name Vangelia Gushterova, was a famous clairvoyant from Bulgaria.

She was born in 1911 and died on August 11 of 1966. She lost her vision at the age of 12 when she became aware that God gave her a very rare gift.

The clairvoyant predicted a series of events, and most of them already fulfilled. The dissolution of the Soviet Union, the September 11, 2001 tragedy, the death of Princess Diana, or the Chernobyl disaster are some of the things she saw before they happened.

The famous clairvoyant’s adepts claim that 85% of her predictions fulfilled so far. Allegedly, Baba Vanga had accurately predicted the September 11 attacks in New York, the tsunami in Japan from 2004, and the ascension of Islam.

Over time, Vanga predicted significant events, spanning until 5079, the year when the world would come to an end, according to her claims.

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Baba Vanga predictions for 2021

What did Baba Vanga predict for 2021?

  • The blind Bulgarian clairvoyant predicted right before her death, at the age of 85, that 2021 “will bring an invasion of the muslin extremists” over Europe, and that our continent will face chemical attacks from the “muslin invaders”.
    During the following period, the European continent could reach “the end of its existence”, also claimed Baba Vanga.
    More specifically, the prophet known as Nostradamus from the Balkans told the people close to her: “[The extremists] will use an arsenal of chemical weapons against Europeans”.
  • For 2021, she also predicted the economic fall of Europe, and an assassination attempt against the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
    She believed that the threat for the Kremlin leader could come from within his country.
  • Also, the American President, Donald Trump, will become sick with a mysterious disease that will leave him deaf, and he will suffer brain trauma, according to the clairvoyant
  • The clairvoyant said that “the world will suffer from a lot of cataclysms and great disasters. The consciousness of people will change.
    Difficult times will come. People will be divided by their faith.” We are witnessing devastating events that will change the fate and destiny of humanity”, a reference to the changes we will soon have to face.
  • For the distant future, she predicted that “life in cosmos will be discovered, and suddenly it will be clear how life on Earth first appeared”, and in the next 200 years, people will get in touch with their spiritual siblings from other worlds.
  • “The Soviet Union will be rebuilt in the first quarter of the 21st century”. Until 2015, there are 14 more years, and it is unknown what alliances will appear until then.
  • “Trains will “fly” by using sunlight. The petrol production will stop, and the Earth will rest”. There are increasingly more discussions about solar energy, so the foreteller’s prediction doesn’t seem so futurist.
  • “A strong dragon will seize humanity. The three giants will unite. Some people will have red money. I see the numbers 100, 5, and many zeros”, predicted Vanga.
    The interpreters presume that the “dragon” is China, which became a superpower. The three giants might be Russia, India, and China, and regarding the money, the 100 Yuan and the 5000 ruble notes have red color.
  • “At the beginning of the 21st century, humanity will get rid of cancer. The day will come when cancer will get tied with iron chains”, predicted Baba Vanga.

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Baba Vanga’s advices to attract money and prosperity in your life

  • If you want no evil and no mean person to step into your house, and luck to become frequent guest – hang over the door two crossed branches of elderberry.
  • Never leave on the table uneaten pieces of bread, if you want to keep your happiness. A piece of bread, even dried, should not be thrown away, or your house will never be prosperous. Better feed the birds and animals with it.
  • When you buy a new wallet, place in it for a while a piece of expensive gold jewelry. It will bring you a lot of money and wealth. Place in the wallet you keep your money mint leaves, and a pinch of cinnamon. They will attract money.
  • If you have a broken mirror in the house, splash it with a bit of water and then bury it in the ground, to avoid problems. If in the room with a mirror lived a sick person for a long time, or took place a quarrel, or you had misunderstandings, it is time to wipe or splash the mirror with holy water.
  • Don’t eat or drink from a broken or cracked dish, if you don’t want to lack success, wellness, and prosperity – a broken dish means bad luck, and life can also crack. Therefore, it is better to throw away the plate, even if it has only a small crack or a broken edge.