Four Zodiac Elements : Fire, Earth, Air & Water Signs

Air Zodiac Signs : Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The air breathes life into the world. You are both the cool breeze of calm and the warm current of change.

Head: Associated with the east, Air is the element of clarity. Air represents the power of the mind and you are respected for your wisdom.

However, as the wind blows, your opinions change. This can be a positive as you are always receptive to new ideas.

The flip side is that your wavering views can leave others unsure of their position.

Travel and changing horizons will bring you great fulfillment, and you will find it hard to find long-lasting happiness until you have calmed the restless hurricane that resides within.

Heart: With spring as your elemental season, you are happiest in the dawn of new relationships and often struggle to bring love to maturity when the initial burst of energy settles.

You have projective energy and attract others with your inspirational approach and intellectual power.

But you do have a potentially destructive undercurrent rippling below the surface, threatening the odd storm.

Partnered with Water, this can be tumultuous but extremely passionate. For more stability, Air is most compatible with Earth.

Earth : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Mother Earth is the source of all life, nurturing and giving of energy. You appreciate the small joys that each day brings and are a positive light to others.

Head: Earth is the most basic, stabilizing element, and you exude a calming influence on people and situations.

A great lover of peace, you are excellent at mediating but not so good at standing your own ground when challenged by other elements.

Like the animals who burrow within the earth, your instinct is to run to the ground when trouble appears, but use your creative thinking and you will be able to solve most problems.

Heart: Associated with the north, Earth is solid, trustworthy, and reliable. With winter as your elemental season, it’s only natural that your heart lies in the comfort and warmth of home and the familiar.

Your sensitivity to the other elements means you will often attract those with problems and your nurturing nature implies you will be selfless in your care for others.

You will find the most satisfaction as you grow older when the fruits of your labor will bloom.

Earth people can be tempted by the sometimes destructive passion of Fire folk but are most compatible with Air.

Fire : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire warms and provides light but also destroys. Your burning desire is for stability and a peaceful heart.

Head: Your successes and failures are closely tied to your temperamental highs and lows.

It is essential that you harness your intense creative energy and avoid your inner fire which wreaks destruction with self-doubt and anger.

With summer as your elemental season, you tend to fixate on youth and, while your buoyant spirit keeps you young, you shouldn’t fear age.

It is often the child within who ruins your chances where a cooler, more mature outlook is called for.

Fire does not exist in physical form without destroying something else.

So although you love with a sexual passion that overwhelms you, you cannot help but burn those who get too close unless harnessed and controlled effectively.

With the right emotional fuel, though, no one could wish for a warmer glow than the loyal and fervent love you offer.

Fire’s thirst for love is driven most passionately by Air, but more satisfyingly quenched by Water.

Water : Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water babes are fluid and ever-changing, running both hot and cold. Creative and vital, your flowing energy allows you to adapt to life’s varied landscapes.

Head: Water is the most enduring of the elements, fundamental to life.

Associated with the west, Water is associated with cleansing and rebirth, and you excel at turning problems to your advantage.

Your success tends to be cyclical, and you should endeavor to embark upon important projects under the strength of the full moon.

Heart: Because water is tidal, linked with the moon, so are your moods.

Sometimes icy cool, sometimes boiling, your partner may find it hard to read your emotions and you must strive to maintain an even flow.

With autumn as your elemental season, you are likely to be more content in mature relationships, which offer you a sense of greater fulfillment and security.

Fire and Water are a steamy combination but ensure that the passion is sustainable. Water best loves the warmth of Air people.

  • January 24, 2018