6 Best Mercury Retrograde 2023 Memes

Astrologers refer to a retrograde as the appearance of a planet moving backward. Essentially the motion of the planet’s orbit slows down but looks like it stops and reverses. It’s similar to the effect of passing a slow-moving car where for a split second it appears to be moving backward. Very strange optical illusion indeed! read more

Pluto Retrograde 2023 in Capricorn Meaning

Pluto stands for regrowth, renewal, and resurgence. Although it doesn’t feel this way, situations are dealt quickly and efficiently with Pluto. A fresh outlook and a different attitude, this is what Pluto is meant to be. It allows a person to see outside the box, shift or grow perspectives, and to gain fresh prospects in his day-to-day life. read more

Saturn Retrograde 2023 in Pisces

As you throw away old rules that no longer serve you, don’t forget about your responsibilities. Saturn always reminds us of our commitments, but while he backs off this is a good opportunity to deal with matters on your own. read more

New Moon in Scorpio October 2022 – Meaning in Astrology

The Scorpio energy will make its presence felt “step by step” starting with this New Moon on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. So what does this Scorpio New Moon mean for you? First of all, it means new beginnings. So it’s likely that you or someone you know will undergo something new. Perhaps a new job, a new romance, or a move to a new home. New Mons also have feminine energy, which could also mean a female figure is involved. Keep an eye out for developments involving mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. read more

Full Moon in Taurus November 2022 – Meaning & Horoscope

Our latest lunar rendezvous will occur on Tuesday, November 08, 2022, within 16 degrees of Taurus. As we move deeper into autumn and prepare for the winter season, we are reminded of busy beavers. According to Native American tradition, this is the Full Beaver Moon. Together with Taurus, we will focus on security, stability, and sensuality. read more

Mercury Retrograde 2023 Calendar

What is it about Mercury retrograde that puts us on edge? There is that underlying fear that nothing will work right, plans will go awry and general chaos will ensue. Murphy’s Law comes up a lot during this period: “anything that can go wrong will.” Goodness, how can such a little planet cause so much trouble? read more