Aries in 7th House Meaning

What does the 7th house represent in the Aries sign?
Known as the house of partnerships, the seventh house influences marriage and other types of love relationships but can also be the house of conflicts – from disputes and personal dislikes to legal processes and wars.

Aries in the seventh house tends to bring lovers tensed relationships with most violent manifestations or, at least, relationships that are abundant in energetic events with a powerful impact on the lives of those involved.

Also, with Aries in your 7th House, you may find yourself interested in love partners with Aries traits.


The first thing associated rather often with the seventh house is marriage. This is what people think right away when they hear the term ‘partnership.’ Indeed, marriage as a whole and the attitudes toward it can be found in the seventh house. But the seventh house also reveals the steadfastness of the intimate aspects of marriage.

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Aries sign in the 7th House – Romantic and Professional Success

The seventh house shows how the Aries relates to others.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is born between March 21st and April 19th.

People born with Aries in 7th House are winners, tireless workers, conquerors, combative, who like challenges and competition, blatant, with no regard about risks or dangers.

From the seventh house, the Aries can discover how to know, recognize, and use the potential of others to complete their skills. Therefore, the seventh house is where the Aries people become sensitive to others, open, and aware of whom they are.

The seventh house is the house of our partners in the sense that we try to complete our personalities with people displaying character traits complementary to ours.

The Relationships of People Born with Aries in 7th House With the Other Zodiac Signs

Man Born with Aries in 7th House

The romantic relationships of this man are often a succession of loves at first sight and cataclysmic ruptures, terrible scenes, and great reconciliations. Dominated by his sexuality, the man born with Aries in 7th House, seduces women with fury and leaves them impatiently.

Besides his love compatibilities, this man will make a perfect union with the Leo woman – a woman with blinding power, charming, independent, who will gain his profound admiration.

Excellent understanding can be established with the Sagittarius woman, who is active, athletic, and very positive, but also with the Gemini woman, whose lively intelligence stimulates him.

The Libra woman attracts him but tends to admire him too much, as the Aquarius woman he finds too indecisive and the Pisces woman he likes to impress.

It is recommended to avoid friction with the Virgo woman, who is too critical and anxious for him, and the Scorpio woman, who is mysterious but much too dominant for him.

Woman born with Aries in 7th House

These woman lets herself carried away and gives her all until she loses control. But she is also very independent, despising to be a housewife, and having nothing to do with the security of the couple.

Once she finds her soul-mate, she idolizes him completely, with a great sense of the absolute, and may suffer a great deal or never recover from the failure of her relationship. She needs a loving, more attentive, stronger, and more self-confident husband who can support her independent spirit and strong personality without being overwhelmed or feeling diminished.

In terms of love compatibility, the woman born with Aries in 7th House will discover perfect love with the Libra or ascendant Libra man: she will make him do whatever she wants, but he will always maintain the power to bewilder and charm her; very complementary, both are entrepreneurial in very different ways.

Excellent understanding will also be established with the Leo man for his nobility, warmth, ardor that fulfills her aspirations for grandiosity.

It is also the case of the Sagittarius man, a strong, adventurous, and free man with a fast-paced life. The vivacity, originality, and ease of the Aquarius and Gemini men will also attract the Aries woman.

Avoid interaction with the Cancer man and Pisces man who is sensitive and dreamer because the Aries woman dominates and terrifies. The same is true about the Taurus and Capricorn men, who are too rigid and would not submit enough to them.

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Aries – Taurus Cusp – Personality traits in the 7th House

If you are born between April 16th and April 23rd, you belong to the Power Cusp. You are influenced by both the Aries and Taurus signs.

Therefore, the people born in the Aries-Taurus cusp have qualities of both Aries and Taurus.

Aries belongs to the Fire element; this sign represents energy, courage, and boldness.

Aries is a spring sign, that is, a crossroad of seasons, and in this sense, a cardinal sign representing the fire in full action and boiling traits: strong will, the courageous spirit of a pioneer, executive power, commanding force, ambition, entrepreneurship, desire to assert oneself, combativeness, will, penetrating spirit, independence, activity, and especially a constant desire to be at the forefront and to lead.

Taurus people are known for their skill to focus, but also for their tenacity. These are probably their best qualities.

They socialize very well with others and are very helpful when their help is requested. They are very attached to their friends.

  • February 12, 2022