Astrological Houses Explained

All you need to know about Astrological Houses

In Astrology, the natural yearly journey of the Sun is divided into 12 parts, one of each of the 12 months, and for each of the 12 Zodiac signs.

These 12 divisions are known as Astrological Houses and according to some authors, they represent the Terrestrial Zodiac.

What amateurs or beginners need to know when it comes to Astrology is that every house corresponds to a sign which governs it.

However, other than the sign, the house is also governed by a planet which, when it is within that respective house, is said to be “in the house”.

In the following text, we will briefly go over every one of the 12 Astrological Houses.

As it is already known, it is very important to use them when creating a personalized horoscope, alongside astrology charts.

Based on our personal data, we can determine where the planets were when we were born and how they were positioned, through which houses they were passing and what influence they have or what traits were left behind as the planets traveled through the Astrological Houses.

The 1st House – The House of Self , governed by the planet Mars and the Aries Sign

The 1st House is the house of personality and of character, of temperament, but also physical looks, it represents the differences between you and other individuals, the way you see yourself and how you are seen, the potential you have; it is the house that helps you achieve your goals in life.

The 2nd House – The House of Value, governed by the planet Venus and the Taurus Sign

The 2nd House is the house of qualities, of spiritual and material values, of gains, of goods you own or you inherit that help guarantee a physical and emotional comfort; it also represents sensuality and the senses.

The 3rd House – The House of Communications, governed by the planet Mercury and the Gemini Sign

The 3rd House – The house of relations and family, of communication between siblings, kin, friends, fellows, but also the house of study, of the intellect, of freedom of expression.

The 4th House – The House of Home and Family, governed by the Moon and the Cancer Sign

The 4th House is the house linked to your origins and your goals, end of life, of family, of feelings, emotions; maternity, sorrows and nostalgia are linked to this house.

The 5th House – The House of Pleasure, governed by the Sun and the Leo Sign

The 5th House is the house of love, linked to carnal and spiritual pleasures, to fertility, children, life partners, lovers, sentimental relationships and the ability to love in general.

The 6th House – The House of Health, governed by the planet Mercury and the Virgo Sign

The 6th House is the house of health and physical ailments, but also of daily chores, of accepted obligations, of obedience in front of others, of your interpersonal relationships with bosses and subordinates.

The 7th House – The House of Partnerships, governed by the planet Venus and the Libra Sign

The 7th House is the house of marriage, of connecting with the world around you, of collaboration with life partners, work partners, road partners; the house also represents enemies, adversaries who cross our path.

The 8th House – The House of Transformation, governed by the planet Pluto and the Scorpio Sign

The 8th House – is the house of death, but also of rebirth, it influences our ability to regenerate, it represents our trials in life and the way we overcome them, how we deal with the unknown; it is linked with sexuality, with our carnal expectations and desires.

The 9th House – The House of Philosophy, governed by the planet Jupiter and the Sagittarius Sign

The 9th House is the house of wisdom, of our relationship with divinity, spirituality, religiosity, of justice and moral principles;

The 10th House – The House of Enterprise, governed by the planet Saturn and the Capricorn Sign

The 10th House is the house of careers, of professional accomplishments, of social recognition, of the jobs we earn, it influences our success in life.

The 11th House – The House of Blessings, governed by the planet Uranus and the Aquarius Sign

The house of friendship, altruism and protectors who help us achieve our goals, of private life, of our ideals, of causes, of bold choices, of courage, of popularity.

The 12th House – The House of Undoing, governed by the planet Neptune and the Pisces Sign

The house of sacrifices, of dedication, of fears, deceptions, in charge of our emotions and forebodings, of our hidden side, our karma; trials, betrayals and vices are also linked to this house.