Aries Personality Traits and Sign Dates

Robust and Headstrong, the Ram Personifies Aries as Leader of the Pack

Aries is the leading sign in the roll-call of the Zodiac, and people born in this group strive to win and be the best in every activity they undertake.

This is the moving force that gives members of this sign the competitive streak which drives them to the forefront of the action.

Aries-born people are incredibly adventurous and like to live life very positively in the fast lane.

At work and play, courageous, energetic, confident, and bold, they like to be the ones that take the initiative, and they have the reputation of jumping in where lesser mortals fear to tread. Tough cookies, Aries’ competitiveness is legendary.

They like to set the pace, working fast and furiously, respecting only those who keep up with them – colleagues or employees who do fall behind should expect nothing but curt treatment.

These people are essentially pioneers and they excel in any occupation that takes them to the cutting edge.

The armed forces are a natural draw, as is engineering. Cars and sports of all types are also a particular passion.

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In love and relationships, Aries are impulsive lovers. Those born under this sign usually follow their hearts instead of their heads.

In fact, most of them suffer from ‘love at first sight syndrome – time and time again throughout their lives.

For them, the excitement is in the thrill of the chase, and, when they spot the person of their dreams, they burn with great feeling and desire until they catch their prey.

So long as they can control that strong streak of egocentricity, Aries can become some of the most stimulating and passionate lovers one is ever likely to meet.

In health Aries rules the head, and as a result, headaches and eye strain tend to be common complaints with the people of this sign.

Being impulsive types, they have a tendency to do things on the run, always rushing from one task to another, which unfortunately tends to make them more prone to accidents, sudden falls, and burns, than most other people.

With Mars as their ruling planet, it is not surprising that high temperatures and feverish conditions are also associated with this sign.

Where wealth is concerned, Aries-born folk never mind sticking their necks out, so taking chances with their finances comes as second nature to them. They will readily invest money into a friend’s enterprise, or gamble on share investments.

Fortunately, many of these risks pay off. However, Aries people are not the sort to hang around complaining when their luck runs out – there’s always another exciting challenge on the horizon!

Personality Keynotes

  • Active
  • Dramatic
  • Bold
  • Impulsive
  • Competitive
  • Courageous
  • Pioneering
  • Like to be leaders
  • Quick to learn
  • Full of initiative
  • Lots of enthusiasm
  • Aggressive
  • Impatient
  • Tactless
  • Insensitive
  • Hot-headed
  • Quick-tempered


  • Symbol – Ram (Mar 21 – Apr 19)
  • Ruling Planet – Mars
  • Element – Fire
  • Colour – Scarlet
  • Flower – Red Rose
  • Stone – Diamond
  • Lucky Number – 1
  • Lucky Day – Tuesday

Aries Should

  • Learn to share
  • Think about things from their partner’s point of view

Aries Shouldn’t

  • Be too hasty in making judgments about others
  • Be too pushy when forming relationships